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Second day of the month and I‘m already behind on photo challenges! Now for a little catch up...

When Clueless was released in 1995, my nine year old self thought that Cher was the epitome of a #ModernGirl. I lost track of how many times I watched the movie, but I one point I probably could have recited the entire thing from memory. Looking forward to spending some time with this book at some point this year.

@Cinfhen @batsy

Cinfhen Ha!!! You know it's a Broadway show??! My daughter's roommate's sister is part of the cast!!! 2y
batsy Love this! 💜 I was obsessed with it to the point of being able to recite lines from memory, too 😂 2y
Wilkie Amber: Ms. Stoeger, my plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose.
Dionne: Well, there goes your social life.
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megt @Cinfhen I heard about that! How cool to have a connection to someone in the show! 2y
megt @batsy at one point, some friends and I would just sit on the playground reciting scenes to each other. At least we had each other in our obsession! 2y
megt @Wilkie ha! I always loved Dionne‘s comebacks (even when I was too young to totally understand them). 2y
rather_be_reading i just bought this! 1y
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#fiercefeb @batsy @Cinfhen Jenny Lawson is a truly #ModernGirl. Loved her first book so this one is definitely on my tbr

batsy This one seems to be a Litsy fave! I must check her out 😊 2y
Dragon She‘s so funny. I would recommend her first book @batsy 2y
batsy Cool, thanks :) 2y
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AJBowers Reading this right now and it is soooo funny!!! 2y
Dragon Welcome 🙏 @batsy 2y
Dragon Thanks @AJBowers maybe I‘ll start it this weekend. I can use some cheering up. It‘s terribly rainy and gloomy. 2y
Cinfhen Yay!! So happy you're back to play along ❤️ 2y
Dragon Thanks @Cinfhen 👍🐉😀 2y
chelreads I love Jenny Lawson! I‘m hoping she writes another book because her first two were great! 2y
Dragon Thanks @chelreads I really enjoyed her first book and I‘ve been saving this one. I‘m going to read it when I need some laughs 👍🐉 2y
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Boy Meets Girl | Meg Cabot
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I #AmReading this second book in Cabot's Boy series, and its epistolary format, full of emails and instant messages and office memos, has me thinking of it for #ModernGirl. #FierceFeb

batsy Sounds charming! And I like that cover ☺ 2y
queerbookreader This one is my favorite in the series!! 2y
Cinfhen Fun!!!! 2y
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Wages of Sin | Kaite Welsh
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#FierceFeb In 1892 Sarah Gilchrist was definitely a #moderngirl

batsy Stacked! Sounds great. 2y
Cinfhen Oooh, dark! Let me know your thoughts if you get to this one @batsy 2y
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I love that the #moderngirl in this book is the fierce and sassy daughter of undocumented immigrants. Representation matters. Especially right now. #fiercefeb

batsy I must read this! Sounds really good. 2y
BookMaven407 Agreed! 2y
Cinfhen Same @batsy See day one and your TBR probably doubled #stacked 2y
batsy Totally, @Cinfhen and my TBR was already out of control to begin with! I feel so bad for my nonfic book exchange match 😂 All these books got me so excited 💞📚 2y
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#FierceFeb #ModernGirl -Had my brother take all of my library books back before he left as I wouldn't be home before their due dates😢📚including the print copy of this book that I REALLY wanted to read so I'm happy my library e-book hold came in. I read a few chapters this morning & think that author & news correspondent Katy Tur is a good example of a 'modern girl' or woman--trapped in the madness of covering the Trump campaign for NBC.🎤🤦🏻‍♀️

batsy Glad you have the ebook available, will look out for your review! 2y
mrozzz Too right you are! 2y
LauraBeth I‘m reading this now too and am really enjoying it! 2y
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DebinHawaii @LauraBeth Me too--it is really interesting! 👍👍 2y
Samplergal While I liked it I felt her writing wasn‘t that great. Maybe a style, but wasn‘t that impressed. 2y
Cinfhen Nice choice, Deb! So glad to have you back participating🤗🤗😘 2y
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Living History | Hillary Rodham Clinton
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Although Hillary Clinton is no longer considered a girl, but instead a strong and fierce woman, I believe that she always strove to defy the traditional and live her life as a #moderngirl #fiercefeb

