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#HeiressPride 🏳️‍🌈 #ChapterADay #PemberLittens

So sorry for the posting delay-thought I‘d be able to do it in a work break today & that was just silly! Anyway, I‘ll try to get tomorrow‘s up tonight but let‘s stop & discuss Chapter 28! It starts off with Anne begging off a park walk with Mrs. FW & Mr. Watters & Watters makes a sly comment about Miss A not calling at this hour & feminine secrets! Clang-clang⛔️🔔!!! Anne approaches Cousin John ⬇️

DebinHawaii …to ask about estate business & her responsibilities & what he thinks about Rosings Park. CJohn is supportive as usual & gives her some advice to start. Then in the carriage back from the A‘s house Mrs. FW comments how long she was upstairs & how put out Eliza‘s mother was. Yikes! Once home Me. Watters asks for a turn about the (very tiny) garden with Anne. Double Yikes! Anne is less than enthused & becomes even less so when he proposes marriage⬇️ 3h
DebinHawaii She speaks plainly that he didn‘t speak any words of affection. Mr. Watters asks her if she expects that from her husband because 1) he doesn‘t feel it & 2) she seems to be getting that affection already! (Yikes! Yikes! Yikes!) He goes on to say he saw her & Miss A in the garden (did we not yell at them in our heads that they were being too obvious?!)😱 He says that as a husband he won‘t stop it & that he‘s sympathetic to her plight (hmm… what ⬇️ 3h
DebinHawaii that mean?) Once they have a kid they‘ll be no “wifely duties…” Anne‘s about to faint & he says he doesn‘t need an answer now but she should think how agreeable the arrangement could be. Sure, he gets to be landed gentry & she gets…him as a beard?! 😡

What did you think about this chapter? What should Anne do? How dangerous is the information for her? For Eliza? Should she take the offer? Luckily I get to go read the next chapter now…!
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suvata If she married and had child with Watters, it would certainly solve her unusual lifestyle choices. But how would it affect her estate? Would the child she doesn‘t even want to have now be the heir? I don‘t think it‘s a good offer, personally. She needs to take control by herself, in my opinion. 3h
IndoorDame I‘m still hating Watters, but the nature of his proposal totally took me by surprise, and on the surface it seems like a good offer for her since I assume she has to marry someone and produce an heir to leave the estate to. 2h
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Eliza in this chapter (27) made me think of Ariel (she‘s even a redhead!) - but who cares? No big deal! I want more!
#PemberLittens @DebinHawaii #HeiressPride

DebinHawaii Good comparison! 😉 1d
DebinHawaii Sorry for the multiple same comments! I‘m getting a delay in posting & I didn‘t think k they went through. Then I tried to delete & … 🤬 1d
ravenlee @DebinHawaii I‘ve been having weird delays, too - one of my comments on your post a couple days ago didn‘t show up for over an hour! Come on, Litsy, don‘t let us down; we rely on you! 18h
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#HeiressPride 🏳️‍🌈 #ChapterADay #PemberLittens

Chapter 27: Things continue to get steamy & although they can‘t see each other privately every day, notes are fast & furious between Anne & Eliza & they are getting some time behind chamber doors & stealing touches in public (is no one noticing this?!) There‘s lots of pillow talk comparing Eliza‘s body parts to bark & petals (Anne) & Eliza thinking Anne would make a perfect hermit in a moss gown ⬇️

