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A stack of my books with Autumnal colors #ShadesOfAutumn #FallIntoBooks @RealLifeReading

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#fallintobooks #shadesofautumn
Today was my neighborhood's Fall Into Art festival. People were still busy painting when I came in to make dinner at 6pm. It was not at all autumnal today- 85 degrees and humid. I hope it gets cooler soon. I'm looking forward to wearing sweaters and boots again.

booksandsympathy I'm so happy that it's only around 85° here. I was thinking it felt like fall today. Lol. We don't have humidity though. 5y
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Have you read The Aviator's Wife? I have it, but of course I haven't gotten to it yet!! 5y
kspenmoll I have not read it yet. It was a given to me by @Megnogged for a book exchange. Want to read it as My mother (of her generation) lived her writing & was fascinated with her life story. (edited) 5y
Megnogged I really enjoyed it when I read it for a book club. Hope you do too, @kspenmoll 5y
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kspenmoll @Megnogged I have taken it off the shelf & brought it upstairs to my bedroom, which means it's in the likely to be read soon pile! Thanks, you were ever so generous! 5y
BarbaraBB Gorgeous picture! 5y
Lmstraubie Great picture 🎃🍁🍂 5y
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They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky: The True Story of Three Lost Boys from Sudan | Benjamin Ajak, Benson Deng, Alephonsion Deng, Judy A. Bernstein
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The tagged book is an excellent read for anyone interested in refugees or Sudan. It's also the right color for #shadesofautumn and #fallcolors #fallintobooks #autumnreads @RealLifeReading @Tiffy_Reads

Tamra Want to read! 5y
Lcsmcat @Tamra Have you read What is the What? It's another look at the so-called lost boys of Sudan and their experience in the U.S. 5y
Tamra @Lcsmcat What is the What! Yes, it's a favorite; eye opening and humbling. When I think I've had a bad day or have a "problem" I think of the Lost Boys and frankly, I'm fortunate. (edited) 5y
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Dolores Claiborne | Stephen King
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Julsmarshall Love this! 5y
JoeStalksBeck @Julsmarshall thank you !🎃‼️ 5y
Lmstraubie Great picture! 🎃🍁🍂 5y
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MidnightBookGirl Love it! 5y
JoeStalksBeck @Lmstraubie @MidnightBookGirl thank you ‼️🎃🍁 5y
Sungirl79 Love this picture!!!!!! 5y
JoeStalksBeck @Sungirl79 thank you‼️🎃🍂🍁 5y
tammysue Love this pic! :) 5y
bookish.escape Absolutely love this pic!!!!!! 5y
JoeStalksBeck @whatshesreadingnow @bookish.escape thank you‼️🎃🍁🍂 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love this pic!!! 🎃👻 5y
JoeStalksBeck @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks thank you‼️🍁🍂🎃 5y
BookwormBeth I absolutely loved it was so good 5y
RealLifeReading I am so delighted by this photo! 5y
JoeStalksBeck @BookwormBeth @RealLifeReading thank you‼️‼️🍂🍁🎃 5y
LazyLibrary Does anyone remember the Disney Halloween Special they aired back in the 80s or early 90s!??? With the talking jack-o-lantern that I think was names jack!? Bc this picture reminded me of that. 5y
JoeStalksBeck @LazyLibrary ha! That's awesome! 5y
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The Hundred-Foot Journey | Richard C. Morais
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Day 23 #FallIntoBooks #ShadesOfAutumn It's 88 degrees F. & humid today so I definitely feel like channeling autumn in all its shades. I miss the changing colors of the leaves with the seasons-not that I'm complaining.🍁😆🍂These books are from my read & TBR stacks & I've tagged the title you can't see very easily. It's been too long since my orange chickens made it in a pic & I think they combine with the furniture to create an autumnal tone.🍁🍂

[DELETED] 206653737 I feel you on the high temps. Predicted high of 84 here today but I think it might have gotten warmer. Second day of Fall and I was wearing shorts. 5y
MidnightBookGirl Gorgeous stack! 5y
DebinHawaii @bookish22 Yes! Next week is supposed to be pretty warm & more humid. 🌞😬 5y
DebinHawaii @MidnightBookGirl Thank you! 😀💜 5y
Posemn Just so you know @DebinHawaii it is (and will be again today) 88 degrees in MN too. ?Not a favorite "fall day" IMHO 5y
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Another Brooklyn: A Novel | Jacqueline Woodson
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There are some lovely #shadesofautumn and #fallcolors on this cover! This was a lovely little book I finished last week that I feel I didn't give enough attention to--I was multitasking a little too much while listening to it and found my mind wandering and getting confused with the (probably not at all actually confusing) shifts in POV character. But the stories of these characters lives were interesting and beautiful so I do recommend it.

Natasha.C.Barnes Lololol damn you autocorrect--hashtag corrected. 5y
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