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City of Girls | Elizabeth Gilbert
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I have waited so long to see what Elizabeth Gilbert would deliver after the amazing Alma Whittaker.

Fingers crossed for a five star read.


Simona 🤞Looking forward to your review! I think that Alma is one of the most comprehensive female characters in literature. 6mo
LeahBergen I‘ve missed you on here! 😃 6mo
Redwritinghood I preordered it and it was here waiting for me when I got home yesterday. Excited to read it (when I can fit it in!). 6mo
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Liz_M Wow, that is some cover. 6mo
AceOnRoam @Simona yes! I am loving it so far, its heaps of fun. 6mo
AceOnRoam @LeahBergen awww, so sweet, I am struggling with my data budget in these here remote places, but will be back in civilisation soon and you will be sick of my posts!!! 😘 6mo
AceOnRoam @Redwritinghood its very easy reading so far so you will finish it in no time at all. 6mo
AceOnRoam @Liz_M I know right, I love it. It is on my Overdrive loan edition but I hadn't seen it during the marketing campaign so ...Surprise! 6mo
AceOnRoam @Simona I haven't written a review, but I found this to be fresh and vibrant and fun. Vivian Morris is no Alma, but I love her too. Strong and independent and unabashed. There is a lot of NYC here, I wish that I had visited some of these places which are a major part of the book. One day!!! 6mo
Simona Stacked! 6mo
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The Wolf and the Watchman | Niklas Natt och Dag
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@wanderinglynn I have been hopeless at #bookfitnesschallenge but my goal for the rest of the 3 weeks will be one audio book per week (I have read 2 already but didn't post them).
I am in a wonderful place, anchored in Rangiroa Atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago. Not walking as much as I would normally but its very very hot here. The wildlife is amazing, this shot I took through a marine viewer (bucket with perspex on the bottom).

tpixie Awesome! Happy Travels& Sites!! 7mo
DivineDiana This doesn‘t even seem real! 😲Amazing! Have fun! 7mo
wanderinglynn That‘s amazing! ❤️ And I‘m glad you‘ve joined us! Don‘t worry about posting! Just focus on your progress and adapt your goals as needed. 7mo
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BookNAround Very cool! 7mo
Clwojick This is amazing! 😱 7mo
Tanisha_A Beautiful! 😍 7mo
Redwritinghood Amazingly gorgeous! 7mo
LeahBergen Wow! That‘s cool! 7mo
thebluestocking That‘s amazing!! I love it when you post! 💙 6mo
AceOnRoam @thebluestocking thanks 😚 6mo
Centique That is AMAZING. Please post all the fish photos all the time - I just love it! 😍😍😍 6mo
AceOnRoam @Centique yeah, I know, its too cool. I will try to get more shots when we go into a shallow anchorage again. 6mo
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Golden State | Ben H. Winters
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Am really enjoying this one, nearly at the end, but it's very hard to concentrate in this environment. Jolly Harbour, Antigua 💜🌴⚓