DebinHawaii …with snarled hair, reciting odd poetry lines. Very lush & earthy descriptions 🌿🌳🍃 it there is serious talk & letters too, getting Anne to read the newspaper & lots of sharing of opinions. Eliza bemoans the fate of women & Anne shared her feelings of anger toward Lady C. Anne admires Eliza‘s accomplishments: art, sewing, French, music, but Eliza isn‘t sure if she actually loves any of it, or was she trained or forced to like it. She wants ⬇️ 1d
DebinHawaii more. Anne wishes to move freely in the world like men can & mentions that her “friend” encouraged her to take control of her inheritance & Rosings Park & she thinks she might have the strength to do so, but where to start… Eliza somewhat shortly replies to start with her relatives for guidance. ⬇️ 1d
DebinHawaii What stood out for you in this chapter? Let‘s discuss: Anne is frustrated that Eliza doesn‘t appreciate her talents while Eliza seems frustrated that Anne isn‘t taking advantage of her potential power & autonomy to do as she wants while Eliza feels trapped. What do you think about their views of each other & their constraints? Do either have a chance if leading a life that will satisfy them? (edited) 1d
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suvata Love the tree bark picture. 🤣 I do think Anne needs to take control of her inheritance at this point. I‘m not really sure if she is capable but she needs to learn how to do it somehow. 1d
IndoorDame I definitely think Anne is physically capable. I don‘t know if she‘s mentally capable. I like that this book is dealing with the mental aspect of addiction a bit. But I agree that there‘s no way to know except to try. 1d
kspenmoll I don‘t know if Anne is strong enough emotionally, or trusts in her abilities enough yet to take over her home. Especially while Mama is there!!!! Eliza is frustrated with her role & “ talents”- she wants to be more, do more in this world that constrains women. 1d
peanutnine @kspenmoll I agree that trying to learn while negotiating around Lady C is going to be tricky! I think she is capable of it though. It's interesting that Anne and Eliza seem to want the other's life experience - Anne wishes she could have learned more growing up and Eliza wishes she could have the freedom of an estate to run 1d
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#HeiressPride 🏳️‍🌈 #ChapterADay #PemberLittens

Chapter 26: Do Not Disturb. That kiss from the last chapter escalated quickly as visiting the Misses A a few days later, Anne is congratulating Miss Julia on her engagement when Miss A (ok, we are probably at the Eliza stage by now as Anne is)😉pulls Anne upstairs to show her “my new gown.” Inside her chamber, let the kissing & more begin! A little later, both are a bit “disarranged” & it‘s time ⬇️

DebinHawaii …for pillow talk & a little touching. They discuss Eliza‘s accomplishments & Anne wonders why she would want to be with someone who has accomplished so little. Eliza likes her “very well as you are” (very Bridget Jones‘s Diary of her) & explains that while she can pretend, she has never quite fit. Anne can relate. Anne brings up that “this is not…usual”
Eliza tells her that there are others, women & men & they are lucky as the consequences for ⬇️
DebinHawaii …ladies are not as grave. Eliza tells Anne there are ladies who live together as husband & wife-she read a newspaper story about a wife & husband-wife who goes around in breeches, cravat & beaver hat. (See: https://www.geriwalton.com/husband-wives-and-gay-life-in-georgian/ ) Anne imagines it & they both get the giggles. Later, in bed alone, practices a little self-enjoyment & thinks how she may not have been “made to admire male figures.” ⬇️ 2d
DebinHawaii …Fanning my face for a short but pivotal chapter. Let‘s discuss: what are your thoughts? Is Anne in a better place for a lesbian relationship than most women of the times, being a wealthy property owner? Do you think someone will discover them? Will Lady C find out & what will she do? What lies ahead for our Anne? So many questions & I‘m NOT reading ahead tempting as it is. 🫣 2d
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IndoorDame I‘m expecting them to get discovered. Besides being an excellent plot device, Anne is so naive and they‘re both being recklessly obvious. I actually don‘t think Anne is better situated for a lesbian relationship because she‘s wealthy. I think it‘s personality not circumstances that make someone willing to take risks to be true to themselves. 2d
ravenlee I‘m guilty of reading ahead, but I‘ve been wondering about wealthy ladies and their “companions,” and if that was ever a cover for relationships. Presumably, Anne is supposed to marry and produce an heir to Rosings Park…which complicates things quite a bit. I also have to wonder where the doting Mr. Watters has disappeared to? 2d
ravenlee Also, my first reaction here was - well, that escalated quickly! 2d
peanutnine I agree that they are probably going to be discovered unfortunately. Like @ravenlee I think having a wealthy estate could open up possibilities of having a lover live there under false pretenses but a cover marriage might be necessary to produce an heir 2d
SamAnne I think being independently wealthy or secure makes all the difference in being able to both avoid detection or have people quietly let you be. But wow, the story went from 0 to 60 real quick! Had to turn the wood stove down after finishing this chapter! 😂😂😂 2d
SamAnne And thanks for the recent link @DebinHawaii . I see myself going down an historical internet rabbit hole…. 2d
kspenmoll When I read this chapter I was thinking that Eliza could live on Anne‘s estate with a designated job/role or as Anne‘s companion. But Anne would have to get rid of her mother…!😱 Not sure how strong Anne is yet- her self worth is low- I still feel like her mother could eat her alive. I am enjoying Anne opening up to her sexuality. 2d
DebinHawaii @SamAnne It‘s amazing what typing “Regency Lesbian Husband-Wives” turns up! So interesting! 😆 2d
DebinHawaii @IndoorDame @ravenlee @peanutnine @SamAnne @kspenmoll Really good points everyone! I feel like Anne‘s wealth it puts her in an easier place than others might be to live the lifestyle she wants but the “with great wealth comes great responsibility” is true & it won‘t be easy to get around her duties. And does Anne have the strength? Looking forward to finding out what happens, I think! 🫣 2d
SamAnne @DebinHawaii I think I start adding “Lesbian Husband-Wives into all my historical internet searches. 😂 2d
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#HeiressPride 🏳️‍🌈 #ChapterADay #PemberLittens

