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#poetrymatters @TheSpineView

Found at hellopoetry.org.

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TheSpineView 🤩🤩🤩 2w
IndoorDame 💜💜💜 2w
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Heaven Scent | Christine Stalsonburg
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TheSpineView Love this one! ❤ 2w
Eggs Thanks @TheSpineView 🌺 2w
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Heaven Scent | Christine Stalsonburg
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kspenmoll ❤️❤️ 2w
TheSpineView 💜💜💜 2w
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HIST OF BETHLEHEM PENNSYLVANIA | Joseph Mortimer 1849-1908 Levering
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My brother and his girlfriend gave me this candle before my move to CO. I'm not sure how much it smells like my home state of PA, but it smells good nonetheless, and the sentiment is priceless.

#gratitude30 #scent #ChristmasCitynative

Lynnsoprano OMG! I also was born and raised in the Christmas City. Moravian College graduate, sang a number of times in Central Moravian Church. Small world. 10mo
SaunteringVaguelyDownwards How cool, @Lynnsoprano! One of my best friends in high school was part of the trombone choir that played from the top of the church. 10mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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I love all kinds of scents-candles, lotions, perfume, all the good smelling things-but my favorite is the sweet cheeks on my dogs. It is the best for smooching and sniffing. If you are a dog lover you totally know what I‘m talking about. #bedhairdontcare #dogsoflitsy #mork #gratitude30 #scent

GypsyKat ❤️❤️❤️ 10mo
JSW My kitty‘s neck was a sweet spot. ❤️❤️❤️ 10mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💗💗💗 10mo
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Leftcoastzen Yep ! 10mo
AmyG For me...kitry belly ❤️ 10mo
AlaMich He is so stinkin‘ cute...I‘m assuming he‘s named after Mork of Mork and Mindy? 10mo
Craftylikefox Yes!!! Mork is such a cutie!! Don‘t tell Nigel I said that ☺️ I love my sweet stinky pup! 10mo
Burghbookaddict ❤❤❤ 10mo
JoScho @JSW @amyg yes kitty bellies are good for that too! 10mo
JoScho @AlaMich thank you! He is a Morkie-Mork the Morkie and his brother his Millhouse but we call him Milly so yes-Mork and Milly is our play on Mork and Mindy. 10mo
JoScho @Craftylikefox thank you! Give Nigel all the kisses! 10mo
NatalieR I totally understand the dog loving! 🥰🐾 Your baby is a cutie! 10mo
JoScho @NatalieR thank you 🤗❤️🐾 10mo
Ahomeinpages Yes! Just think if one could out that smell as a perfume 😂😂 10mo
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Im a day behind on #gratitude30 and Day 23 is #scent My favorite candle is Witche‘s Brew from Yankee Candle. It smells like black licorice and flowers. What‘s your favorite candle scent? Does it change by season? 🤓

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Gleeps! 😳😳 I‘m falling behind on my #Gratitude30 posts! Yesterday was devoted to #Scent, and though I have a discriminating sense of smell (I can name almost anything, even when blindfolded!), I cannot be around perfumey scents. But nature‘s perfume—that‘s another story altogether! I gave this lily bulb to a friend almost 20 years ago, and it still survives! This is pic he took last spring to show me how it persists. Lovely scent!

Velvetfur My sense of smell is like yours but I adore perfume! So it made me chuckle that you don't, I was like 'aahh bless'! 😊 That lily is amazing btw, I can imagine how gorgeous it smells 🌸 10mo
Soubhiville Wow, 20 years is impressive! I had no idea they‘d live that long! 10mo
gradcat @Velvetfur Sometimes certain perfumes can bring on migraines for me...not all of them, but better to be safe than sorry....😟 10mo
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gradcat @Soubhiville He (my friend) could be lying about it...he lives in another state, so I‘m not around to verify it, lol. As to how long they live, I have the opposite of a green thumb...so I know nothing about them! The reason we laugh about that bulb is because it was a special they were giving out when I bought a bra at a big department store—can you imagine?! (edited) 10mo
Soubhiville @gradcat that‘s hilarious! What a random customer appreciation gift! 10mo
Velvetfur @gradcat I understand about them bringing on a headache, I've smelled one or two in my life that have hurt my head a bit! 10mo
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While my candle collection comes nowhere near my book collection, I have quite a lot of candles. Floral scents really bother me, so my go to candle #Scent tends to be some sort of food. My house often smells like baking! #Gratitude30

Pictured are two candles recently gifted to me. Love the scent of both of these!

