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The Wartime Sisters: A Novel | Lynda Cohen Loigman
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Lucky #DC area #littens have such great #indiebookstores & opportunities to see authors. These two at #KRAMERBOOKS on Thursday, Mar. 14 ; Greer on Sunday, March 17 at 4pm — A Likely Story, Sykesville, MD; and more at http://www.greermacallister.com/events

lauren.lerner Gah, I‘m out of town! Thanks for tagging me though! 4mo
Crazeedi I wish i lived in DC! 🤩 4mo
lynneamch Sorry @Crazeedi I got the impression somehow that you do. Did you visit and post sometime? I get to go for a visit next week. 4mo
Crazeedi @lynneamch yes! I was there in the summer! I loved it! 4mo
Susanita Oof. I‘m double booked both days already! 4mo
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The Craftsman | Sharon Bolton
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Supporting 2 fave indie bookstores in Houston. River Oaks Books stocks & promotes Texas authors & Murder by the Book is mystery heaven with great readers on staff! Got good gifts & a gift for me by Sharon Bolton! #indiebookstores #shopsmall #givebooks #SmallBusinessSaturday

California: A History | Kevin Starr
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My score from two indie bookstores in California!! Recycled Bookstore (in San Jose and Campbell) is one of my favorite bookstores ever. Sadly their cat, Bob, passed away a couple of months ago. 😢 Pilgrim‘s Way in Carmel-by-the-sea was also very cute and had an entire bookshelf dedicated to animals (mostly dogs and cats). 😻 #california #indiebookstores

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In Asheville, NC for the Chihuly glass exhibit at the Biltmore, and of course my first stop upon arrival was my favorite bookstore. Love me some Europa and NYRB editions! #indiebookstores

4thhouseontheleft I love Malaprops! If you have enough time, and enjoy tea, check it Dobra tea. It‘s my 2nd favorite Asheville spot. 😃 (edited) 11mo
cathysaid @4thhouseontheleft Is that the place across the street? Looked interesting! 11mo
4thhouseontheleft It‘s a few blocks away on Lexington Ave. You might be thinking of chai pani, which is a casual Indian restaurant, and also very good! Another good spot is French Broad Chocolates, and I have a bunch of restaurant rec‘s if you need ideas! 11mo
cathysaid @4thhouseontheleft Thanks! We always visit Zambra and last night we ate at Buxton Hall. If you haven't gone there yet, I recommend! 11mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Had to stop at this 3-story indie bookstore while vacationing near Seattle! #indiebookstores #vacation #seattle

DivineDiana Looks fabulous! 12mo
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We discovered an amazing used book store not too far from us that had an outstanding selection, huge variety, and good prices, and tons of Pratchett!! Grey Matter Books in Hadley, Mass! 👍👍 #catsoflitsy #indiebookstores

MayJasper Finding a new book shop if such a boost 1y
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Happy Birthday to our talented artist, @MeganAnn ! We always love seeing what quotes you draw into our notebooks/books. Hope you had such a great birthday weekend and that you were completely spoiled! ❤️🎉📚

Ashley31 Happy birthday @MeganAnn! Hope you have a wonderful day! 1y
Peddler410 Happy birthday 🎊 @MeganAnn 1y
LibrarianJen Happy birthday @MeganAnn 🎈🎉🎂 1y
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sprainedbrain Happy birthday, @MeganAnn ❤️ 1y
MeganAnn @Ashley31 @Peddler410 @LibrarianJen @sprainedbrain thank you all so much! 😘 My sweet husband spoiled me with a trip to two different #indiebookstores while we were in Minneapolis this weekend ❤️📚 1y
Ashley31 That sounds fantastic @MeganAnn! 1y
BooksTeasAndBookishThings @MeganAnn so glad you had a great birthday!!! ❤️ 1y
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Bookshelf | Lydia Pyne
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My fellow Littens, I'm at Changing Hands, and I've got cash for once. What should I get? (Preferably something in paperback.) #indiebookstores

Chrys I‘m a fan of just browsing and going for whatever matches my mood at the moment when I am at a store 📚 1y
Bianca @Chrys Me too! I picked up 1y
Kaye I just go by a freaky title. Bring it home and get a surprise. 1y
Bianca @Kaye That's a great idea! 1y
RebelReader I love Changing Hands! It‘s my favorite in Phoenix so far. Sorry Poisoned Pen! 1y
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Some of my favorite indie bookstores in the U.S!

The Wild Detectives - Dallas, TX ♥️
The Elliot Bay Book Company - Seattle, WA
Left Bank Books - Seattle, WA
Lamplight Books - Seattle, WA
Broadway Books - Portland, OR

Congratulations on your impressive Litfluence @vivastory ! #vivabookstore #indiebookstores