ReadingEnvy Have you ever seen her valedictorian pics from college? So amazing. 2y
DivineDiana @ReadingEnvy I just found one in this book! It says “We were trapped between an outdated past and an uncharted future. There had never been a student speaker at graduation. The accolades and attacks in response to my speech turned out to be a preview of things to come.” 2y
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saresmoore Wow, that is so neat, regarding her valedictorian speech! 2y
DivineDiana @saresmoore Yes! I just found out because of @ReadingEnvy ‘s comment! 2y
ReadingEnvy @DivineDiana @saresmoore okay because I'm such a nerd about patterns.... madeleine Albright graduated from Wellesley 10 years before Clinton, then paved the way as the first female to become secretary of state. I love the Clintons but wonder why we don't talk more about Albright. 2y
batsy Nicely done! 👏 2y
DivineDiana @ReadingEnvy Yes, but unfortunately I didn‘t have a book about Madeleine Albright to post for this challenge! But... I am going to see her speak as part of the authors‘ series for the Free Library of Philadelphia in a few weeks! (edited) 2y
Cinfhen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻well done 2y
saresmoore @ReadingEnvy What a great point about Albright! I think Hillary‘s scandalous associations made her a more publicly intriguing figure. Do either of you have any Madeleine Albright book recommendations? 2y
ReadingEnvy @saresmoore I read her autobiography back in the day 2y
ReadingEnvy And she's.coming out with a book really soon (I think this is why I had her on my mind ) 2y
saresmoore @ReadingEnvy Oooooh, I think I might have to preorder that one. Thank you! 2y
DivineDiana @ReadingEnvy @saresmoore That is the book she will be discussing when I go to see her! 2y
saresmoore That‘s so neat! Please do share highlights with us! 2y
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Sunshine State: Essays | Sarah Gerard
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I didn‘t love this collection of essays—I kind of wish she had just written a novel instead—but Sarah Gerard certainly qualifies as a #ModernGirl. She did an excellent job, at times, of capturing the eerie and jarring atmosphere of Florida as I‘ve always known it.


LauraBeth Well at least the book cover is nice 👍 2y
saresmoore @LauraBeth That‘s why I kept it! 2y
emilyhaldi I agree, this one didnt quite do it for me 😏 2y
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saresmoore @emilyhaldi It digressed quickly after the first one, “BFF”, I thought. I mean, I really don‘t care about the history of her parents‘ cultish church... 2y
batsy Such a shame when books don't quite live up to their covers! Florida nature was such an integral part of Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach trilogy; it was almost its own beautiful, weird character. 2y
Cinfhen I was thinking that @batsy about the gorgeous cover...I remember @emilyhaldi was reading this book FOREVER 2y
emilyhaldi Lol @Cinfhen I will never live that down! 😂 2y
Cinfhen I respect your tenacity ~ you're a no quitter @emilyhaldi 🙌🏻❣️How's hubby feeling??! Pain meds!?!? 2y
emilyhaldi @Cinfhen I definitely should have bailed sooner on that one 😏 hubby is pretty good! Lots of pain meds and movie marathons (and reading obviously 😊) 2y
Cinfhen Sounds like my house on a random Tuesday 😉 @emilyhaldi hope you guys have a wonderful weekend 2y
saresmoore @batsy Ooh, that pushes the Southern Reach books up my list. I was not a fan of Karen Russell‘s Swamplandia, but it definitely catches the same vibe. I grew up surrounded by the weird Florida landscape (and people). It always struck me as uncanny & fueled some bizarre childhood fantasies (and nightmares). 2y
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Anna and the French Kiss | Stephanie Perkins
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These, very sweet, YA books are all about #moderngirl(s), and the problems they face when they are in love with a boy, and they don‘t know if he loves them back. These were great when I needed something light, and a lot of fun 💃💃


Cinfhen Love the covers 2y
benchley1 Oh, I loved those books 2y
ashimilie Loved those books! 2y
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Kalalalatja @Cinfhen I love the vibrant colours 💗💚🧡 @benchley1 @ashimilie they were so fun and sweet! 2y
Moray_Reads Pretty covers 2y
batsy Lovely colours! I'm interested in this one by her, didn't know she wrote other YA very different in tone 2y
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