@Simona this one is for you 💕💗💕


CocoReads Omg, that looks lovely. 10mo
AceOnRoam @CocoReads it is just amazing, the whole bay is about 3 metres deep and just lovely sand on the bottom. 10mo
CarolynM Gorgeous 😍😍😍 10mo
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Ms_T Stunning 😍 10mo
LeahBergen That water! 😮😮😮 10mo
Redwritinghood Wow! That is gorgeous. I can understand how you‘d get distracted. 10mo
Tanisha_A Ooh 😍 10mo
BarbaraBB 😍😍 10mo
Simona 😍😍😍😍Stunning beautiful colors❣️ We have cold, foggy, rainy day and I can feel warmth from your picture ... enjoy in this beautiful view and keep posting 😘 10mo
batsy Gosh 😍 10mo
BarbaraBB Hi! I was thinking of you. Hope you‘re doing fine aboard an just don‘t have internet access while crossing one of the seas! 8mo
wanderinglynn Wow, that‘s a lovely view! ❤️ 7mo
AceOnRoam @BarbaraBB yes, you're correct, we were crossing to French Polynesia. Hope you are well😘 7mo
AceOnRoam @wanderinglynn thanks. I sent you an email about the Book Fitness challenge so I hope to hear from you soon. Sorry its brief, I have limited internet access. 7mo
BarbaraBB French Polynesia. That must be another paradise. Please post pictures?! 😘 7mo
wanderinglynn @AceOnRoam I replied. And then forwarded you the rules/points email. Let me know how we can make this work for you. ☺️ 7mo
AceOnRoam @wanderinglynn done. Thanks heaps... 7mo
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The Night Watch | Sarah Waters
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Book 2 for the #ABT #ATBWeekendReadathon The Night Watch by Sarah Waters, author of the amazing Fingersmith, one of my all time favourite books. Time is ticking, gotta run 🏃‍♀️

Erin7 I checked out Fingersmith per your racing reviews. I hope you enjoy this one just as much. 1y
AceOnRoam It's a bit slow at the moment but I am sure I will love it Erin, I love how she writes these love stories that aren't love stories. Legend. 1y
AceOnRoam @Erin7 I forgot to tag you. Ohh. New profile pic. I wish you could look closer at them on Litsy, your kids are too cute. 1y
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RebelReader I liked Fingersmith and The Night Watch, but I think I liked The Paying Guests better than Night Watch. I will definitely read more of her backlist. (edited) 1y
AceOnRoam @RebelReader I loved The Paying Guests too, it was great but I think I was on my Fingersmith high at the time. THEY ARE ALL GOOD!!! 1y
Erin7 @AceOnRoam Thanks about the photo. That‘s one of my favorites of us three. 1y
jb72 Wow book two?!?! I‘m lagging behind. I hope to read after I make an early dinner. 1y
AceOnRoam @jb72 it was a short book jb, and I managed to stay awake right through the second half lol! 1y
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The Mars Room: A Novel | Rachel Kushner
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#reversereadathon Deweys Summer Readathon
Is this the worst marketing for a readathon ever? I'm not even sure when it starts. I will be reading this which I need to restart from the beginning and try to finish in one sitting. I think I will start now, 9pm here. Good luck to other participants and happy reading to all.


AceOnRoam That new pink cover is ghastly. Who "designs" these??? 1y
saresmoore I think they‘re both pretty terrible. 😆 I hope the book is good, though! Enjoy the Readathon? 1y
AceOnRoam @saresmoore hehehe. Good point! 1y
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saguarosally I like this readathon. When I totally end up reading like two hours out of 24 I won‘t feel so underachieving. 1y
AceOnRoam @saguarosally heh, yeah. I'm feeling a bit sleepy now that I have made this huge announcement about starting it. Good luck with your reading too. 1y
twohectobooks It starts at 8pm EDT which is like.. the best time to start a readathon for me. 1y
AceOnRoam @twohectobooks ok thanks, I am not in the states and couldn't work it out LOL. 1y
twohectobooks You‘re only a little bit early! Since I think the goal of this readathon is just to relax and have fun, I‘m sure that‘s fine lol 1y
batsy I agree with the covers... I have some fondness for the ghastly pink cover because the other one seems to have "ready to be made into a TV series" written all over it. 1y
ns510reads Always wanted to try one of these readathons but no idea how they work! Enjoy the book 😄 1y
AceOnRoam @batsy Yes, I was thinking that. Surely we don't need ANOTHER prison series? Some of the stuff in the book is not for prime time viewing anyway 🙈🙈🙈 1y
AceOnRoam @ns510reads I was just looking for an excuse to read more and have an "official" reason to do the dishes tomorrow ? 1y
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Game of Thrones | George R R Martin
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Cersei's walk of shame! Yesterday I experienced this beautiful old city in Dubrovnik, Croatia, it is truely stunning and PEOPLE STILL LIVE THERE, talk about Location, Location, Location!

