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So glad I found this. A story of one man who shoulders his whole nation. Caught between what is right (fighting for democracy) and what is best (preserving his followers). I found another hero. Once again, US supports evil dictatorship and ignores human rights because Indonesia has money and partners. All Belo asks is peaceful talks. This is a strong role model. #TimorLeste #ReadingAsia2021 @Librarybelle @BarbaraBB

Librarybelle Nice! 12mo
BarbaraBB Ooh yet another one for Timor. I think you‘re the first one to find this book! 12mo
Butterfinger @BarbaraBB I would not have learned about Father Belo or Timor's genocide at the hands of Indonesia if not for your challenge. Thank you. And to you @Librarybelle 12mo
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Not a bad week for my #bookreport. Three non-fiction audiobooks and I completed #readingasia2021, which I‘m still excited about. Slowly plugging away at The Gone World for #lmpbc. It feels way over my head and I‘m struggling to concentrate, but I HAVE to finish it and I have to finish it in print. 🥺 I‘ve also started #DrZ, but I‘m still on the intro by Pevear. Would it be wrong to skip that??

Cinfhen Good luck with #DrZ it‘s a real challenge!! I read the intro but it didn‘t really help much. I found reading the spark notes in the beginning to be more helpful 🤓CONGRATS on completing #ReadingAsia21 🎉 that‘s awesome 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 I have 3 left but not sure I‘ll get to #Maldives or #Timor 13mo
DGRachel @Cinfhen Thanks! #Maldives almost broke me. I think it took 6 weeks to read 131 pages. 13mo
Cinfhen Yeah, that‘s not happening 😁 13mo
BarbaraBB Awesome that #ReadingAsia2021. You really nailed it!! 13mo
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#WeeklyForecast @Cinfhen

For the third week in a row.

From the Place of the Dead #Timor
The Almond Tree #Palestine #ReadingAsia2021

Crooked House #PopSugar2021

(Audio) The Splendid and the Vile

The Warmth of Other Suns #OtherSuns #BuddyRead

Forced PD LETRS - I hope to finish Unit 2 Sessions 1-4

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#BookReport @Cinfhen

I finished A Darker Shade of Magic for #AuthorAMonth and read the short story "Yellow Wallpaper".


Ongoing Discussion with Warmth of Other Suns

Crooked House - will be finished with PopSugar 2021

The Almond Tree - #Palestine
Place of the Dead - #Timor

Thief of Cahmaran (ebook)

Cinfhen It seems like lots of Littens enjoyed this month‘s #AAM 13mo
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