Chapter 25: Oh my! Short chapter, big step! 🤭 Anne is in the garden contemplating life & the inner thoughts of spiders & bugs when Miss A shows up to visit. Anne tells her about going to see Baby Darcy—Darcy is all gregarious showing off his son & Lizzy is “all surprise” at Anne‘s glow up (I might have felt even more satisfaction than Anne at that!) 🤣 Her aunt comments that Anne looks natural ⬇️

DebinHawaii …holding a baby (as a childless “spinster” myself I used to hate those kind of comments!) & Anne is by turns sad & relieved that Lady C refused the invite & wasn‘t there to pounce on that statement.🧐😱 She tells Lady A & wonders aloud what spiders think (beetles too) & Anne feels awkward but Lady A appreciates her “strange” way of looking at things & says Anne is a poet! 😍 There is some handholding, thumb rubbing, a look & then a KISS! Wowza! ⬇️ (edited) 3d
DebinHawaii Let‘s discuss: what did you think of this chapter & that kiss? What stood out to you? What do you think will happen next?

BTW: I could only find one picture of regency women kissing -here‘s a link to info about it that I found interesting: https://alpennia.com/blog/kissing-park-bench-regency-england
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suvata I can‘t say I was shocked by the kiss, because I totally expected it. As for what will happen next, I know because I read ahead. 🤓 But, far be it from me to spoil it for everybody else. I will say it‘s quite interesting. 3d
IndoorDame Thank you for sharing that link! Great article! I can‘t say I was shocked by the kiss either, cause the book was obviously headed there, but I kind of was at the same time. Like the drawing you found, Anne & Miss A were somewhere they could be seen & their flirting had always been deliberately subtle… whatever the social norms actually were in the regency era, I think we‘ve been conditioned to think same sex relationships were dangerous and rare 3d
DebinHawaii @suvata Yes, not shocked but a little surprised when/where it happened. I‘m doing my best to not read ahead & do it each day but if I wasn‘t hosting, I would have totally finished it too! 🤣🤣🤣 3d
DebinHawaii @IndoorDame Yes—I feel the same! When/where it happened surprised me more than the kids itself. 3d
peanutnine Very interesting article, thanks for sharing! I was pretty sure the kiss was gonna happen soon so I wasn't too surprised 3d
peanutnine On another note, I was tickled to read her description of a 'gregarious' Darcy showing off his son - super cute! And Lizzy's reaction to Anne was very satisfying as well 3d
ravenlee I really enjoyed the discussion of children - what, exactly, is one supposed to do with some random baby thrust into their arms? I read a romance novel in which the MC male shoves a baby at MC female on first meeting, and she refuses it, saying, “No thanks, I‘ve already eaten.” 2d
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#HeiressPride 🏳️‍🌈 #ChapterADay #PemberLittens

Happy Turkey Day or Thursday depending on where you are & what you celebrate! I am thankful for all of you & your contributions to our daily discussions. 🤗