I'm not sure if George Martin actually wrote this sequence or which book it appears in, but there was a big queue of people waiting to go into the game of thrones museum!


Cinfhen So cool!!! I totally remember that scene!!! Have fun & safe travels 1y
AceOnRoam @Cinfhen yes! I *almost* felt sorry for her. Almost. 1y
Cinfhen How long do u think is needed in Croatia?? Hubby & I are thinking of going in a few weeks...we can‘t pick a vacation spot 1y
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AceOnRoam It's very small @Cinfhen you could do a long weekend here, but you could spend longer if you charter or join a boat tour, the waters are crystal clear and some of the best in the Med. 1y
Cinfhen Thanks! A long weekend might be perfect ❤️ 1y
AceOnRoam @Cinfhen have a lovely trip. Perhaps try the hop-on-hop-off bus to get a feel for it, then spend some time in the old city. Many restaurants for snacking and "rehydration" ??? 1y
Cinfhen We‘re trying to plan a quick trip for mid August but we can‘t settle on a location ..I think because it‘s summer and everything seems to be high season we keep hesitating ~ on our short long list Greece, Amsterdam, Spain, Croatia, Budapest 1y
Cinfhen We finally ruled out Slovenia, Iceland & Copenhagen 1y
AceOnRoam Well that's progress 🤣 1y
AceOnRoam Barcelona is a great place for walking around. It was very crowded but so much to see, it's much much bigger but cheaper than Croatia. 1y
GatheringBooks oh wow! looks great! 1y
GatheringBooks @Cinfhen i love budapest, bratislava, and madrid! have fun on your vacation. i clearly need one. four more boxes of books to unpack!! 1y
AceOnRoam In the old city yesterday, the tower walk was 150Kuna, Hamburgers 85Kuna, Bus tickets 15Kuna for one hour, can of coke 7Kuna, litre of water 10Kuna I don't know what the hotels were charging but our marina was more expensive than Barcelona. 1y
AceOnRoam @GatheringBooks it's a wonderful place, magical and unbelievable that it's still standing strong. 1y
Cinfhen What‘s the Kuna to dollar rate?? LOVE Barcelona we were thinking Marbella, Spain 1y
Cinfhen Budapest is still a strong contender @GatheringBooks @AceOnRoam 1y
Cinfhen Knowing my indecisive hubby we‘ll end up staying home 🙄 1y
AceOnRoam @Cinfhen 1USD is 6.32HRK on my app XE Currency which has been very accurate in my travels, make sure you download it for future! 1y
AceOnRoam @Cinfhen haha, that's ok, you can read more 📚 1y
Simona I‘m wondering what they are showing in museum 🤔 1y
Simona @Cinfhen Ruling out Slovenija??? 😥😥😥 1y
AceOnRoam @Simona I thought it would be lots of costumes and Daenerys wigs. Some weapons, a variety of poisons and which tomato juice they use for the blood scenes. Of course a few dragons... 1y
Simona .... tomato juice is a obligatory for museum like this 😂 1y
saresmoore How cool! I love getting glimpses of your travels. 1y
AceOnRoam @saresmoore glad you are enjoying them, I try to limit them so that they are at least a little bit relevant to actual books and reading 😁 1y
saresmoore Meh. Real-life places and cultures always seem relevant to books, to me! 1y
AceOnRoam @saresmoore Ok. Next stop Venice. Be prepared to be wow'ed 1y
saresmoore 😁 1y
Cinfhen Only because my kids want to go to Slovenia and this isn‘t a family trip @Simona 1y
Cinfhen Love ❤️Venice @AceOnRoam !!! You take the best trips 1y
AceOnRoam @Cinfhen Thank you 😘 1y
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Let me be the critical one: Croatia (Dubrovnic and Split) are sooo turistic, you can‘t hardly walk there. They are beautiful but I was really disappointed as it seems to get busier every year. I would vote for Kotor in Montenegro, it‘s close to Dubrovnic. Or Budapest or Amsterdam of course 😉 1y
AceOnRoam @BarbaraBB we just came from Kotor, so beautiful. We climbed up to the fortress. I couldn't walk the next day, but I got some great photos from the top 😃 1y
Redwritinghood This looks like a great trip. Glad you‘re enjoying it. 1y
AceOnRoam @Redwritinghood Thanks, yes it was good to walk on solid ground for a few hours too! 1y
BarbaraBB I was very much impressed by Kotor! I loved Dubrovnic too but as I said, sooooo many people. Too many. Kotor is a bit more real - for now! I think... 1y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled So cool!! Literary tourism ❤️ 1y
Cinfhen I‘m still working on Amsterdam @barbarabb 1y
AceOnRoam @BarbaraBB Agreed, in terms of unspoiled by tourism, Kotor is better, but huge cruise ships come every day, hundreds of people, in and out so it's only a matter of time before it will be the same as everywhere else. 1y
AceOnRoam @Cinfhen loooove Amsterdam so much 😍❤ 1y
LeahBergen How cool is this? And I can‘t wait to see your Venice photos. We were there for our honeymoon and it‘s one of our favourite places. 😍 1y
BarbaraBB @LeahBergen I love Venice too! Are you going there now, @AceOnRoam ? 1y
AceOnRoam @BarbaraBB we have 12 more days left on our Croatia tourist visa, probably will go to Venice after that runs out. 1y
BarbaraBB @AceOnRoam you‘re so lucky! 1y
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Good! 👍 1y
AceOnRoam @LeahBergen I can't wait to see Venice, what a wonderful honeymoon location 💘😍💖 1y
AceOnRoam @LeahBergen we went to Paris but I had to wait 3 years for my honeymoon. #notaveryromanticcouple 1y
LeahBergen @AceOnRoam 😂 I love the hashtag! I had to wait for our 10th anniversary for Paris. 1y
AceOnRoam @LeahBergen it was worth the wait 🗼🗼🗼 1y
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Snap | Belinda Bauer
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I am still in Europe where the bread is bigger than the knife! Daggers are out already for Snap and it's inclusion on this years #ManBooker2018
I'm jumping in now and will come back with my verdict!


