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All This Could Be Yours | Jami Attenberg
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Went and saw Jami Attenberg tonight. Loved it. I finished the audiobook earlier today and had a very good time reading it. It‘s juicy. It‘s fast-paced. It‘s about what a dysfunctional and very wealthy family does when the patriarch (an undeniably BAD man) is in a coma. One child asks, “Do you promise?”

Jami described the book as kaleidoscopic and I agree. Central characters exist, also cameos of others; every one has a place and feels explored.

Texreader Great review 2mo
Cinfhen I really love her writing. She‘s a great observer of human nature. This is high up on my reading #WishList 🧡Also glad to see you back posting xx miss your salads 2mo
Emilymdxn I really want to read this one! 2mo
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I'm rereading the tagged book. It's heartbreaking. I have no words. There are many alive today who believe it is "Jewish propaganda" something I've been told to my face and that I'm a "lying murderous jew". We can #neverforget and we must teach our children. This can never happen again. (I know I've been posting about the holocaust lately sorry if it upsets anyone my experiance hit me hard and It impacted me greatly)


AprilMae I had a crazy intense argument in high school with a kid 3 or so grades older than me about that same thing. His parents or something basically told him that it never happened. I got so, so, so angry with him. So the people who lost family were lying? So the people who have those tattoos and the terrible scars were lying? So Germany and Poland have these giant random buildings and sites set aside BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENED????? 2mo
Chrissyreadit It should hit hard- and should be taught and discussed - sometimes I think we did not learn a damn thing. 2mo
Insightsintobooks @AprilMae wow, I'm suprised he didn't learn at least something about it in High school. I heard more schools are making holocaust education mandatory which I believe is a good thing. 2mo
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AprilMae I couldn't believe that this guy, who had to take the same history class as I would the following year, which was a huge in depth look at the Holocaust and the war, didn't believe it. After all the stories, the videos and the haunting photographs, he just didn't get it. 2mo
AprilMae The following year I had the opportunity to visit Dachau on a trip to Germany. It was an (for lack of a better term) amazing yet terrifying sight to see. In the 2-3 hours we were there is would end up crying numerous times. I honestly think that if these non-believers who think it never happened had to go to one of the camps, saw the crematorium, saw the massive pile of shoes from the victims, still there! Maybe they would understand. 2mo
AprilMae @Insightsintobooks my school did a great job on teaching it. And maybe I'm just a history nerd who soaks up all the history, but I think that class was one of the more well liked classes (not because of subject matter but because of how it was taught). I fully support a well taught Holocaust class be mandatory for all students. 2mo
AprilMae (Also, sorry to take over your comments @Insightsintobooks !!! But I too, am passionate about people knowing about this) 2mo
Insightsintobooks @AprilMae I agree, and one would only hope. 2mo
Insightsintobooks @AprilMae it's okay. I understand. 2mo
Insightsintobooks @Chrissyreadit I agree that sometimes it feels that way. 2mo
nichollinlove In high school I hosted two girls from Germany and the very first night here they apologized with tears in their eyes for the Holocaust. At 15, I was beside myself, something that seemed like a lifetime ago to me was something these girls still felt the burden and shame of. That experience helped open my eyes and my heart more than anything I learned in a textbook at school. 2mo
nichollinlove Also, I just started reading Tattoist of Auschwitz and 50 pages in, my heart is just breaking. It's hard to understand how this could happen. How men/soldiers could be so blindly cruel. I can't imagine how dense you would have to be to choose to believe this didn't happen. It's disrespectful and shameful as a thought alone. 2mo
Insightsintobooks @nichollinlove I agree it is a shameful thought. 2mo
Lifeisasnap I met a 20ish gal the other day that denied it ever happened & that all the historians were making it up because we are a war loving nation. I almost slapped her face! My grand uncle was liberated from Auschwitz-Birkenau & yet never returned to his family. My poor Oma didn‘t know her brother had been liberated when she died at the age of 92. My uncle found out after they went to the camp & saw his name in the book. It was a blessing & traumatic. 2mo
Lifeisasnap Have you read Cilka‘s Journey yet? I found it more hopeful and yet even more heartbreaking. If you haven‘t read it I recommend it. 2mo
Insightsintobooks @Lifeisasnap I'm so sorry. And yes I have read Cilka's Journey. 2mo
Ddzmini 😨😰😰😰 2mo
AnneCecilie That quote really is food for thought. I‘ve visited Auschwitz a while back and then the immensity of it all hit me. Rows and rows and rows of chimneys, as far as the eye can see. When I left, I was in tears 2mo
Gaylagal2 Have you seen Prosecuting Evil on Netflix? The man is a hero for what he did and his perseverance to prosecute natzis👊🤙 2mo
Insightsintobooks @Gaylagal2 no, I haven't. I actually don't have Netflix. 2mo
Insightsintobooks @AnneCecilie I agree about the quote. I can only imagine what visting Auschwitz was like, I've never been, but maybe one day. 2mo
CarolynM I've met someone who was with the first British troops into Belsen-Belsen. I suppose he was lying too😡 2mo
Cinfhen Such a powerful quote! I recently read this book and I was astonished by new “material” I wasn‘t aware of. Really heartbreaking. 2mo
Insightsintobooks @Cinfhen it is. Have you read Cilkas Journey yet? 2mo
Cinfhen Not yet, it‘s high up on my #WishList 2mo
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I just ordered some books and after reading the sample of #TanyatheEvil, I really want to get it too! Tanya is one of my favorite #antiheroes 😍😍 and I also like the #wwhistory aspect 👌 if it's anything like the anime (content and her personality), this won't be for the faint of heart. Plus, I hear this is a dense read 📕 #wanttoread #needtobuy #wishlist

The Gift | Cecelia Ahern
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I think this all the time! #litsyhumor #sotrue #wishlist

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Soubhiville Perfect! 4mo
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Definitivamente está na minha #wishlist.
O vi na loja do museu CosmoCaixa BCN.
É a edição espanhola de #catchingfire e confesso, gosto mais dessa capa do que da original em inglês😅

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Yay #bookmail. Between #litsylove and #bookcrossing I am getting a little bit spoiled 😊. #bookcrosser #happymail #bookswap #travelingbooks #wishlist

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Yay for #bookmail . These 2 took a crazy long pit stop in Illinois but they finally made it here to South Carolina. #bookcrossing #wishlist #bookswap

Lying Game | Ruth Ware
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What a long week!! Making good progress on The Lying Game since I promised to send it off to fulfill a #bookcrossing #wishlist entry. It‘s engaging and pulls you in, so far a good, fast paced read.


Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks It‘s on my shelf!!! 10mo
Kaila-ann @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks it‘s been good so far. This is my first book from this author and I‘m enjoying it 😊. 10mo
JoScho I had trouble getting into that one. I plan on trying again in the future. 10mo
Kaila-ann @JoScho It was a little slow to start but I feel like it picked up pretty quick. Now I just want to know what this terrible thing is that they‘ve done and had to lie about for so long 🤔. 10mo
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The Stolen Child | Keith Donohue
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Book mail! Love coming home to mail that isn‘t junk or bills 😜. #bookcrossing #bookswap #wishlist #mountTBR

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Today‘s #bookhaul- between 2 #littlefreelibraries and 2 library #booksales I found a lot of titles on my #wishlist plus some to trade with my fellow #bookcrossers. #bookcrossing