Chapter 24 starts with a shopping trip from hell to find the perfect gift for Baby Darcy. Mrs FW seems a tad obsessed but at least the Miss As are along & Anne gets to hang back & awkwardly flirt with Miss A. It seems that Anne‘s body had ⬇️

DebinHawaii …some “stirrings” for Miss A‘s touches unlike the ones she gets from Mr. Watters & with her lack of experience, she‘s not sure what to make of it. Finally, getting the refreshments promised, Anne & Miss A discuss children & MaryW‘s views & even delve a bit into Lady C. (Much deeper than Mrs FW & Miss Julia‘s topics over tea & cake). Miss A comes over the next day to improve Anne‘s dancing & they have fun (Watter‘s free!) before tea & the talk ⬇️ 5d
DebinHawaii …turns serious with Anne sharing her childhood stupor & magic drops. Miss A tries to comfort by excusing Lady C‘s actions but Anne isn‘t having it & then tells Miss A about the “people” who visited her at night & Miss A reaches out to stroke her hair & BOOM!!! the door bangs open & a wet & agitated Mrs FW comes in & is surprised to find them sitting in the dark, candles unlit. (Way to bring down the mood!) ⬇️ 5d
DebinHawaii …What did you think of today‘s chapter & Anne‘s feelings for Miss A. & her sharing her past with her? What do you think might have happened if Mrs. FW had not come in? 5d
peanutnine This was such a good chapter! I hated how everyone kept hinting that Anne and Miss A spend too much time together now. Could ladies have no good friends back then?! I'm glad Anne finally trusts someone enough to share her past 4d
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#HeiressPride 🏳️‍🌈 #ChapterADqy #PemberLittens

Sorry team! I read Chapter 23 last night & picked out some pics but then crashed & had a long workday today. So I‘ll try to keep this one brief too & be better tomorrow because I have 4 days off!

So, I loved this chapter! Our Anne has discovered books & reading in a big way! She finished Waverley & found The Mysteries of Udolpho on Cousin John‘s shelf & chooses to stay home & read rather than⬇️

DebinHawaii …attend a dinner with the FWs & Mr. Watters (a girl after my own heart!) The quotes in this chapter were 🤩 too. I love the one about Lady C “her imagination so slender as to be nonexistent. It was little wonder she scorned such books: she had no means to understand them.”🧐🤣 Then there is the book sent over from Miss A. the “rather radical” A Vindication of the Rights of Women by OG feminist Mary Wollstonecraft. Although intimidated by this ⬇️ 5d
DebinHawaii …intellectual work” Anne finds herself entranced & unable to sleep—she wants to steal down to John‘s book room or head to Miss A‘s & see her & talk about it. A reader is born! She even has saved the last bit of Udolpho to savor at the end. At church the next day, Anne contemplates how busy her once dormant mind is & how capable of MORE she is despite what she has always been told. The world is her oyster! ⬇️ (edited) 5d
DebinHawaii What did you think about this chapter? What stood out? Have you read any of the books mentioned? Some day I will finish Udolpho on Serial Reader, I swear it! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Here‘s a link to info on Mary W. https://www.brooklynmuseum.org/eascfa/dinner_party/place_settings/mary_wollstone...
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SarahBookInterrupted @DebinHawaii thank you for the link about Mary Wollstonecraft. Very interesting and I loved that her daughter wrote Frankenstein. 5d
SarahBookInterrupted I also loved this chapter. A book lover is born. 5d
AllDebooks Loved joining Anne on discovery of books. The best biography I've ever read was 5d
IndoorDame I keep saying I have to read Udolpho! It‘s mentioned in so many of the books I love! I did read and enjoy The Italian, so I don‘t know why I‘m so intimidated by this one? 5d
AllDebooks @IndoorDame me too. I keep forgetting about it 🤭 5d
ravenlee I‘ve intended to read Udolpho for years, and someday I probably will. I read Vindication a million years ago in college, but I need to reread it. I really loved this section (that bit about Lady C was perfect!), with Anne‘s intellectual awakening. 😍 5d
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#HeiressPride 🏳️‍🌈 #ChapterADay #PemberLittens

