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The Duke And I | Julia Quinn
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Light reading ahead

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The Soldier's Scoundrel | Cat Sebastian

This was my first Cat Sebastian and I loved it! This was a great historical romance with a great detective plot and well written characters, I can‘t wait to read more. Love Cat‘s writing style too 💫

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I finished one of my book goals for #MarvelousMay 📚 and that‘s something I feel good about! I really enjoyed this one; I love Benedict & Sophie, but sometimes Sophie‘s stubbornness and secret keeping drove me crazy. That was the only reason I couldn‘t give this novel 4 stars. I‘m enjoying the #Bridgerton series thus far.

5⭐️: Spectacular Read!
4⭐️: Loved it/Great read.
3⭐️: Highly Enjoyable
2⭐️: Okay
1⭐️: DNF

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This book got way better after page 90.

Vansa This is one of my favourite Heyers! I can't say I care too much for Cleone,who's rather silly, but she's also just a teenager. I love his makeover, and specially love that it's a guy getting a makeover and not the girl taking off her glasses and becoming a hottie! 15h
ManyWordsLater @Vansa it got a little cringe-y when lady marmalade-whatever was talking about what girls want. But the ending with perfect. 13m
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📖Bridgerton 1 & 2 ✅
📺Bridgerton Season 2✅
📖 Bridgerton #3 up next!

….but I still bought new books today 🤪🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

📚Who‘s watched Bridgerton and/or read the series? What do you think? I loved the second series & book—even though they were so different. #Bridgerton #theviscountwholovedme #anofferfromagentleman

BooksNBowls I was extremely disappointed they did not include the full library storm scene. It was my favorite! 😢 I also saw they are skipping Benedict‘s story and going to Pen and Colin‘s instead for season 3. 3d
sprainedbrain Second season was quite a bit different from the book, but I LOVED it (also love the book). Hope you love Benedict‘s book… I did! ❤️ 3d
MoonWitch94 @BooksNBowls I agree! It was my favorite scene from their book & something I missed. But, it would‘ve changed the whole season, so I guess I see why they excluded it. But it truly was a beautiful scene. 3d
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MoonWitch94 @sprainedbrain I really liked the changes, too! I felt like it kept to the spirit of Kanthony but was a fun, new spin. I am 100 pages into Benedict‘s story & I‘m liking it. I‘ll keep you posted, Jenni. 3d
merelybookish Haha. So true! 3d
MoonWitch94 @merelybookish Isn‘t it? Sums up my book collection habits perfectly 🤪 3d
BooksNBowls @MoonWitch94 I love the Lady Whistledown plot line in the show and all the side characters stories. They really added some razzle dazzle to the books! 3d
zezeki This is painfully true! 😅 I've only read the first book, and probably will not continue with the other books, but I've watched both seasons, and loved them! Kate and Anthony are just perfection. 3d
MoonWitch94 @zezeki K & A are so wonderful ☺️ And I Iove how in depth they go explaining how Anthony‘s trauma over the loss of his father truly shaped who he is. Grief is something that we culturally do not discuss enough. 3d
MoonWitch94 @zezeki Also! The first book is my least favorite thus far. KAnothy‘s is very good. 3d
MoonWitch94 @BooksNBowls I love Whistledown! Julie Andrew‘s narration makes its perfect. I agree that the addition of side characters adds so much more! 3d
authorjessicaerin I've read the first four books and really enjoyed them! Taking a little break before devouring the rest. Audio helps me with these, too! And I think Eloise's was my favorite so far. ❤ 2d
MoonWitch94 @authorjessicaerin I just finished the third & while I enjoyed Benedict & Sophie‘s story a lot, Anthony & Kate are still my favorite so far. I think after I finish Penelope & Colin I‘ll be breaking as well. Too many other reads demanding my attention. 🤪 1d
MoonWitch94 @sprainedbrain I did love Benedict‘s story…but Anthony & Kate is still my favorite 😍 1d
authorjessicaerin @MoonWitch94 Oh yeah! It's good ro switch it up. I always change my reads depending on what I'm writing. I like the two to be very different. 👍 1d
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A Reckless Match | Kate Bateman
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This is the first book of Kate Bateman‘s Reckless Rivals series and the first book of hers that I‘ve read. The storyline is a bit ridiculous, but I liked the characters and the banter between the H/h. It is well-written and there are some delightful secondary characters. The set up for the pairings in future books was a little heavy-handed. But, if you are looking for a romance that does not have babies as the epilogue, look no further.

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The Bride | Julie Garwood
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This was such a delight! Historical romance between a Scottish Laird from the Highlands and an English Lady. Set in 1102 during the reign of King Henry and King Edgar. I loved the clashing of two different worlds and the way Alec and Jamie had to really work at finding common ground. Also loved all of the historical bits. I listened to the audiobook for well over half of the book and loved it-Rosalyn Landor narrates with beautiful accents.

Dragon Love Rosalyn Landor‘s narration. She‘s a favourite especially for historical romance novels 💚🐉 3d
intothehallofbooks @Dragon Yes! I LOVE her narration of The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley and I also love her narration of the Bridgerton books 😍 3d
Dragon Thanks 🙏 I will have to see if Libby has The Winter Sea - I like her Mary Balogh and Lisa Kleypas narrations too 2d
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