Librariana Oh, I loved the Elliot Bay Book Company when we visited Seattle many years ago. Hope we can go back some day soon now that we'll be in Washington! 😄 1y
dgingo I‘m living in Dallas and I haven‘t heard of that bookstore! I‘ll have to check it out! 1y
vivastory So many great stores. When I finally make it to Powell's, I'll definitely make sure I check out the other Portland stores! 1y
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Chelleo We really need to create a Litsy Google map of bookstores! 1y
blithebuoyant @dgingo me either! Definitely gotta check this one out! 1y
Lcsmcat @Chelleo That‘s a great idea! The when we travel we‘d know where to go. 1y
hermyknee @Chelleo @Lcsmcat YES! Great idea! @dgingo @bilthebuoyant it‘s in Oak Cliff (Bishop Arts district) - there‘s also a cool comic book store nearby called Red Pegasus Comics! 1y
dgingo @hermyknee I‘m putting it on my list! My other half, @DoctorMirabilis1267, would love to check out the comic book store, too! Are you local? We could do a brunch/book shopping outing one weekend! 1y
hermyknee @dgingo that would be so fun! 1y
dgingo @hermyknee Let‘s do it! Want to invite some other local Littens? 1y
hermyknee @dgingo sure! We should all go to the North Texas Teen Book Festival on April 21st! 1y
dgingo @hermyknee I hadn‘t heard of it until @blithebuoyant mentioned it earlier. I have lunch plans, but I‘ll see about rescheduling if I can, if you really want to go together! @blithebuoyant? 1y
hermyknee @dgingo @blithebuoyant have y‘all been to Shakespeare in the Park?! It‘s one of my favorite Dallas events! The summer season is downtown and fall season is in Addison 1y
blithebuoyant @hermyknee absolutely, to all of it! Do we know any other DFW Littens? 1y
blithebuoyant @hermyknee @dgingo Anyone in possession of smelling salts should bring them along for when I first catch sight of Holly Black 😂 1y
hermyknee @dgingo @bilthebuoyant I think @Chelleo and @LibrarianRyan made a map of Littens? 1y
Chelleo @hermyknee No Litten map. Was discussing the idea of creating a map of bookstores though. 1y
hermyknee @Chelleo that would be awesome! I feel like someone out there made a map, but I can‘t remember who it was... @blithebuoyant @dgingo one of us should do a Call Out for DFW Littens and tag Litsy Happenings 1y
blithebuoyant I'm not sure if I have the following for that, which of us has the most Litfluence 😂someone definitely made a map of Littens though, I put my information in. @JenlovesJT47 or @TricksyTails might know? 1y
hermyknee @blithebuoyant This was @dgingo ‘s brain child, so she shall be in charge and we shall do what she says! 🙌🏽 #TeamWork #LittensAreTheBest #DFWLittens 1y
blithebuoyant @hermyknee All hail our fearless leader, @dgingo 😂 1y
hermyknee @blithebuoyant @dgingo (my dog licked my phone screen and somehow sent my unfinished message- leave it to Charlie) I‘m happy to do the call out sometime this week if you‘d like me to. (edited) 1y
dgingo @hermyknee @blithebuoyant I love you both already! Let‘s do it! I‘ll write more shortly, but my phone is dying and I‘m at the Arlington HPB clearance sale. Stay tuned.... 💕📖📚😘 1y
blithebuoyant @dgingo I was there a few years ago and picked up every Southern Living annual recipe book from 1980 to 2000! 😍 1y
LibrarianRyan @hermyknee not me. @Kaye made the map. I keep track of authors. It's just so hard to lee up. 1y
dgingo @hermyknee I‘m from NY, so I‘m totally spoiled when it comes to Shakespeare in the Park, but I have gone a few times in Dallas and Addison. I‘ve been disappointed a lot, but it‘s fun with friends, so I‘m game for that, too. @blithebuoyant We‘ll help you up if you faint! 🤣 And, that might actually help us to meet her! 1y
dgingo @hermyknee I don‘t know about the Litten map, as I‘m still a new Litten, but yes about the shout out! LMK if you want me to write/post one and you can repost, or if you can do it, go for it! Just tag me! I doubt my megastar litfluence would carry much weight on its own. 😂🤣 1y
dgingo @blithebuoyant Wow—that‘s quite a collection! I found a few things, but I really went for my other half. I‘d rather just go to the flagship HPB on NW HWY. 1y
Kaye Thank you @LibrarianRyan , for the tag. I originally made the map, but @MinDea gathered all the detailed info on how many per state. She deserves the credit for her hard work. 1y
Kaye ***Look up #whereintheworld under @MinDea ... I think there are more detailed graphs, etc of Litsy areas. There was a group once before in the Texas area trying to get a meetup going. I don‘t remember which members were doing it. Just post a photo of Texas and ask for a Litsy meetup. @Chelleo does that for Ohio 1y
hermyknee Awesome work, @MinDea ! We‘ll have to send out a callout soon 1y
TricksyTails @blithebuoyant Sorry! I‘m late as usual but it was @Kaye who had the idea and started the map. @MinDea then gathered the data and made super cool graphics with all the info she collected. 1y
Kaye Thanks for the tag @TricksyTails 😊 1y
hermyknee @blithebuoyant @dgingo would y‘all mind emailing me? hermykneegoespostal@gmail.com - we can figure out the details of our first meet up! I‘ve made quite the fun graphic to call attention to North Texas Littens 😊 1y
dgingo @hermyknee Absolutely! 1y
Sapphire Did you all figure out a North Texas Meetup? I proposed a DFW one a few months back but can't find the string for that now and I never did anything. Today I talked to the folks at Interabang books in Dallas and they are willing to host us. Would love to work together with some folks to get this going if there isn't already a group I can jump in with 5d
hermyknee @Sapphire we didn‘t ever end up meeting, but I think @blithebuoyant has a list! I would love to meet up in Dallas if you guys can! 5d
Sapphire I am going to the book discussion at Interabang on August 7th. If any DFW kittens want to chat after about setting up our own meeting that would be great. I will post something on my own and still try to find the old string too. Maybe @blithebuoyant can share with her list and we can see if anyone shows up to plan. 5d
blithebuoyant @Sapphire YAAAASSSSS, I don‘t actually have a list but I do have a few posts where I tagged all the known DFW Littens. I‘ll check back and see, but I‘m totally down. Let me check the dates for Quakecon and make sure August 7th doesn‘t interfere 5d
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