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#NovemberStats #BestofNovember

Another 14 books this month, I‘m surpassing my own expectations. And lots of good ones among them! The five in the pictures were my favorites this month, all worth at least four stars 🌟

cathysaid This one sounds so good 3y
BarbaraBB @cathysaid It is, I can definitely recommend that one and hope you‘ll read it! 3y
Kalalalatja 👏👏👏 3y
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The Sugar Queen | Sarah Addison Allen
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#NovemberWrapUp 🍁🍂
11 books read this month, bringing me to 152 so far this year. I read The Sugar Queen every Fall! It makes it easier to let the warmer weather go. Nothing like reading about how much Josie loves those first cold snaps to make Fall and impending Winter more bearable! It‘s my #BestOfNovember But it always is! So, out of the new-to-me reads, Etched In Bone, was my favorite! Anne Bishop never disappoints! Happy reading, Littens!

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#novemberwrapup #bestofnovember #novemberstats

And yet another month flew by... one in which I read 10 books. The two above were my favorites, both 4.5 stars reads.

Aimeesue I just finished A Gentleman in Moscow - so well done! 4y
kgriffith The Song of Achilles has, over the last two years, become my favorite book I think. 4y
Cathythoughts 10 books ! Unreal ! Well done 4y
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Kalalalatja Well done 👏👏 4y
DivineDiana Fantastic! 👏🏻📚👏🏻 A Gentleman in Moscow is one of my all time favorites! The Song of Achilles on the TBR! Going for 2019! 4y
BarbaraBB @Aimeesue I loved it, especially also the things that weren‘t said - since it were such turbulent times in Russia at the time. 4y
BarbaraBB @kgriffith It is even better than Circe, don‘t you think?! 4y
kgriffith @BarbaraBB yep! I enjoyed Circe, but this one just... 😍😍😍 4y
BarbaraBB @Cathythoughts @Kalalalatja Thanks! It has been a good month! 4y
BarbaraBB @DivineDiana You‘ll love that one too, I‘m sure! 4y
BarbaraBB @kgriffith I hope Miller will be back with a new book in 2019 🤞 4y
kgriffith @BarbaraBB I dunno, Achilles was 10 years in the making... but! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 4y
BarbaraBB @kgriffith Really? Well, let‘s give her some time then. Too bad for us 😉😘 4y
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Owls in the Family | Farley Mowat
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These are my #bestofNovember 2017 picks. I was so happy to find Owls in the Family at a thrift store!! #Novemberwrapup

LeahBergen Owls in the Family! ❤️❤️ 5y
Bradleygirl @LeahBergen it was so so funny and sweet, and I hadn't been able to get it at any library. I love Farley Mowat. 5y
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Some hits and misses in November...here are the hits 😊 #bestofnovember #novemberwrapup

Great Expectations | Charles Dickens
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My #novemberstats. I‘ve dubbed November the month of murder and memoir for me, since a majority of my books seem to fall into those categories. Also I listened to a lot of audiobooks which I don‘t normally do.
📚15 books finished
📚6 nonfiction, 9 fiction
📚least favorite: The Quick
📚#bestofnovember Favorites: Great Expectations, The Moonstone, Helter Skelter, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl

emilyhaldi Helter Skelter is one of my favs 🖤 5y
erzascarletbookgasm Gah! I‘ve been meaning to read Moonstone. 👏👏 to you! 5y
DebinHawaii Great month! 🎉📚👍 5y
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Home Fire: A Novel | Kamila Shamsie
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What a great reading month November was ! Loved my #indiebuddyread of The Burning Girl with @ClairesReads but probably #bestofnovember goes to Home Fire - so much respect for this book. Elmet and Winter get honourable mentions as does the ever delightful Shaun Tan.

jhod What a great month of books! 5y
bookloo Wow! This was a great month! 👏🏽👏🏽 5y
ClairesReads Yass! A great month! 5y
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Redheadrambles @bookloo @ClariresReads @jhod Thanks ☺️ I do thinks it‘s been an unexpected lineup of consistently good books 5y
ClairesReads I sneakily nabbed myself a copy of this one- based entirely on how much love you gave it 5y
Redheadrambles @ClairesReads I always get a tiny bit nervous when you say that as I will feel bad if you think it was a waste of precious reading time but I know many people liked this ( unlike the Burning Girl ! ) 5y
ClairesReads @Redheadrambles haha you're a very reliable judge! I trust you! 5y
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Middlesex: A Novel | Jeffrey Eugenides
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All the #👍👍 for this book, which is my #bestofNovember.


Cinfhen It's sitting on my shelf...which prompt would this fit for #booked2018 ??? 5y
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen it could fit both the Blame it on Litsy or the LGBTQIA+ MC 👍 5y
Cinfhen EVERY book is #BlameItOnLitsy 😂😂Good to know for the #LGBTQIA+MC 5y
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TheKidUpstairs One of my favourite books. All the love for this one 💖💖💖 5y
ElishaLovesBooks I loved this book! So good! 5y
ephemeralwaltz Had this sitting on my shelf at home for sooooo long. I know I'll love it but I still haven't gotten around to it!:( 5y
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen I know! It could just as well have been "choose your own" ?? 5y
Kalalalatja @TheKidUpstairs @ElishaLovesBooks a new favourite for me! 👏 @ephemeralwaltz I does require some time to really immerse yourself in it. But when you get to it, it will be so worth it! 5y
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MinDea The Heart's Invisible Furies was so good. 5y
RaimeyGallant This sounds interesting! And thanks so much for the advice about Merida. :) 5y
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Stalking Jack the Ripper | Kerri Maniscalco
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#novemberfavorites #bestofnovember #novemberwrapup

November was my slowest reading month of 2017. I just didn't have the time to dive into anything. Of Mice and Men and Stalking Jack the Ripper were my favourites by far! Only 7 more books left to read before my #goodreadschallenge is complete! Tag your favourite November reads in the comments so I can add them to my TBR. 🙂