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How to Stop Time | Matt Haig
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#BooksAMillion got me again! #BookHaul I‘m most excited to read the tagged book!

Tanisha_A Ooh la la la 😍 2mo
Lifeisasnap How to Stop Time i read as an ARC. I hope you enjoy it. Just a warning you need a package of Kleenex for The Tattooist of Auschwitz! (edited) 2mo
Literary_Siren @Lifeisasnap I‘m currently reading How to Stop Time as of today and I‘m loving it so far! I figured I need a box of tissues for The Tattooist of Auschwitz because I normally do when I‘m reading that genre of books. 2mo
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Prince of Fools | Mark Lawrence
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I picked up a new book from #booksamillion. I've only read chapter one so far, but it's already pretty good.

TrishB One of my fave fantasy authors. 2mo
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The Outliers | Kimberly McCreight
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So my Bestie, @Lose.Yourself.In.A.Book , treated me again to a girls‘ day. She bought lunch, pedicures, and then took me to #BooksAMillion where they had the 3 leather bound collections on sale and all together they were $20. She also bought the Thesaurus plaque and the Monster bookmark. I bought the other bookmark and three books for about $20 as well. Overall it was a great day that ended with a superb #BookHaul Thank you so much 😘 Love you ❤️

mrsmarch I thought that was going to say “2 kinds of people: people who use a bookmark, and quitters.” 🤣🤣🤣 12mo
BooksTeasAndBookishThings @mrsmarch haha keeping you on your toes 😉 12mo
Gennic Those collections look super interesting 12mo
BooksTeasAndBookishThings @Gennic they had so many more, like alien invasion short stories, dystopian utopias, and sword storms... and even more. I chose these 3, but it wasn‘t an easy choice lol 12mo
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1 | Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
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You guys are bad influences. My bank account has suffered since joining Litsy. 😂😂😂


CouronneDhiver Ha! Mine too. 13mo
Soubhiville Yeah that‘s going to get worse 🤣. Unless you get strict with yourself about using the library! 13mo
MrBook Oh nooo! ...Oh wait...yay!? 😆 13mo
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BethM Yeah I agree with @Soubhiville it‘ll only get worse. You‘ll be able to rein it in for awhile and then lose control again. It‘s the Litsy cycle lol. 13mo
Savedbygrace Isn't that the truth!!! 😂 13mo
Linear At least it's not drugs. 13mo
megzlynn @Linear I tell my fiancé that all the time! ??? 13mo
megzlynn @Soubhiville @BethM I definitely need to start going to the library because my stack of unread books is getting out of hand. 😂 13mo
megzlynn @MrBook That‘s my thoughts as well. I‘m sad about the money until the book actually comes in. It‘s really a problem. 😂 13mo
RadicalReader @megzlynn going to the library is how I tame my addiction all the books I can devour for free and wonderful movies for when the books transform into movies or tv show for me to then binge after the book 13mo
Suet624 I‘m with @RadicalReader. I save a ton of money thanks to my local libraries. 13mo
RadicalReader @Suet624 thank you I do love all the amazing wonderful new and best seller novels that are right there when you walk into the library as addictive and entertaining as the clearance sections of stores plus how they have the wonderful combination of audiobooks, movies, books and CDs there is literally everything one could want to enjoy for free 13mo
Suet624 @RadicalReader I‘m so very fortunate because all the small towns around me have libraries, so I have 5 library cards and an abundance of book and movie options. It‘s wonderful to meet someone who loves their library as much as I do! 13mo
RadicalReader @Suet624 you‘re definitely living in book paradise to live near five libraries!! I do love how most libraries allow their “ sister libraries which are libraries that are in the same district” to loan out their materials so that you can get books or movies sent from other libraries right to yours such a life saver 13mo
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Scythe | Neal Shusterman
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Just cuz you are Christmas shopping doesn‘t mean you can‘t buy for yourself right. :D BAM for the win on some books I needed or is it wanted. #need #booksamillion #merryxmastome

scowler1 There's a grey area between need and want. Bibliophilia, I think it's called.😏📚😊 14mo
Dragon Nice haul 👍🐉 14mo
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I have a book buying problem but it makes me happy so oh well 😂

I‘ll let y‘all know what I think!

#booksamillion #thealientist #calebcarr #milkandhoney #rupikaur #thereadersofbrokenwheelrecommend #katarinabivald

mrozzz No worries, we all have that problem 😏 Welcome to Litsy!! 📚📚📚📚 2y
Astreete @mrozzz thank you!! 😊 2y
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Eggs Welcome to Litsy 👋🏻😊 2y
Cinfhen Well then you‘ve come to the right place 😃welcome 2y
Michollio I love The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend 2y
Astreete @Michollio I just started it, so far it‘s one of my favorites this year for sure 2y
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A friend bought me a stitch n bitch book a while ago and we were not aware that there are many more in the series. I was happily surprised to find this one at a #booksamillion #bam #stitchnbitch #hobbybooks

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This is quite possibly my favorite ya series that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The characters are rich and continuously develop throughout the story. There is romance, fantasy, war, and an incredible protagonist and love interest. (Rhysand is goals ❤❤❤) I cannot WAIT until 2018 to get my hands on the next book in this series. #gimme #iwant #sarahjmaas #acotar #acomaf #acowar #rhysand #ya #youngadult #booksamillion

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I See London, I See France | Sarah Mlynowski
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Red Rain: A Novel | R.L. Stine
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Dad gave me free run of #booksamillion! This is my #bookhaul #mydadstillspoilsme

BookFreakOut Awesome! My dad drove me 3 hours to an author event and back on Monday because I hate driving at night. #mydadstillspoilsme 2y
tapgurl What a great dad!!! 2y
AmyG You are lucky when it comes to Dads. 👍🏻 2y
Nebklvr Yeah, Dad! 2y
CatLass007 My dad used to take me shopping because my mom hated it and he loved it. But he never gave me free run of any bookstore. He always seemed to think books were “junk.” 2y
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