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#timbittunes #buildingamystery

Playing a bit of catchup! These 1950s/60s YA novels were probably the first mysteries I read. (Handed down to me in the 80s) I think I loved how “American” they were, summer camp and bubblegum and bathing suits etc. Seemed very alluring and exotic when I was ten!

mabell I‘ve read and have all of these! 😍❤️ 10mo
Chrissyreadit I loved these! I do not know what happened to my copies though. 10mo
VioletBramble I read these. I never owned them, I borrowed from the library. 10mo
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Tonton Felt the same way about the Cherry Ames nurse series! anybody remember those? 10mo
Cinfhen Calling @LeahBergen & @rubyslippersreads I feel like these books might bring back some fond memories?!?!? Am I right???? 10mo
LeahBergen @Cinfhen Yes! 😆😆 I had Donna Parker, Special Agent but I can‘t remember who passed it down to me. It was so retro and “American” (like @Centique said) even when I read it in the late 70s. 😆😆 10mo
Cinfhen When weren‘t you reading @LeahBergen ??? I don‘t really remember reading as a kid/ tween 10mo
Centique @Cinfhen I love when you call on our resident children‘s classics experts. 😍They are legends in their reading @LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads 10mo
Centique @Tonton I didn‘t but I just looked them up and they look so cute! 10mo
Centique @mabell yay! I never see them in second hand shops either so they feel a bit rare. Sorry you lost yours @Chrissyreadit 10mo
batsy I can't believe I've never read or heard of Donna Parker! Look at these covers 😍😍 10mo
pocketmermaid I picked up a few of these from a thrift store while on vacation. I wish I snagged all they had! 10mo
rubyslippersreads @Cinfhen @LeahBergen I definitely remember these, but I never read any. I‘ll have to watch for them in my thrift shopping. 😊 10mo
rubyslippersreads @Centique @Cinfhen What a lovely compliment, to be a legend with @LeahBergen ❤️😊 10mo
Cinfhen You are BOTH legendary @LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads ( hope u had a great bday❤️) 10mo
LeahBergen @Cinfhen I can‘t remember an age when books weren‘t the most important physical objects in my life. 😆😆 I have a very early memory of my Dad leaning over my crib and giving me a new book. 😮 10mo
LeahBergen @Centique @Cinfhen Oh, how wonderful that compliment is!! 😍😍 You are going to inflate our bookish egos; right, @rubyslippersreads ? 😆 10mo
LeahBergen @Tonton I was just looking at some Cherry Ames books at a secondhand bookshop. I‘ve never read any, though! 10mo
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen I hope our heads don‘t get too big for our crowns. 👑😂 @Cinfhen @Centique 10mo
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Devil's Waltz | Jonathan Kellerman
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Husband and wife, Jonathan and Faye Kellerman were really #BuildingAMystery empire. Over 20 years ago, I used to read a lot of mystery genre. I read a lot of the Kellermans and Mary Higgins Clark. Devil‘s Waltz is one that really stands out.


Cinfhen I attended a book fair last year and Faye & Jonathan Kellerman were two of the featured speakers. They really are a mystery building empire and they said their son writes too!!!! 10mo
megnews @cinfhen I did not realize their son wrote too! Will check that out. 10mo
TheKidUpstairs I'm a page at my local library, we have multiplier Kellerman shelves! I think only James Patterson had more shelf space. 10mo
TheKidUpstairs @Cinfhen I think their son is Jesse Kellerman? 10mo
Cinfhen Sounds right @TheKidUpstairs I don‘t recall his name..... 10mo
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Slow Horses | Mick Herron
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A really good mystery and a great reader and glory be, there are sequels! #buildingamystery #timbittunes

MallenNC I liked that one. Haven't read the sequels yet. 10mo
DGRachel I‘ve had this on my bookshelf for years. I really need to get it read! 10mo
Tonton So great!Enjoy the rest of the series❣️ 10mo
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The Colorado Kid | Stephen King
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“[A]lmost every newspaper man and woman who's been at it awhile knows: in real life, the number of actual stories - those with beginnings, middles, and ends - are slim and none. But if you can give your readers just one unknown thing...and then kick in what Dave Bowie there calls a musta-been, your reader will tell himself a story.”

