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Gryffindor Beanie done.
Last one is Ravenclaw and I'm nearly finished with it
#litsycrafters #gryffindor #litsyknitter

julesG So cool! Well done! 3mo
BookishMadHatter @julesG Thank you so much! 3mo
Catsandbooks This is fantastic! 3mo
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Working through more stash yarn I've had forever and starting another book from my tbr
#readingandknitting #litsycrafters #litsyknitter #knit

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Last night listening to the audio I finished my first pair of socks! So happy with how they turned out - second sock was way better than the first one but couldn't be happier! #litsyknitter #audiobookknitting #sockknittersoflitsy

josie281 Great work!! 5y
Read4life Look comfy and beautiful 5y
Hooked_on_books They look great! 5y
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Texreader Gorgeous!!!! Congrats! Wish I could do that but I am a fumble fingers! 5y
AAdamson Very pretty! Love the color! 5y
charl08 Lovely! 5y
julesG Congratulations! They look great! If you are like me, you'll now make a pair for each different way to turn the heel and shape the toes. (That's what I did, only to discover that I don't like knitting socks because they have heels that need turning.😉) 5y
Michelle_mck @julesG I am doing toe up this time - I think after thought heel is for me - I'm in the middle of one for the first sock I did still not finished but I enjoyed that - though love how a heel flap feels. Socks are the perfect Commute project for me on the bus 5y
Cathythoughts Gorg ! 5y
Laalaleighh I would totally buy those from an etsy shop. So pretty 5y
Kmmsellers They look great! 5y
Nebklvr Very pretty 5y
Buddys_Momma Beautiful! 5y
Cortg Great job! I'm impressed! 5y
Mindelan Beautiful, and I bet they'll be warm and cozy! 5y
LauraBrook Impressive, beautiful, and useful! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 5y
Thisgirl I've been knitting socks also Michelle. Not as nice as yours though. I will keep trying. 5y
minkyb Beautiful! 5y
Michelle_mck @Thisgirl I can't tell you the number of times I had to run to my Mum's to fix something. Lucky we are neighbours 😂😂 5y
Jinjer I love those so much!!!! 5y
Lmstraubie Those are adorable! 5y
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Favorite Socks | Ann Budd
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Non-book related but have been working on some new things for the shop - these are small snap close bags, they are great for knitting projects, especially socks, they are great to put in your hand bag and many things. If you are a #litsyknitter you might love them. 7 patterns in the shop now http://etsy.me/2o9Z1SE. They are great for a paperback and notebook too

Sarah83 @julesG Maybe interesting for you? 5y
julesG @Sarah83 Thanks. They are lovely, indeed! 5y
rustoryhuf #litsyknitter going shopping! Cute. 5y
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Some audible and on the homeward stretch of my first pair of socks - this new knitter is having lots of fun and loving this book - the narration is great #litsyknitter

Sace Looks like you're a pro a knitting! Socks are so much fun. Back when I knit more they were my preferred projects. 5y
Cspen113 I need to learn how to knit! I think I would enjoy it. 5y
mjdowens Yaayyyyy...another fellow sock knitter🤗. Getting to be fall which means more patterns to try. 5y
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cathysaid Gorgeous colors! What kind of yarn is it? I just knit a pair with Lorna's Laces and it is my new fave. 5y
Michelle_mck @mjdowens it's the end of winter here but hoping to knit socks year round - good to knit during an Australian summer - nice and portable 5y
peaknit 👊🏻yay sock knitter! I have 5 singles at least right now, yikes!! 5y
mjdowens I think I knitted a small shawl in this color way. Isn't this Happy Feet? 5y
Michelle_mck @cathysaid this is from and Australian indie dyer called Fiber Lily she is on Etsy and this is the the Lourdes colourway - it's lovely and soft it's 80/20 so nice 5y
Michelle_mck @Cspen113 it's great - excellent for mindfulness for me 5y
mjdowens @peaknit I have terrible one sock syndrome myself. I want to learn how to knit two at a time 5y
Michelle_mck @peaknit I'm doing my best to do complete sets - have one half done sock - need to finish it after I am done with these 5y
Michelle_mck @mjdowens it's in my list of things to try, going to do magic loop for my next caston 5y
mjdowens I have watched videos on how to do magic loop, but have not attempted it as of yet 5y
peaknit I have tried magic loop, something about wrestling with dpns is appealing to me😂 5y
Michelle_mck @mjdowens @peaknit I got a Craftsy class on sock knitting so have tried 9 inch circulars which I didn't love, this was 2 sets and next magic loop then 2 at a time, top down, toe up - try all the things - see what I love 5y
mjdowens I have not been on crafty is a long time. I usually knit plain "vanilla" sock patterns as I don't have to think about it and can get a pair done in a week. I just feel like I should try some new stuff. I will look for those classes and try one also. Thank you 5y
Michelle_mck @mjdowens this is the vanilla latte pattern which is really simple it's free on ravelry 5y
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