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Just finished my last book of 2021, which I've been reading throughout the year. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ I love John Lewis-Stempel. Haven't picked a 2022 yearlong read yet but might very well be another JLS.

readordierachel What a lovely illustration 🦊 4w
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Untitled | Anonymous
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And this is what I see when I step out my front gate. Nature is my comfort and medicine in dark days... And writing! #nature #rural #countryside #herbalism #foraging #offgrid #defiance #truth #love #light #faith #hope #resistance

Picnic | Mercer Mayer
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DivineDiana It does! 💛 7mo
Eggs Perfection ❤️🥂🧺🤗 7mo
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Picnic | Mercer Mayer
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#julyjourneys #picnic
@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Eggs

Nearly forgot today‘s prompt 😅 it‘s been a very busy day 😅

Eggs Perfect 🧺📚❤️ 7mo
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Icons of England | Bill Bryson
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Terry Jones on Hampstead Heath:

"It isn't really a Heath, only half of it lies in Hampstead, and East Heath is actually on the West, but so what!
Hampstead Heath is still to my mind the ultimate evocation of perfect English countryside."

I am so, so blessed to have this beautiful landscape on my doorstep ❤️

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Here goes - this might be a long one. But isn‘t it pretty?!

John Lewis-Stempel is ambivalent about foxes, having both hunted them on horseback and ‘sabbed‘ fox hunts. I have similar (but less extreme) feelings about this book!

This is a diary of fragments, a year in the life of a meadow on JLS‘s farm on the Welsh-English border, observing the plants, the wildlife, the livestock... I‘ve been reading this over a couple of months, and it‘s made me

rockpools want to be still, to write, to watch things grow. I‘ll miss reading it. There are so many fascinating tidbits in here - last night I fell down a badger funerals rabbit-hole. Which isn‘t a phrase I ever expected to write!

The flip side, and I think i‘m in a minority of me here, is that I don‘t much like his writing. At times it feels like he‘s demonstrating how very clever he is, as he incorporates poems and random obscure words
(edited) 11mo
rockpools (prestidigitator, anyone?) - it doesn‘t always flow naturally for me.

He did win me round with this book. I was moved by the demise of Margot 🐮💔, and I ended up enjoying spending time on his farm. I have another UK farmer, James Rebanks, lined up in the near future, and I‘m looking forward to seeing how that compares.
Thank you for sending this to me @Oryx I‘m glad I‘ve read it.

This is #SomethingAboutNature for #NonFiction2021 @Riveted_Reader_Melissa
rockpools Also, bother. That really should have been a review post, but I‘m way too lazy to change it! It‘s a pick!! (edited) 11mo
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squirrelbrain Great review. You‘ve made me want to read it but was it similar to Common Ground? You loved that one, me not so much...! (edited) 11mo
rockpools @squirrelbrain Ha! No, I would say this was totally different. For one thing it‘s not set on your doorstep! It‘s quite ‘straight‘ diary entries of what he‘s seen and related thoughts- much less of the flights of fancy and personal/emotional stuff (except 🐮 of course). And he‘s got a bit of a thing about nature writing being written for/by townies so he‘s out to prove that‘s nonsense. (I suspect he may be referring to CG-type books!) 11mo
rockpools @squirrelbrain I would send it, but I‘ve promised it to a friend who‘s about to start a year-long art project in a meadow. Unless you‘d like to read it first? (She makes me look like a speed reader, so it won‘t be coming back from her this side of Christmas!) 11mo
squirrelbrain Oh no, thank you for the offer Rachel though - I might order a copy soon as it sounds like #mummysquirrel would like it too. It sounds quite different to CG. Wow, your friend‘s project sounds fascinating! 11mo
Caroline2 Sounds good. Although the showing off, flowery language puts me off a bit. What a beautiful cover tho! 😍 11mo
Centique Great review! I feel the need to read a book that mentions badger funerals 🤯 Stacked! 10mo
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Reading Meadowland this morning inspired me to go and check out our local patch of meadow - a town park with woodlandy bits, large parts of which are managed as a meadow. There‘s a violet trail - I only spotted tiny white ones today - more formal pools/gardens, and hefty amounts of mud. Access past a #SpinsterStreetSign (as promised @batsy ) - to which the reply is, they certainly do!

batsy Hahaha, I love it! Right up my street, so to speak 😁 The pics are lovely 😍 11mo
rockpools @batsy Ha ha! V good 😁 11mo
Singout Wow! We‘ve still got inches of snow! 11mo
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TrishB Gorgeous pics. We still have a holiday booked down there that we changed from last year. I‘m keeping my fingers crossed but not building my hopes up! 11mo
JennyM Beautiful pics 11mo
Come-read-with-me Beautiful 🤩 11mo
rockpools @Singout we get very little snow here - just wind and rain and rain and wind! 11mo
rockpools @TrishB 🤞 I do hope you can get down. Any change of scenery would be amazing right now! 11mo
rockpools @JennyM Thank you 😊 11mo
rockpools @Come-read-with-me Thank you 😊 11mo
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In 2020 I read The Wood, a chapter for each month, as a way to meditate on the seasons. I so enjoyed JLS's soothing prose, interesting little facts and history, and amusing observations of the animals, that I wanted to do it again. This year I've picked his Meadowland which is also written as a year long diary.

BookishMarginalia What beautiful editions! 12mo
readordierachel These sound lovely! 12mo
batsy Both sound and look so good. I've stacked Meadowlark but I'm definitely adding the other to the list! 12mo
batsy *Meadowland 🙂 12mo
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Emma, thank you! Such a lovely surprise in the post today - this is THE most gorgeous cover, and it definitely does sound like something I should like. My nonfiction reading took a real nosedive last year, so I can‘t wait to get it back in 2021.

Thank you 🥰

LeahBergen What a lovely cover! 13mo
rockpools @LeahBergen Isn‘t it just? Barn owls are just Beautiful! 🦉 (edited) 13mo
wanderinglynn That book sound lovely! Stacked 👍🏻 13mo
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Tamra This is an enjoyable read to savor over time. 🙂 13mo
rockpools @wanderinglynn It does, doesn‘t it? 13mo
rockpools @Tamra You do a few of these year-long nature reads, don‘t you? Typically I can‘t remember the name of the other one I tried to stack every time you posted! Sands something? (🙄 I don‘t expect you to mindread. It‘ll be in my stack somewhere. It‘s times like these I think GoodReads isn‘t such a bad idea!!) 13mo
Tamra @rockpools yes! I hope you enjoy. I rather like dipping into them rather than speeding through. 🙂 I need to start another. 13mo
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Lovely picture book!