#TimbitTunes | 9: #BuildingAMystery

📷: Made with Typorama

The Crow Road | Iain Banks
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TrishB Great read 👍🏻 10mo
arlenefinnigan @TrishB my favourite Iain Banks so far 10mo
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Dead Letters: A Novel | Caite Dolan-Leach
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Ava receives a series of dead letters from her sister Zelda, following Zelda‘s mysterious death. Like #lovenotes but the opposite. A series of clues corresponding with letters of the alphabet is #buildingamystery that Ava tries to figure out, all the while dealing with her own issues and her completely dysfunctional family. #literarylove #timbittunes

Cinfhen Well played !!! I forgot about this book. I really enjoyed it 10mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Good one!! On my list!! 10mo
vkois88 This sounds so good! #Stacked 10mo
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The Plotters | Un-su Kim
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I don't read a lot of thrillers or whodunits because I get distracted by how the writer is #buildingamystery. Which is why I stacked this meta Korean noir novel. It sounds a bit like the Truman Show where an assassin realizes his hits have been 'plotted.'
#timbittunes @cinfhen @TheKidUpstairs
Sarah McLaughlin is from Halifax, NS and her career was taking off when I got there for undergrad. Needless to say, we listened to her a lot. ♥️

TheKidUpstairs Oooh, sounds interesting! Did you go to Dal? I've heard nothing but great things from people who went there! 10mo
merelybookish @TheKidUpstairs I went to Kings which is on the Dal campus. It was great! Small liberal arts college with access to a big school! 10mo
Cinfhen Book sounds good!! Where do u live now?? My friend Kendell is originally from Nova Scotia 10mo
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merelybookish @Cinfhen I live in Colorado. 😣 Far from NS! But we are talking about moving back. 🤞🤞 10mo
Cinfhen Colorado is gorgeous! I‘ve only been to Vail but I‘ve heard NS is beautiful too!! 10mo
merelybookish @Cinfhen Yes, both are very beautiful! But prefer ocean to mountains. 😛 Mostly I'm tired of moving around. We've been doing it 20 years and I'm just ready to be settled and closer to family. 10mo
Cinfhen I can absolutely understand both the want of family near by and the appeal of ocean ❤️ 10mo
merelybookish @Cinfhen I thought you might. 🙂💕 10mo
readordierachel Sounds interesting! I like the cover too. 10mo
merelybookish @readordierachel I agree. The cover is very cool! 10mo
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B is for Burglar | Sue Grafton
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This is the second time I‘ve started a Sue Grafton (first a and now b) and it dawns on me the plot seems familiar. Check goodreads and yep - read this one 5 years ago. Is there a word for this? #readeramnesia #toomanybooks #buildingamystery #timbittunes @TheKidUpstairs

TheKidUpstairs I've definitely done that! 😂 10mo
Cinfhen Been there, done that!!! 10mo
Blaire @Cinfhen @TheKidUpstairs luckily I realized in chapter 1. I‘ve gotten much further along in other books before it dawns on me. 😂🤪😂 10mo
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The Unquiet Dead: A Novel | Ausma Zehanat Khan
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The Esa Khattak-Rachel Getty series showcases Ausma Zehanat Khan‘s ability at #BuildingAMystery If you enjoy mysteries be sure to check this series out! If you don‘t believe me, ask @DGRachel 😊 The first book is tagged.

#TimbitTunes #CanadianAuthor 🇨🇦

DGRachel YES! All the love for this series! 💖💖💖💖 10mo
TheKidUpstairs I'm reading the first one right now. So well done! 10mo
Cinfhen I‘ve seen so many raving reviews for this series!!! You‘re doing great with your Canadian authors!!!!! 10mo
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Melissa_J @Cinfhen thanks! I‘m having fun trying to come up appropriate titles. 10mo
Melissa_J @TheKidUpstairs I‘ve actually only read book one, but I loved it! 10mo
lynneamch Reading the titles right to left makes good #spinepoetry ! 10mo
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