Chapter 22: A little late today (work again) so I‘ll keep it brief (briefer?) 😆 Mrs. Darcy had another healthy son & an witnesses a private exchange between the FWs who seem to not be successful at having one of their own. Then it‘s time to get ready & Anne has a new purple dress (no flounces) & has a sweet moment with Spinner about how how‘s she‘s changed for the better before her maid makes a ⬇️

DebinHawaii …comment about how Mr. Watters will like it. 🤢 The ball has begun & Anne is sad she doesn‘t see Miss A & even worse, Miss A isn‘t seeing Anne & how good she looks!😔 She makes it through a dance with Watters & then declares she won‘t dance again. Finally she sees Miss A dancing & the two manage some alone time talking before Watters takes Anne into supper. After supper they talk again & Miss A makes some pointed comments about men‘s “tender ⬇️ 6d
DebinHawaii …feelings” & how women decorate themselves for them. There‘s a little handholding & soft thumb brushing & Miss A wishes they could dance together. Oh my! Fan me a bit here! 😅

What did you think about this chapter? The signals Miss A seems to be sending out? Parties: love them or loathe them?
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IndoorDame I so wanted to see them dance together! All that stuff Miss A was saying just made me irritated that we still spend so much time and energy catering to men‘s tastes and “tender feelings”. Really NOT a party person. I expect I would have been quite the wallflower back then. 6d
DebinHawaii @IndoorDame I agree! I wish they could have danced too. And also, so NOT a party person myself! 6d
DebinHawaii And I forgot to mention (but it‘s in the collage) about Mr. Watters getting all close & personal with the questions & comments on her estate. We‘ll just call him Gold Digger now! 😠 6d
suvata This chapter was roller-coaster ride for Anne. When I was younger, I loved a good party. Now, the only get-togethers I do are small family gatherings. 6d
rubyslippersreads Not a party person, unless by party you mean we all sit around, sipping tea and reading books. 😄 5d
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#HeiressPride 🏳️‍🌈 #ChapterADay #PemberLittens

Chapter 21: Let‘s Dance! Miss A comes over for the promised dancing lesson but first a fashion consult. She practices frankness & let‘s Anne know that while we‘ll made, her Lady C. selected gowns are not helping her. (Because really, can anyone besides Belle get away with piles of yellow flounces?!🤢) Anne takes the advice & offer of shopping with embarrassed appreciation (& probably internally ⬇️

DebinHawaii …curses her mother. Anne is NOT a natural at dancing but the ladies have fun learning & get a little close & it‘s all “poise & ease” until Mr. Watters shows up & kills the mood. He offers to partner Anne while Miss A plays but Anne is DONE. That night he partners Anne as they practice with the FWs (the visuals…😳) & Anne finds no pose & ease & only embarrassment. Cousin John pulls Anne aside & asks if she was written to her mother. Anne has not ⬇️ 1w
DebinHawaii (yellow flouncy dress…) & doesn‘t know what to say to her. CJ asks her to mend the rift for the family as her uncle will invite Lady C to stay once preggers Lizzy gives birth. (Anne forgot the Darcy‘s were even in town.) Anne sits down that night & thinks about her responsibilities—especially having an heir. Anne only got the most mechanical explanation of procreation from Nurse (all “holes” & “special appendages…” Yikes!) 😱⬇️ 1w
DebinHawaii … And there is the slippery Mr. W who she should find appealing but doesn‘t. It‘s all so confusing…what‘s our girl to do?

Another interesting chapter! Let‘s discuss! What stood out to you? And dancing, are you all poise & ease, or two left feet?👯
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IndoorDame I‘m terrible at dancing! So glad it‘s no longer a requirement for life! Ugh yellow flounces. I‘m almost surprised they actually work on Belle. Definitely not made for anyone who isn‘t a Disney princess. 1w
peanutnine I hate how conflicted Anne is about her future, it makes me sad. She just needs to learn the business of running her estate and leave marriage alone imo 1w
suvata I agree with @peanutnine. Anne has to get busy learning how to run the estate. I also feel sorry for her because she feels it‘s her responsibility to produce an heir. How did that become the females responsibility? And as for dancing… I have two left feet and no rhythm but when I‘m drinking, I dance like Ginger Rogers (or so I think). 💃 1w
kspenmoll Anne must be so overwhelmed - dancing, the true facts of life, responsibility re heir…Watters is gross, slimy, all that fun of dancing w Miss A is huge letdown. “ holes & special appendages” 😂😱OMG no wonder poor Anne has no idea.. 6d
kspenmoll Dancing- I love it, dance free form- simple couples dancing. I have the honor of being the spec ed student in a dancing workshop I went to for prof development- my colleague who has danced since a preschooler had me stand behind her & modified my steps. I cannot coordinate arms & legs!! 6d
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#HeiressPride 🏳️‍🌈 #ChapterADay #PemberLittens

