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emilyhaldi Looks badass!!! 6mo
Cinfhen Love your graphics 🧡 6mo
Mdargusch Nice! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6mo
Reviewsbylola Perfect! 6mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#AnglophileApril #Creep

My coworker knows where I sit at work, creeper; these lovelies were on my desk this morning. He‘s moving and is downsizing his library, so I got the nautical seafaring books! The teal books are 1926 “current” about England‘s exploration to other lands.

Oh, and he just happened to have a POTC SHIP lithograph; authentic Disney Park print! 🥰

Mdargusch What a great coworker! Lucky you! 6mo
Reviewsbylola Wow, total score! 6mo
emilyhaldi Wow you hit the coworker lotto!!! 6mo
CrowCAH @Mdargusch @Reviewsbylola @emilyhaldi I know isn‘t it amazing?! It pays to get to know your coworkers personally. 6mo
Cinfhen Nice!!! It does pay to be the friendly sort ❤️👍🏻 6mo
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This book is CRAZY! I can‘t even articulate into words how f***ed up the history and present day of private prisons are. I don‘t think I would have read this book, if it wasn‘t for the #MarchMadnessChallenge, but I‘m glad I did!

Bauer did a bit of a #creep move, and got hired as a prison guard, as a way to see the reality behind private prisons. His own feelings, thoughts and reflections were my favourite part!


Cinfhen Sounds like a must read 6mo
Mdargusch This sounds like a tough read but a very important one. 6mo
Reviewsbylola This sounds fascinating. Interesting aside, I read an article that named our local prison as one of the worst in the country. My boss is an attorney and visits clients there pretty frequently. I asked him if it was true and he said absolutely. After his visits, he won‘t even wear his clothes back in the house. He takes his suit off first in case he has picked up any type of bugs, etc. 😬 (edited) 6mo
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emilyhaldi So depressing 😖 but an important read 6mo
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen @Mdargusch @emilyhaldi I can‘t wrap my head around it. And hearing how Bauer actually start to “like” the power of a prison guard and what it does to him, is so interesting, but so disturbing as well. No wonder there are so many bad guards in this book. @Reviewsbylola Wow, that is pretty insane! I get that people who have commited crimes need to be punished, but that doesn‘t mean they have to live in filth and inhuman conditions 6mo
Rachel_nyc I have a hold on this now. I read the Mother Jones article that it‘s based on and was horrified. I‘m sure it will be a difficult read but I‘m still eager to get to it. 6mo
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Creeps | Darren Hynes
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There is no one on the planet that is more a creep than Ted Cruz. I know it‘s not book related, except that his daughter, who famously pulled away from her father, was, indeed, holding a book.

Cinfhen Ha!!! Ted Cruz is creepy!!! He reminds me a little bit of Pee Wee Herman 🙄 6mo
Reviewsbylola Lol I totally see that. @Cinfhen 6mo
GripLitGrl 😂😂 6mo
emilyhaldi He def has a bit of a weird vibe going on 😏 6mo
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Mr. Mercedes: A Novel | Stephen King
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One of SK's memorable villains, the demented Mr. Mercedes, Brady Hartsfield is a bona fide #creep. Also a victim of his alcoholic mother's #taintedlove. The role of Deborah Hartsfield could easily have been a generic creepy affair, but Kelly Lynch doesn't get enough credit for really imbuing it with substance, especially in the Deb-centric episode penned by Dennis Lehane. Love how King's characters often inspire empathy despite their depravity.

