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Santa's Summer Christmas | Jenni-Lynne Harris
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Finished packing up my box for #SummerSantaGoesPostal. Unfortunately, the post office is closed today so it won't go out until Tuesday. @SomedayAlmost I REALLY hope you like your package, I had so much fun putting it together!
@BookishMarginalia thank you for hosting this super fun swap! #summersolsticebookexchange

Fun Is On Its Way | Martin Humphries
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Hey @Avanders ! This #SummerSantaGoesPostal box is on the way to you! Be on the lookout.


cobwebmoth I love the wrapping paper!🦄 2d
LibrarianRyan Love that paper. 2d
Avanders Oooooh 🤭🤭😍😍 Yay can‘t wait!! 🦄 2d
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BookwormAHN Great wrapping paper 🦄 2d
tpixie Fun paper 🦄🦄 🦄 21h
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Mermaids | Patty Dann
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I had some extra time today to finish my shopping for #summersantagoespostal! Found myself keeping to a summery theme, and had a lot of fun 🛍 for my match! What‘s in the bag? You‘ll have to wait and see! 😉


Lovesbooks87 Love the bag. 5d
AmyG Yes....cute bag! 5d
Erofan 😍 5d
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LibrarianRyan I hope they get the bag too. 5d
CoverToCoverGirl Love the bag! 5d
TheSpineView Love the bag too!💜 5d
JoScho Awesome bag! 4d
kspenmoll Beautiful bag! 4d
Jee_HookedOnBookz Gorgeous! And reminds me of someone on Litsy! 😉 4d
youneverarrived Love that bag 😍 4d
BookishMarginalia Love the bag! 4d
4thhouseontheleft @Lovesbooks87 @AmyG @Erofan @LibrarianRyan @CoverToCoverGirl @TheSpineView @JoScho @kspenmoll @youneverarrived @BookishMarginalia The bag is fantastic! @Jee_HookedOnBookz It would be a perfect fit for any Litten with 🧜‍♀️ in their name, ahem @TheReadingMermaid 😃. It‘s from 2nd & Charles. Hopefully my swap partner likes it just as much! 4d
TheReadingMermaid O.M.G. 😍😍😍😍😍 4d
Gissy Even the bag is pretty!☺️ 4d
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Forgot to take a pic of my packages as usual .. smh. But my #summersolsticebookexchange #summersantagoespostal package is on its way! @BookishMarginalia @Rachel.Rencher your giveaway box is on its way. The post office always stresses me out so I hope everything makes its way safely !

Rachel.Rencher You're so amazing! I'm excited & I'll let you know when it's here. 🤗 5d
Meaw_catlady @Rachel.Rencher I‘m stressing now because I forgot to bring package filler. So fingers crossed nothing gets squished ! 😖 5d
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Summerland | Michael Chabon
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Alfrazier21 Yay! I‘m so excited 😆 Thank you!! ☀️ 🏖 5d
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I had to renew my library card today, so of course I checked out some books while I was there! #LibraryHaul

I also went to my mailbox for the first time in almost a week and found some #LitsyLove from @Rissreads and @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💕 Thank you ladies!

Then I did some shopping for my #SummerSolsticeBookExchange! I love shopping for swaps!!!

Eyelit I just checked out the future is feminist the other day! 😃 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Yay!!! I love the elephant 🐘 card!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 2w
Soubhiville @Eyelit haha! Is this your #LitsyATXReadersSociety book? I was just looking at the New In shelf and it jumped out at me 😊 2w
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Eyelit Probably not - I‘ve got a whole stack of contenders on my mount tbr shelf... and I‘m halfway through one right now 😄 like you, I saw it on the new shelf and I couldn‘t resist 2w
Rissreads Your welcome! Both those books look great! 👍💚 2w
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Santa in the Summer | Jay Schleifer
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1) Candy (gummies or chocolate)
2) Keychains, bookmarks, pop sockets
3) GoT, Orphan Black, Westworld, Vanderpump Rules, Veep, Grey's Anatomy, Anne with an E, Friends
4) Harry Potter, Hunger Games, anything Disney
5) Black, Lime Green, Blue, Purple
6) Water, coffee, tea
7) Trips to the beach on Fire Island & out to Montauk, hanging by the pool in the backyard

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Anyone know when the matches for the #summersolsticebookexchange are going out? I haven‘t received my match and I would like to have mine, as I have a limited window in order get things.

JenlovesJT47 I got mine a couple of days ago. She might be doing them in batches. 4w
AmyG I also got mine a few days ago. 4w
melissajayne @AmyG I didn‘t get mine 4w
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melissajayne @JenlovesJT47 she said that they have all been sent out. I haven‘t received my match yet. (edited) 4w
AmyG You tagged her, so I am sure she will respond when she sees this. 4w
BookishMarginalia Please check the email you used in the form. That‘s where the match email was sent. 4w
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Summertime | Vanessa Lafaye
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⛱️ The Beach
🍓 Strawberries
🌊 Swimming
🍹 Anything in a hurricane glass
👒 My hats and jewelry
🌻 Anywhere outside where I can see flowers

I tag anyone else who wants to play! 😃
#SummerSantaGoesPostal #SummerSolsticeBookExchange

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🌞Ocean City, NJ
🌞Gardening, swimming, chilling, country concerts
🌞Sweet Tea
🌞Pool or beach