Simona Enjoy in Europe 😘 and looking forward to your verdict 😁 1y
TrishB I loved it, but have to admit I‘m massively surprised it‘s on the list - not a Booker book at all if that makes sense. I‘ve loved all her books. 1y
AceOnRoam @TrishB yes, totally makes sense we are having a long discussion on that right now on Goodreads. Some unhappy readers, but all of my crime loving friends and gone with 4 and 5 star ratings. Let's see what the fallout is. 1y
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Libby1 I really like Belinda Bauer. I was glad to see she‘d been included this year. Where are you right now? 1y
AceOnRoam @Libby1 Croatia at the moment, we just sailed up from Montenegro and next we might go to Venice! 1y
Libby1 Ooh! Have fun, @AceOnRoam ! 🇭🇷 1y
saresmoore Looking forward to your thoughts on it! 1y
AceOnRoam @Libby1 thanks 😊 1y
AceOnRoam @saresmoore I will, as soon as I can tear myself away from Litsy and GR. I think I have Man Booker Fever 😆 1y
saresmoore Haha! I think I caught the bug, too! 1y
AceOnRoam Ok, looking forward to what you think as well, a few I am sure I won't be reading...but I never say never! 1y
LeahBergen I was surprised at it being on the longlist, too. 🤔 As @TrishB said, it doesn‘t seem like a “Booker book”. 1y
AceOnRoam @LeahBergen no, something fishy going on with the judge maybe (Val McDermid) it seems very odd. @TrishB I also think they like to mix things up so that people don't get too cocky about predicting the list, but thank you The Guardian for releasing the list early this year 😂😂😂 I got all 13 correct bybthe time the booker committee released it officially 😎 1y
AceOnRoam *by the time 1y
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On Beauty | Zadie Smith
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Random castle and a turtle swimming around the boat (very shy) and lots of mobile phone coverage here. Reading On Beauty by Zadie Smith which is very funny and reminds me of White Teeth.


