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Every year, I set myself a reading theme for the year. It could be something I'm interested in or know nothing about. I've been doing this for around 12 years now & and I do find it very rewarding.
This year I've chosen poetry as it's not my strongest subject. So please, do throw any suggestions my way, poetry collections, biographies, textbooks, fiction. I'm pretty open to anything and everything.

Soubhiville And I like Rupi Kaur: specifically 4w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @TheSpineView could help you with this!! 4w
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shortsarahrose Definitely recommend this work of poetry 4w
shortsarahrose Novels in verse are another way to explore poetry that might be less intimidating. I‘ve been recommending this one to everyone since I read it last year 4w
AllDebooks @shortsarahrose oh I have this, I'm certain I got it for my daughter. Thanks 😊 4w
AllDebooks @Soubhiville thank you. I've read some of Rupi Kaur's work. I'll look out for Milk and honey at the library. I love the sound of Sparrow envy 😍 4w
wanderinglynn Mary Oliver. Two of my fave collections are Dog Songs and A Thousand Mornings 4w
rockpools Yes to what @shortsarahrose said! And I love the idea of a theme for the year. 4w
rockpools Obviously you need all things Alice Oswald 4w
rockpools And maybe some bee keeping poetry? 🐝 4w
dabbe I adore British Romanticism. Here is a link to two slides I used when I taught this unit to my honors sophomores. It looks like a website, but it was created in Google Slides, so click away if interested!

AllDebooks @dabbe Thank you so much, that is so kind of you. I shall be taking notes 😊👌 4w
JamieArc I am reading the tagged and am loving it, and I don‘t consider myself a poetry person. 4w
JamieArc Any Mary Oliver is a must with your nature interest. Two others I like are Billy Collins and David Whyte. 4w
AllDebooks @JamieArc thank you for the recommendations x 4w
AllDebooks @wanderinglynn thank you x 4w
AllDebooks @rockpools thank you x I love chosing an annual theme, it focuses my reading and I learn so much. 4w
Liz_M If you want to learn a little about how to analyze a poem, try 4w
Liz_M Also I love the podcast poetry unbound. There is a short preface about why the poem, he reads the poem, discusses the poem, then reads it again. Episodes are about 15 minutes. 4w
AllDebooks @Liz_M Thank you, I'll be buying the book and listening to the podcast. 3w
AllDebooks Thank you all. I'm completely bowled over by your response and all your amazing recommendations. I've noted them all. X 3w
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@Littlewolf1 Tysm for my #creepychristmas swap. You spoiled me. Not only do I love Frankenstein‘s monster but the color green 😍😍😍 good stalking! Absolute adore everything from the notebook to the monster Christmas ornament. Can‘t wait to dive into these two asap. Happy holidays.

Ty @teebe for hosting!!

Littlewolf1 So glad you enjoyed it 😊 1mo
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It cracks me up that the tagged book was one of the ones chosen this month because I was originally supposed to read it in April during my sister‘s birthday month since she rec‘d it to me. And now it‘s my birthday month and the fates have spoken 😆⚡️ #BookSpin #DoubleSpin

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 1y
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This book was utterly enthralling.A Victorian thriller,it traces a fictionalized life of Mary Shelley,author of Frankenstein.A brilliant piece of historical detective work.The author‘s Notes explain the extensive historical research behind the novel & how she drew her conclusions.”Psychologically penetrating”,she paints riveting pictures of Shelley,Byron,Percy Shelley,her step sister Claire,the Godwins.She questions the deaths of Mary‘s children🔽

kspenmoll And the suicides surrounding the couple. Searing, yet sympathetic inditement, of Mary as the author imagines, “What if?”. 1y
Cathythoughts Stacking 👍🏻❤️ 1y
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Finished reading the section due this Sunday for #sundaybuddyread - So enthralled with Silence for the Dead that I forgot & kept reading a little further before I realized it! Now starting tagged library book to fall asleep to. Just love libraries-discovered new authors today when I visited, this book being one of them.

Karisa 😂 I love that you‘re telling on yourself. I do that all the time! 🤣🤣🤣 1y
JazzFeathers That cover is irresistible 😍 1y
TheBookHippie 😂😂😂 1y
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I know I‘m late posting my list but I have not looked at the official numbers yet so I could put this up with virgin eyes lol 🙈 April is my sister‘s birthday month so I told her I would add a book she wanted me to read to my list. Sadly the almighty bingo spinner did not choose hers, so the tagged book will be one of my freebies. #BookSpin #DoubleSpin #BookSpinBingo

TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 2y
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A Poem a Day | Karen McCosker, Nicholas Albery
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“what is all this sweet work worth if thou kiss not me?” #poetrybreak #PercyByssheShelley

TheSpineView 💓 💓 💓 2y
kathedron Mr Shelley! ❤️ 2y
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I learned so much from this biography of Mary Shelley. I knew some things about her life going in, but I had no idea just how sad her life was 😢

I‘m still glad I read it, though, and the authors did a great job of making the content very readable and engaging. Highly recommend this one if you‘re interested in learning more about Mary and/or Percy Shelley. 💯

The Major Works | Percy Bysshe Shelley
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When you can‘t, when you won‘t quit your inner lit major heart 🖤

Severnmeadows That‘s a beautiful cover. I‘ve just been reading Ode to the West Wind. 3y
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Shelley's Poetry and Prose: Authoritative Texts, Criticism | Percy Bysshe Shelley, Donald H. Reiman, Neil Fraistat
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Sweet Dreams