Chapter 20: Well, if we didn‘t think we liked Miss Amherst, we certainly must now as they start their shopping trip at the best place ever…a bookstore! And not just any store but the Temple of the Muses (see link below) the largest & cheapest bookstore in the world (be still my ❤️). This is Anne‘s first bookstore given sermons & the borrowed book of poetry are all she got to read. Miss A gives a ⬇️

DebinHawaii …book rec (bold move for a new friend!) It‘s Waverley or ‘Tis Sixty Years Since by, Walter Scott (see link ⬇️), a “sensation” liked by both the ladies & gentlemen of her acquaintance. She hands Anne all 3 volumes & they discuss an upcoming ball that the A ladies are actually invited to & Anne isn‘t sure whether they are going—this is the first daily outing she has chosen to go on herself. Miss A hopes she‘ll be there as she won‘t get asked ⬇️ (edited) 1w
DebinHawaii …to dance a shame since she‘s a great dancer. 💃🏻 (Anne likes Miss A‘s self praise much more than Lady C‘s!)🧐 Anne says she doesn‘t attend balls but if she changes her mind, she‘ll join Miss A as a wallflower as she does not know how to dance! Explaining she was “sickly” as a child & dancing too vigorous for her. (I would think her magic drops would have made her marvelous at interpretive dance!)😉 Miss A. offers to teach her & Anne doesn‘t ⬇️ 1w
DebinHawaii …understand why Miss A wants to spend time with her (luckily she does get what Mr Watters is about!) but agrees. They go to buy the books, Miss A shares her weakness for buying bonnets & books & Anne realizes she still has no💰& the reason this bookstore is cheap is it is cash only. Miss A offers to buy them & won‘t let Anne refuse & so Anne says she will buy her a bonnet in return in a place she can open an account-a weakness for a weakness! 🤗⬇️ 1w
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DebinHawaii Let‘s discuss this adorable chapter! So many firsts for our Anne! What stood out to you? Are you a book recommender? Do you give or get book recs from friends? How about acquaintances or strangers?

Links to the bookstore & book: https://world4.eu/bookstore-regency/ & https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waverley_(novel)
(edited) 1w
IndoorDame Swooning over this bookstore! Not planning on reading this novel myself, but I can see why it was popular at the time 😆. I‘m revising my opinion on Miss A being just a friend. Dancing is such a romantic activity, and she could easily just have told her she must employ a dancing master and learn asap, not offered to teach Anne herself. 1w
DebinHawaii @IndoorDame Yes! The bookstore sounds incredible. 😍 Waverley is on Serial Reader so maybe one day I‘ll get to it! 😉 I agree about the dancing—very romantic… looking forward to seeing where this goes! 1w
Deblovestoread Loved this chapter and Anne beginning to spread her wings. Looking forward to the developing relationship between these two. 1w
suvata I know we all swooned over the bookstore description. That‘s a given, right? But I have to say, I think our little Anne is “coming out“ (in more ways than one). 1w
kspenmoll Such a wonderful chapter! Like others said, so many firsts.Miss A is opening a new world for Anne- books, dancing- pleasure. Also waking up to feelings she does not quite understand in her relationship with Miss A is wonderful to watch unfold. I recommend books in person- Litsy recommendations are high on my list because I read genres I might not have tried. A neighbor & I exchange books & book ideas - especially those from our local library. (edited) 1w
peanutnine Loved this chapter and the bookstore sounds amazing of course! I am enjoying watching Miss A and Anne's friendship bloom and agree that Miss A's interest seems more intimate than just a new friend @suvata you put it perfectly! 😅 1w
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