saresmoore Gorgeous! 1y
AceOnRoam @saresmoore yes, it's stunning here! 1y
Andrew65 😍😍😍 1y
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sammisho Where is this? Looks like Lake of the Ozarks? 1y
AceOnRoam @sammisho Vonitsa, Greece 1y
sammisho @AceOnRoam Definitely NOT the Ozarks! 😂 1y
AceOnRoam @sammisho 😅😅, no, but I looked them up, they look gorgeous too! 1y
AmyG Wow that looks amazing. 1y
Liz_M Oh! If you can, read a synopsis of the tagged book (or watch the movie with Emma Thompson) because On Beauty is a homage/rewrite of it. 1y
AceOnRoam @Liz_M really? I did not know that. I must go investigate. THANK YOU 💛 1y
Liz_M I didn't know either until I was refreshing my memory in order to write a review. 😁 1y
AceOnRoam @AmyG thanks, it's a lovely spot... 1y
AceOnRoam @Liz_M ah! I loved White Teeth also, but didn't think much of Swing Time. 1y
Redheadrambles Oh that looks lovely ! I read this so long ago but I liked it 1y
AceOnRoam @Redheadrambles it's a tad dated as they are listening to their Discman's 😂 but it's a fun read for sure. 1y
SledgeReader @AceOnRoam You are living the dream!!! 1y
Cathythoughts Oh so heavenly 1y
AceOnRoam @SledgeReader I am!!!!! ⛵ 1y
AceOnRoam @Cathythoughts very Cathy, it's a great little anchorage 💛 1y
ClairesReads Looks so beautiful there- I love your lifestyle. I also really loved this book! I first read it towards the end of high school- my English teacher recommended White Teeth, and I loved it, so I got this too. 1y
AceOnRoam @ClairesReads thanks Claire. I love her writing style. Not sure what happened with Swing Time. Maybe I need to revisit. 1y
Redwritinghood Looks lovely. I really liked White Teeth so I should pick this one up too. 1y
AceOnRoam @Redwritinghood thanks, I will let you know how it goes. 1y
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I feel like I have just run a marathon through the life of Empress Xiaozhuang in a blur of cultures, customs, costumes, people and places that I wasn‘t familiar with before. A thorough historical account, of this little Mongolian Princess from age 12 through to her death when she was still a very significant and driving force in the game of Empires, as an advisor to her young Emperor grandson.


LeahBergen I‘ve never heard of her. 😮 1y
AceOnRoam @LeahBergen neither had I. My Asian history is worse than my European history. Actually all of my history is pretty poor 😂 1y
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Rebecca | Virago, Daphne Du Maurier
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Brilliant suspenseful mystery, 5 stars.
Kicking myself for neglecting this one, but I sure had a great time reading it now.

Picture of Daphne Du Maurier at her desk - Photograph: Hans Wild/GETTY IMAGES. What a bloody legend.


readordierachel That's a great photo! She looks so intense. 1y
batsy Isn't it just brilliant 🖤 1y
AceOnRoam @ReadOrDieRachel the photo is so good. So natural, check the lamp. Too busy writing to fix it. I love it. 1y
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AceOnRoam @batsy I loved it. Why did I wait so long!!!!! 1y
LeahBergen It‘s wonderful, isn‘t it? ❤️ 1y
AceOnRoam @LeahBergen yes, it was so great ❤ 1y
SledgeReader @AceOnRoam This is one of my favorites! 1y
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