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The Black God's Drums | P. Djeli Clark
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Life as been so hectic these past few weeks that I still haven‘t read a book yet this year. Scrapped everything I was reading and will come back later but for now, hopefully something short and sweet will help me out.

#exhausted #busy #behind #moving #newjob #newstate #newlife #helpmytbr #short

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We Are Legion (We Are Bob) | Dennis E. Taylor
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That's what a cold, windy afternoon should look like! Got myself some mom-time, so off to bed and reeeaaad!!!

#exhausted #coldoutside #readinbed

PickwickPlockPlock I enjoyed that one. Didn't know it has been translated into German. 7mo
LiljaPleasant @PickwickPlockPlock Found it looking for another book with the same title. 🙂 Just bought it because the series is called Bobiverse 😍 7mo
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My dad ended up back in the hospital, so I haven‘t read in two days. Feels like longer! My middle son‘s 17th bday is today; we‘ve completed our family celebration with birthday cake and now I‘m going to sit with this book until my eyes close. Might only take 3 minutes. #exhausted

GrilledCheeseSamurai That does sound exhausting. All my positive vibes to your dad. 7mo
Elizabeth2 @GrilledCheeseSamurai thank you! He‘s headed to inpatient rehab where he will get daily PT and OT to build his strength back up, but it looks like he won‘t be going back to living independently again. Even with the extra help we‘ve been giving him, he can no longer take care of himself. 🙁 (edited) 7mo
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That face when its 2 in the morning, you have to be up by 7 to work until 8 at night and your wife wont stop shopping for you to sleep... Ugh... #Shopping #Exhausted #SomeoneBringMeAPillow

TrishB I breathe a sigh of relief when the shops finally shut! 13mo
AmyG It‘s almost over. Hope work goes wuickly and you get to just go home. 13mo
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A four hour interview is totally deserving of relaxation with a book & Chinese food, right? #exhausted #wokeuptooearly #longmorning #anxietyonhighalert #interviewday #kindle #kindlereads #chinesefood #pajamasallday #snowday

DebbieGrillo Right! 1y
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Middlemarch (Revised) | George Eliot
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I FINISHED MIDDLEMARCH!! All 959 pages of it! #goals #readingchallenge #exhausted

Libby1 Well done! Your photo made me laugh. 1y
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Queen of Shadows | Sarah J Maas
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Finally getting back to my books, I‘ve been struggling so much the past couple weeks with my damn sinuses that my book pace has considerably slowed, I‘ve had this book for a week now and I‘m not even half done #allthenaps #exhausted #bookworm #imissreading

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Girl Unknown | Karen Perry
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I had to wake up a 3am this morning to take my roommate to her surgical appointment & now I am waiting in the OR waiting room and I absolutely cannot focus on this book. 😪 #Exhausted

MidnightBookGirl You are a fantastic roommate! Hope all goes well and that you get some sleep. 2y
KrystleTheBookSlayer @MidnightBookGirl Thank you! I'm hoping to stick around until she wakes up from anaesthesia and then I have to get home, take care of the dog, and hopefully get some shut eye. I didn't get any sleep last night. 2y
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Christmasaurus | Tom Fletcher
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Well I've done it!!!! Officially have everything shipped out that needed to be sent out before Xmas and almost everything should get there on time! I think my #BookmarkSwaps will be later but everything else is good!!!
Since I don't have a picture, please enjoy the stress-ball/person/thing I keep on my desk. She looks like she achieved things today too!
#Exhausted #WinningChristmas

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I'm a Children's Minister and VBS starts on Monday. MONDAY! *gasp!* I have been so wrapped up in all things Robot that I haven't had any time to read this past month. For real - an entire month. Not. One. Chapter. I miss my books. I miss Litsy. I miss normal bedtime. But it will all be worth it! And in one more week, I'll finally have more "Me" time!! #vbs #gadgets&gizmos #kidmin #exhausted #worthit

saresmoore Bahahahaha! This image is perfect! I did VBS for many years and last year was the final straw. They'll have to drug me to convince me to do it again! 3y
Gryffindorian @saresmoore I've always compared it to the closest thing to The Hunger Games. 😂 3y
saresmoore Oh my gosh, yes! Hunger Games meets Lord of the Flies! 3y
Texreader Hilarious!! Good luck! 3y
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