Jee_HookedOnBookz I somehow find food scent more bearable than flower😁 10mo
Librarybelle @Jee_HookedOnBookz I just have to make sure I‘m not really hungry when I burn the candles, for fear that I‘ll start everything in sight! 🤣 10mo
umbrellagirl Those both sound yummy. I usually go for something vanilla/baked good scented. 10mo
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Librarybelle @umbrellagirl ❤️❤️❤️ 10mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz @Librarybelle 🤣🤣🤣🤣I totally get it lolol 10mo
robinb My daughter goes for florals, I go for fruity. 😊🤷🏻‍♀️ 10mo
ChasingOm Definitely more of a food scented candle lover too! 10mo
Librarybelle Food and fruity scented candles for the win, @robinb @ChasingOm ! 10mo
Lynnsoprano I‘m definitely fruity, spicy. I‘m a Yankee Candle junkie 😂 10mo
Librarybelle @Lynnsoprano 🤣 I “may” have so many Yankee Candles that I could open my own store! 🤣 10mo
ferskner I also have waaaaaaaaaay too many candles. They're so addictive! 10mo
Librarybelle @ferskner Yet one more similarity! Candles are extremely addictive. 10mo
Lynnsoprano @Librarybelle @ferskner Help! I stopped in the Yankee Candle outlet store this morning. Hubby pulled me out before I did too much damage 🤣 10mo
Librarybelle Love it, @Lynnsoprano ! I went to the outlet closest to me once, and I was almost speechless. 🤣 10mo
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Untitled | Anonymous
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My oldest son was a varsity wrestler in high school. If you've ever lived with a wrestler, you know exactly how horrible the shoes, the other equipment--and the wrestler himself-- smelled after an intense workout. We had to roll down the car windows (in the winter!) on the way home from the gym. Today, though, he's graduated and flying helicopters in the Marines. It's funny how you can miss even a bad #scent when it's gone.
Day 23:

LeahBergen Aww! It‘s probably equivalent to the Canadian stench of hockey equipment. 😂 10mo
Amiable @LeahBergen I've been told it's also equivalent to football equipment after two-a-days in the late summer heat. 😀 10mo
AmyG Boys and sports smell awful. But, yeah, miss those days. 10mo
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Valink You must be so proud of him! My son was a wrestler too but quit last year after some injuries & a lack of time for the clubs he wanted to do. He was definitely stinky when he finished practices! 10mo
BookNerd9906 So relatable. My son was a wrestler now a marine. Wrestlers are the toughest... and the smelliest. #militarymom ❤️🍀🙏💪 10mo
Amiable @BookNerd9906 What weight class was he? Mine was a lightweight--103 freshman and sophomore; 112 junior; and 125 senior year! I'm amazed when I look at him now that he was ever that small. 😳 10mo
Amiable And also--oorah! Semper fi! 👍🏼👍🏼 10mo
BookNerd9906 @Amiable my boy was the same! That‘s too funny. (Both my boys actually, I have twins.) And they‘re both easily 150+ now lol. 10mo
BookNAround My daughter was a dancer and had a bag of dance shoes that burned the hair out of my nostrils whenever they ended up in my car. Three years past that, I do really miss it. 10mo
Amiable It really is astounding how much you miss it when it's gone, isn't it? @BookNAround @AmyG (edited) 10mo
kspenmoll Haha can remember/ my younger brother was a wrestler! 10mo
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