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Loved this macabre micro-history! From Natufian Funeral Flowers to Ondine‘s Curse, this book has a bit of it all. And it‘s just really beautiful inside and out. 💀

After finishing my second book and with eight hours under my belt, I‘m calling it a night. Happy reading, Littens!

#24b4monday #litsypartyofone #mrbook1inamillion #nfnov

Andrew65 What a brilliant first day. 👏👏👏🙌😍 3d
MidnightBookGirl That is so gorgeous and macabre is definitely my jam! 3d
Linsy @Moray_Reads Yes!! Caitlin Doughty‘s audiobooks are my favorite. One day I‘m going to splurge and get them all for my physical library. 3d
Clwojick 6pts! woohoo! 3d
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“Thanotophobia is an excessive fear of graveyards, corpses, and related items of death.” 💀

#til #nfnov

MidnightBookGirl I have the opposite of Thanotophobia. 3d
Linsy @MidnightBookGirl Ha, me too!! 3d
Clwojick 4pts 3d
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The husband brought me #LitsyPartyofOne in bed! 🥰

I‘m finishing off some of the non-fic titles I started for #NFNov and then jumping into my TBR for the weekend.

#24b4Monday #MrBook1inaMillion

Crazeedi You have a good hubby!!💞 4d
Andrew65 @Crazeedi You do! 4d
Linsy @Crazeedi @Andrew65 Agreed! I‘m very lucky ❤️❤️❤️ 4d
MrBook That‘s an incredible husband right there!!! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you again for joining in the fun and to your other half for indulging! ☺️🤗 4d
Clwojick I live for Wholly Guacamole! I know it sounds totally weird, but one of my favourite combos is BBQ rice crackers, plain havarti and guac. 3d
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Elm can be used for protection and fertility. 💚

#til #nfnov

Clwojick 4pt 4d
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The Lore of Scotland: A guide to Scottish legends | Sophia Kingshill, The Estate of Jennifer Westwood
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“Scottish brownies and English hobgoblins like Shakespeare‘s Puck were said to be helpful creatures, but would immediately stop work if anyone gave them clothes to wear.”

Sounds like my two-year-old! 😂

#gratefulreads #over500pages
#nfnov #til

ravenlee Dobby is free! 1w
Linsy @ravenlee 😂😂😂 That‘s perfect! 1w
OriginalCyn620 🤣🤣🤣 7d
rsteve388 1 pt... 7d
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Bookstore in Southern Appalachia...

cathipink My parents had a few of these.... I want to check one out sometime. Have you read any? 1w
Crazeedi Oh my take me back!!! 1w
Blaire A friend who was in town visiting just bought one of these at our local bookstore. (I‘m in WV). 1w
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mrsmarch I am unfamiliar with these because my Appalachian heritage was swamped by Yankee upbringing, but I am trying to uncover more. I might have to scare some up for my Christmas wish list. 1w
LauraBeth @cathipink I haven‘t but I did buy a volume yesterday! 1w
LauraBeth @Crazeedi did you grow up in southern Appalachia? 1w
LauraBeth @Blaire I bought an edition after leading through it! It looks interesting 😀 1w
LauraBeth @mrsmarch 😂😂 I feel like I grew up knowing about Foxfire but I never paid much attention to it! I think you‘ll enjoy it! 1w
Crazeedi @LauraBeth no, but on the edge of northern Appalachia, and I had several of the foxfire books when I was younger, not sure if I still do or got rid of them in my many moves 1w
Suet624 Oh! I had some of those when I lived on the commune. 1w
LauraBeth @Suet624 I‘m just over here anxiously waiting for your biography! 1w
Suet624 @LauraBeth I just started chuckling thinking of some of the commune events. I‘m hoping to leave crib notes for the kids in case they want to know what I was up to. For some reason they don‘t really ask very many questions. 1w
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#MOvember #music Husband has lots of music books ... this one was gifted to him at the recent storytelling festival in The Glens of Antrim .. he‘s very excited as it‘s edited &
with critical notes by Robert Graves ❤️

Tanisha_A The cover is a beauty! 1w
Cathythoughts @Tanisha_A I agree 👍❤️ 1w
batsy That looks lovely! And I'm intrigued, having just read a book based on a Scottish ballad. 1w
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TrishB Lovely ❤️ 1w
Lindy Is Eppie Morrie included? That‘s my favourite Scottish ballad. 1w
Cathythoughts @batsy that‘s a coincidence ❤️ 1w
Cathythoughts @Lindy no , that one isn‘t in it. I‘ve heard of Eppie Morrie, but I don‘t know it ... must listen out for it ❤️ 1w
Lindy @Cathythoughts I haven‘t heard it in ages so I just went looking online and found it! Alix Dobkin singing “There‘s no a man in all Strathdon shall wedded be with me” (I have the vinyl stored away in my garage) https://youtu.be/NyxhtegYRrA 1w
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*Mind. Blown*

So, bear with me - convoluted as ever. #cherish ➡️ Cherish the Ladies ➡️ folk tunes ➡️ folk tales ➡️ fairy tales and forests ➡️ to my bookshelf to see if there was anything cherish-like in here... and I didn‘t get any further than the pre-book quotes. Stunned (and not stunned) that such a dismissive-sounding term comes from such a special relationship!

Really must read this some time soon!


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Ghosts of the Carolinas | Nancy Roberts
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OriginalCyn620 👌🏻📚🖤 2w
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The Celtic Twilight | W. B. Yeats
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“Our feet would linger where beauty has lived its life of sorrow to make us understand that it is not of the world.”