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Sing, Unburied, Sing | Jesmyn Ward
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#HeyJune I‘ve always been told that #LucyInTheSkyWithDiamonds refers to LCD and some crazzy acid trip. So, that brought me to the stunning prose of Jesmyn Ward and her crushing family saga, Sing Unburied Sing. And there‘s a JoJo, a literal trip that involves acid, there‘s some #lovemedo & #getback too! I know many people were not fans of this novel but it was a favorite from last year. Image taken from Google

TrishB I enjoyed reading it - thanks to you 👍🏻 2y
Cinfhen Oh good!! I couldn‘t remember if you liked it @TrishB I remember you disliked 2y
TrishB I think I‘ve become a bit of an old duffer with writing styles. When authors try to be innovative I find myself sighing just tell the bloody story.....how I felt with Red Clocks!! 2y
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SleepyDragon Fun fact, "Lucy" actually was inspired by a drawing Julian Lennon drew in school of a classmate named Lucy. 2y
Cinfhen I‘ve seen that written @NeesyBeth but I‘ve also seen it rejected, too🙄either way, it makes for a good story 🤷‍♀️ 2y
SleepyDragon Well, I heard McCartney and Ringo Starr each say it during separate interviews. So if they say it's about a child's vivid imagination, that's what I'm going to believe. Even Julian remarked once that it was funny people thought it was about drugs, and he remembers having a crush on this Lucy and drawing pictures of her. "Tomorrow Never Knows" is about drugs, though. They didn't even deny that one. 2y
GypsyKat I have this book on my TBR shelf, I‘m looking forward to reading it! 2y
Cinfhen Hope you like it @GypsyKat I think you will ❤️ 2y
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My current read is a novel about the early days of motion pictures. Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks were the King and Queen of Hollywood! Douglas pursued Mary relentlessly. And both of them craved the devotion of the fans! #lovemedo #heyjune

Cathythoughts Such a great old pic 2y
DivineDiana @Cathythoughts Thank you! Now, I am dying to see a Mary Pickford movie! 2y
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#HeyJune #LoveMeDo https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1Au_QW5MJNI

“Love love me do, you know I‘ll be true, so please please say ‘love me do‘”.

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I am loving this audio book so far! It's funny, great information, and great for mental health information. As someone who has a mental illness and is always fighting to remove the stigma attached to mental illness , this book has some great information in a refreshing way! I was listening to this while doing puzzles! #heyjune #ifeelfine #lovemedo #riotgrams #audiobooks #readingresolutions #bookheart

kidamy I loved that book! 2y
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Ida, Always | Caron Levis
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This is a beautiful story based on the lives of two real polar bears, Gus and Ida, and how Gus learns that his love for ida will remain even after she dies. #lovemedo #libraryfind. Sharing this one with my children this week. #heyjune

GypsyKat So sweet. 💙 2y
JoScho Love the way this one sounds ❤️ 2y
Cinfhen Adorable ❤️ 2y
Blaire @JoScho I read it with my 6 year old last night. It is so sweet and sad. Would be perfect for any child trying to understand loss. Really loved it. 2y
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Goodnight Mr. Darcy | Kate Coombs
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#CoolBooks #sleep & #HeyJune #LoveMeDo

Going combo on the photo challenges because this Wednesday has been more like a Monday. I was crazy busy today, then had to come home, make 'nice' cream & get my book tour review post up... and now I'm fading.😜😴

#Sleep makes me think of this book which someday I will probably buy because I think it's cool & I am nerdy like that. Also, I really #LoveMeDo some Mr. Darcy and some Colin Firth. 😍😘❤️

GypsyKat 😂👏👏👏❤️ 2y
Cinfhen Sooo cute!! And “nice״cream sounds interesting 😋 2y
DebinHawaii @Cinfhen post before this one--it's 3 ingredient, all-fruit 🍍ice cream. Yummy and all natural sugar, no dairy. 2y
Cinfhen Going to find it ASAP!!!! Thanks 😘😘 2y
Linsy I want this! 😍 2y
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#HeyJune #LoveMeDo

I am proudly sporting this souvenir sweatshirt I got from The Beatles Love show in Vegas. I am starting to get behind on this month‘s photo challenges, but trying to catch up and stay on track in the upcoming weeks!

mrozzz Looks great! 2y
DivineDiana I would so love (no pun intended 😀) to see this! Do you know if it is still there? 2y
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Beatlesongs | William J. Dowlding
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Cinfhen 🤘🏽😎 2y
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I am loving finding all these books I knew nothing about! This one‘s an oldie, but several web hits claim it‘s one of the best! John Lennon seemed to like it 🤷🏻‍♀️


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A deeply personal novel with a heart-rending #LoveMeDo story. One of my favourites.

tournevis MacLennan. So sad he's largely forgotten, aside for the phrase "two solitudes". Damn. 2y
rabbitprincess @tournevis True story: the New Canadian Library didn't reprint his novel "The Precipice" until AFTER I had gone all the way to Victoria to buy a used copy ? Annoying! They should reprint his essays, too. I actually like them better than his Anglo/Franco novels. 2y
tournevis @rabbitprincess I agree, actually. I've used them in class. 2y
Lcsmcat Sounds interesting - stacked! 2y
rabbitprincess @tournevis My favourite one at the moment is the one where he tells how his dad accidentally blew up their house 😬 @Lcsmcat Hope you like it! 2y
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