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MidnightBookGirl Love the paper! 1 point for Festive, 5 points for Crafting and 1 participation point! 7pts! 5h
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Some salt dough ornaments my daughter made to hand out as gifts #elfies #WinterGames #HolidayCrafting #FestivePhotoChallenge

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Untilted | Autechre
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Finally getting the tassels on the glitter bookmarks that I made months ago. Now maybe I can get my Xmas cards out.

#wintergames #teamelectricsex #festivephotochallenge #glitter


LaraS Ooooo, shiny! 🤩😍 22h
LibrarianRyan @LaraS I am never making these again! 20h
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#holidaycrafting #wintergames #tmskellington Making lotions for gifts!

Crazeedi You know I have supplies to do this and haven't attempted yet! 3d
BethM @Crazeedi it‘s not too hard! I‘ve decided to try to make my own lotion instead of buying it. 3d
Hooked_on_books Is that a coyote in your house, wearing antlers? 3d
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Crimson613 6pts!! That sounds cool 😯😯😯 2d
Crazeedi @BethM you're inspiring me 2d
BethM @Hooked_on_books it is. The antlers also light up 😂 2d
BethM @Crazeedi do it! :) 2d
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#wintergames #readnosedreindeer #holidaycrafting @StayCurious @Clwojick

Bookmarks! Too much fun with with stickers and a laminator. Not sure why they're curving so much, don't think I want to gift them if I can't flatten them out. Fingers crossed!

KatieDid927 So very cute! Maybe stick them in thick books to get flattened a bit? It‘s what I‘d do! 6d
j9brown @KatieDid927 Yeah, gonna stack a few hardcovers. I wonder what would happen if I ironed then? I see it working in my head, but they'd probably just melt 😵 6d
Linsy Cute!! 6d
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KatieDid927 @j9brown Oh would def melt for sure. No irons! 6d
Crazeedi Perfect!🥰 6d
StayCurious Those are great! Do not iron them though lol! +6 5d
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Some #HolidayCrafting for your enjoyment (and mine). I‘ve always wanted one of these, finally buckled down and made one. 💙💙💙💙

#WinterGames #SlayBells @midnightbookgirl @staycurious @clwojick

MidnightBookGirl It's gorgeous! Good job! 6pts! 6d
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#WinterGames #JingleBallers #holidaycrafting

Working on my new stocking - think I‘ll finish before Christmas?

@FantasyChick @Clwojick @StayCurious

CSeydel Note. This stocking isn‘t from the tagged book, but the stocking I made last year was a version of one in that book! 7d
tracey38 It looks great so far! 7d
FantasyChick Looks great! It always amazes me when people make their own stockings. So talented 😊 5pts for crafting and 1 for participation 6pts 7d
Leftcoastzen Pretty! 7d
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Every year my sister and I make an #adventcalendar for my mom, which is a fun way to spread Christmas cheer throughout the month and get a little creative.

#wintergames #TeamFozziwig

BarkingMadRun So fun! 1 point! 1w
mabell @BarkingMadRun Thanks! 🎄❤️ Does this also count as points for holiday crafting and holiday tradition? 😅 1w
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BarkingMadRun Ohhhhhh yes it does! Let me look that up! 25 more!! 1w
TheKidUpstairs Beautiful! 1w
mabell @BarkingMadRun Awesome, thanks! 1w
mabell @TheKidUpstairs Thank you! My sister and I have a great time figuring out what we‘ll do each year. 😊 1w
aprilpohren What an awesome and thoughtful gift!!! 1w
mabell @aprilpohren Thank you! It‘s really a lot of fun for all of us 😄 1w
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