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Should probably work on curbing my puzzle habit too 😬😬😬🥰

slategreyskies I got two puzzles for Christmas, and I‘m excited to do some #audiopuzzling! :) 2d
RaeLovesToRead @slategreyskies I totally need to try audiopuzzling! I thought all my puzzles had arrived but according to Amazon, I have 3 more on the way 😬😬😬 This may explain what happened to last months' earnings 😅 2d
JenReadsAlot I love puzzles! But now have a cat and no place safe to do them! Lol 2d
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RaeLovesToRead @JenReadsAlot Haha, Pickles has taken to rolling around on our puzzles... something she never usually does otherwise 🤨 I can't stay mad though.. it's kinda cute. 2d
EvieBee Same for me. I ordered…8! 2d
RaeLovesToRead @EvieBee I saw another new one last night so me too 😋🧩😁 At least we aren't going to run out of puzzles any time soon! 🤣 1d
EvieBee @RaeLovesToRead I explain it to my husband like this: “They‘re so cheap now! Remember how expensive just one was mid-pandemic?!” 1d
RaeLovesToRead @EvieBee Haha yes! And they were all sold out too, so we need to keep our stocks up 😉 1d
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Nutmegnc I miss puzzles! Sadly I have no room to do them since I moved to this house 5 years ago 😢 (edited) 3d
hissingpotatoes @Nutmegnc Aw! Maybe you can find ones to do online? 2d
Nutmegnc @hissingpotatoes I am enjoying word puzzles online (like Wordle 🤣) but even though I prefer reading ebooks, online puzzles just don‘t do it for me. I‘ve tried lots- from apps to jigsaw planet. I need to rearrange my guest room to add a puzzle/yoga spot but I‘ve got a close friend with medical issues who occasionally needs it to travel to/from treatments. *sigh* just haven‘t figured it out yet. 2d
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Gideon the Ninth | Tamsyn Muir
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KellyK I would love to audiopuzzle, but I have to puzzle at my parents‘ house because, Missy would make off with pieces… 🐈‍⬛🤣😬 4d
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City We Became | N K Jemisin
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I got fancy new headphones for Christmas & am discovering the joy of #audiopuzzling. Puzzle people, what do you do with your puzzles when you finish putting them together?

EvieBee Yay! It‘s so fun! I disassemble them and put them in my closet to trade out with friends or work on again in the future. They‘re like books for me. 6d
JamieArc We have a local puzzle swap group. A few people have spots on their porches/in their garages where they keep puzzles for people to swap out. 6d
Kimzey I‘ve gotten into audiopuzzling in a big way this winter! 6d
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LiteraryinLawrence I take them apart and put them back on the shelf to do again in the future! 5d
monalyisha We stayed with friends of the family who would frame their favorites. Kinda neat! 4d
janeycanuck I pass mine on to my mom who seems to lead some kind of puzzle circulation syndicate. She‘s always shuffling puzzles around between people. 3d
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The Road Trip | Beth O'Leary
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One thing about The Road Trip is that I finished my holiday puzzle on my new puzzle board while listening! #audiopuzzling #imissedthis

Tamra Super cute! 1w
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Finished! And yet again missing one piece. 🧩😤 This is happening too often for it to not be my dog snatching a piece out of shear meanness when he wants attention. Little shit. 😂


Allylu We once finished a puzzle missing one piece and then when we were working on the next puzzle, the piece was found in the pocket of my daughter's robe. It fell off the table and into her pocket! 1w
ElizaMarie Awe I love this puzzle its super cute! 1w
britt_brooke @Allylu Oh no! 😂 1w
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britt_brooke @ElizaMarie Thanks! It‘s really adorable. It was a Christmas gift from @LouLouLane at our #NashvilleLittens holiday party. I was considering framing it. 😕 1w
Allylu @britt_brooke It was pretty funny! 1w
Sapphire Ha ha! 1w
fredamans 😂 😂 😂 1w
mom2bugnbee Chaaaaaaammmmmmpppppp... 😂 😂 😂 1w
mrp27 My Sadie is a puzzle piece snatcher too! Quite the little shit. 1w
britt_brooke @mrp27 😬😂 1w
Cathythoughts Oh fab 👏👏👏 1w
Kimzey How dare you pay attention to all those puzzle dogs instead! 😂 I have the same issue and I think my cats are accomplices! 😼😸🐶 1w
britt_brooke @Kimzey Exactly! 😅😂 1w
britt_brooke @mom2bugnbee So naughty!! 1w
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🎧🧩 All the snow is making us stir crazy now, so I‘m escaping with a little puzzle time. 😅


Suet624 Hahaha. Done with the snow? 2w
britt_brooke @Suet624 Yes! 😂 And thankfully some of it is melting today. Tomorrow, we‘re supposed to get a lot of rain, so that‘s going to be a mess. 2w
Suet624 Ugh. That‘s the worst: rain after snow. 2w
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Between Christmas & birthday gifts, I‘ll have tons of #audiopuzzling in my future! 😁

LeahBergen Lovely! 2w
LeahBergen Happy Birthday!! ❤️📚❤️📚 2w
MaureenMc @LeahBergen Thank you! 🥰 2w
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Cathythoughts So nice 😁 Happy Birthday 🥳 (edited) 2w
MaureenMc @Cathythoughts Thank you! 🥰 2w
BookBabe Nice! Those look like beautiful puzzles. 😊 📚😸 I had the privilege of visiting Neuschwanstein in person and it was incredible! 😍 2w
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UPS just dropped off my puzzle board and a new puzzle. Now to pick an audiobook for #audiopuzzling !

vivastory Nice! 4w
EvieBee @vivastory Thank you! Humphrey ate two pieces of the last one I completed so it was time for a board with drawers. 4w
JamieArc Oooh! Nice! 4w
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AmyG This is fabulous. I love New Yorker covers. 4w
wanderinglynn I love New York Puzzle Co puzzles! 💚🧩 4w
EvieBee @JamieArc @amyg I love their covers too! Especially the vintage ones. 4w
EvieBee @wanderinglynn This is my first and it‘s hard! Lol! I love a challenge. 4w
Nute I see such awesome puzzles displayed on Litsy. When I go to various stores to purchase a puzzle, I can never find one as nice as I see here. This one is fabulous! 3w
EvieBee @Nute I get everything on Amazon (except books lol)! Search for New York Puzzle Co and you‘ll find a treasure trove of beautiful, bookish puzzles. 3w
Nute Got it! I‘ll do that. Thank you so much!☺️ 3w
DivineDiana I had wanted to buy this issue of The New Yorker, and regrettably never did. Now, I must buy the puzzle! Love it! 3w
EvieBee @DivineDiana Yes! I feel like framing it. 3w
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Silent Parade | Keigo Higashino
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This book was so good and worth the wait! As always, I would have never guessed the ending. I started the book and this puzzle last night and here I am. Book finished and puzzle nearly done. This is addicting. Also David Shih is one of my all time favorite narrators. Swoon. #japan #audiopuzzling


BarbaraBB Love both! 1mo
EvieBee @BarbaraBB It‘s the best combination! 😄♥️ 1mo
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