Mdargusch Nice! I think king has creeps in so many of his books! 6mo
Reviewsbylola One of the King books that I really liked! 6mo
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JillR I‘m reading this right now! 6mo
emilyhaldi Wow so many King books so little time! 😅 6mo
Suet624 Yes to your last line. He‘s so good at it. 6mo
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Offutt‘s father dies and he is suddenly left with an inheritance of more than 400 pornographic novels. As he helps his mother sort through the typewritten documents stuffed into every nook of his fathers office, Offutt is forced to confront his childhood and the difficult relationship he shared with his dad- a famed pornographic novelist. The idea of reading porn written by my own parent certainly gives me #creep vibes 😳

CarolynM Indeed! Good choice👏 6mo
Cinfhen Not sure I could read this one. I‘ll wait for your review 6mo
emilyhaldi I never got around to posting a review @Cinfhen ... but I did read it and let me just say it‘s a no from me 🙃 (edited) 6mo
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Mdargusch Yeah, not sure I could read this one. 😳 6mo
Cinfhen Thanks, Em!! #pass 6mo
Reviewsbylola Major creep vibes. 6mo
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(Day 8 - #Creep)

*I immediately thought of Charlie Cullen, a nurse who killed about 300 people in his line of work. The weird thing is, he had loads of folks who cared about him (he had a wife & child, unbelievably), but from the first few pages of this book, I found him to be extremely creepy. By the way, for those of you who like true crime, I give this book definite “pick” status + 5 stars.

Samplergal Really creepy. 6mo
emilyhaldi Well crap, now I‘m torn between my intense desire to read this book and my irrational fear that if I read it I will never be able to visit a Dr or hospital again without convincing myself they‘re trying to kill me 😩 6mo
Cinfhen I read this, definite creep!! And a psychopath 🥺 6mo
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gradcat @emilyhaldi Okay, yes, he, and the book, are really creepy...but @Cinfhen read it, I read it, and @Samplergal (did you read it?) may have read it, and we‘re all okay, sooooo.....no, really, it‘s a great read for true-crime fans. 6mo
Samplergal I did read it early this year. Why he wasn‘t caught earlier is beyond me? 6mo
Mdargusch I love true crime so I‘m stacking! 6mo
Reviewsbylola Def stacking! 6mo
emilyhaldi Lol don‘t you worry, I‘m too invested to turn back now!!! 6mo
gradcat @Samplergal What you said? Ditto!! I guess he was able to charm *ugh* certain co-workers...until they finally figured it out! 6mo
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#anglophileapril #creep

He‘s a #creep who knows how to #creep about. 👍 And a wee standing ovation for Andy Serkis who brought him to life outside of my head. 🙌🙌

Reviewsbylola That‘s definitely creepy af. 😂 6mo
AlaMich Preciousssss.... 6mo
emilyhaldi Yuck 😝 6mo
Cinfhen Nightmares 😫😱😰 6mo
Mdargusch Nightmares and chills here too! 6mo
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The Monk | Matthew Lewis
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First published in the late 18th century, Lewis‘s title character is definitely a big time #creep


TrishB This was a bonkers book!! 6mo
Melissa_J @TrishB I know, right? The whole time I was reading it I kept asking myself what the heck I was reading 😂 6mo
Reviewsbylola The cover def makes me think it‘s wild! 6mo
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emilyhaldi I'm intrigued 6mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego I like the cover. 6mo
Cinfhen Yes!!! cover is fantastic but I can‘t read bonkers 6mo
TrishB @Cinfhen it‘s not something I would recommend! 6mo
Mdargusch That cover🤦🏼‍♀️I will take your word for it! 6mo
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The Collector | John Fowles
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#anglophileapril Frederick Clegg collects butterflies, then he goes on to collect his crush Miranda Grey . I think he qualifies for the label #creep

Cinfhen Been on my TBR for a long time!!! 6mo
LeahBergen He sure does! 6mo
Reviewsbylola I‘m actually really drawn to this cover. 6mo
Leftcoastzen @Reviewsbylola it is the 12th paperback printing from 1970 , I suspect it was the same cover as the original Dell printing of 1964.Of course the mention of French Lieutenants Woman, was added to drive sales. (edited) 6mo
emilyhaldi Diggin this creepy book and awesome cover! 6mo
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