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Growing up, my viewing and reading choices were highly curated by my mother to be as “wholesome” as possible. Not that the books weren‘t good - The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown, Cam Jansen, Narnia, Choose Your Own Adventure, and the tagged series The Happy Hollisters, just to name a few - but it is funny to see how my reading has evolved....👇

#JazzyJune | 13: #FlashbackFun

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LiterRohde The above named books in childhood to get me hooked, classics (for fun, not assignments) in middle and high school deepened my love of language and the human condition, existential and philosophical texts in college to hone my critical thinking and challenge my accepted paradigms, and now, in adulthood, though I read many things (though I tend toward Stephen King and SciFi) I believe I seek out texts that do all of these things....👇 6mo
LiterRohde One thing I‘ve been told I need to get better at is just reading for frivolous fun. Maybe I‘m saving that phase for old age?! 6mo
DebinHawaii I adored The Happy Hollisters growing up & checked them all out of my grade school library. They were my entry into mysteries & they & the Bobbsey Twins were quickly followed by Encyclopedia Brown, Trixie Belden & Nancy Drew. I have picked up a few copies at used bookstores & still see the charm. 🤗 6mo
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Freespirit I loved Nancy Drew and Tricia Belden books😍 6mo
LiterRohde @DebinHawaii @Freespirit Yup. Trixie was on the “approved” list for my childhood reading as well. Never read The Bobbsey Twins. (edited) 6mo
erzascarletbookgasm I loved all that you mentioned too, except I‘ve never read Cam Jansen or the tagged series. Loved the Bobbsey Twins and Trixie Belden too (in fact, loved Trixie more than Nancy 🤷‍♀️) 6mo
Eggs These books look so fun! 6mo
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The Night of the Iguana | Tennessee Williams
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#JazzyJune #FlashbackFun Tennessee Williams Signet film tie-in books from the vintage stash.

kamoorephoto Ahhh I remember reading Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in secondary school and then we got to watch it in class! I loved it!! That looks like a cool copy! 6mo
rubyslippersreads Great covers! 6mo
Leftcoastzen @kamoorephoto @rubyslippersreads Thanks!I read Cat , It‘s hard to remember if I read the others..I‘ll figure it out.😂 6mo
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Eggs Love these old books🤗👏🏻 6mo
erzascarletbookgasm Fun covers! 6mo
Leftcoastzen @erzascarletbookgasm @Eggs I find old paperbacks irresistible!Thx! 6mo
andrew61 They are great editions - i can almost feel the heat from here, very evocative. 6mo
laytonwoman3rd Love those Signets. I have that copy of Cat too. 6mo
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Think of a Number | John Verdon
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#flashbackfun to July 2015-reading a library book with my boys 🖤
#dogsoflitsy #millhouse #mork #jazzyjune

Eggs Awww sweet 🤗👏🏻💗 6mo
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This is my IRL book club‘s choice for June... and one of the few times that I‘ve actually seen the movie before reading the book! The circus life is certainly no #Paradise- though I like the #FlashbackFun format of Jacob‘s story. But the violence against animals and people puts this one in the #MadeYouCry category for sure! #StarTrekSummerJune #JazzyJune #30JuneBooks

Megabooks I had to give up because of the violence against animals! 6mo
TorieStorieS @Megabooks I completely understand! I‘m not sure if I would have finished had this not been a book club read! 6mo
Eggs Nice combo of prompts🤗 6mo
TorieStorieS @Eggs Thanks!! I love it when I can multitask! 🤣🤣 6mo
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The Thorn Birds | Colleen McCullough
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#JazzyJune @Eggs

Not to date myself here but.... I started reading adult books in 1970s. So I looked up the top sellers from that era and picked a few of my favorites. It does bring back memories.

Freespirit The Thorn Birds was great👍🏼 6mo
TheSpineView @Freespirit Totally! 😊 6mo
Crazeedi Read all but the Tolkien one back then 6mo
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TheEllieMo I loved the Thorn Birds. Watched the TV series too, back in the day. 6mo
TheSpineView @Crazeedi It was back in the day!!! 😂 6mo
TheSpineView @TheEllieMo I remember watching the series too. The book was better! 6mo
marleed Thornbirds was my 80s - favorite book of the decade! And I recently found it in hardback! 6mo
Crazeedi @TheSpineView way back in the day, doesn't seem possible 6mo
TheSpineView @Crazeedi Yeah... I keep telling myself that! 🤣🤣🤣 6mo
TheSpineView @marleed That's a find! 6mo
Eggs Ah yes!! 70s books!! Read all but the Winds of War 6mo
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#JazzyJune #FlashbackFun Flashback to the 80s and early 90s when I loved making mix tapes!

Leftcoastzen I love this book so much! 6mo
Eggs The mixed tapes/CDs !!!! Great fun🤗🤗 6mo
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If I Stay | Gayle Forman
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#jazzyjune @Eggs #flashbackfun In this book, because the main character is in a coma, the majority of the book is in flashback form.

brit91 Amazing book and movie as well! 6mo
Eggs Great choice🤗👏🏻 6mo
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Day 13 - #FlashbackFun #JazzyJune

Some vintage series I used to read.

Bookwormjillk Love this! 6mo
ladym30 Love Nancy Drew!❤️❤️ 6mo
Crazeedi Yes to them all!!💞 6mo
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Eggs Oh I love these-great choices!!! The Bobbseys—was that their first name or last name....Thing 1 and Thing 2? 6mo
EadieB @Eggs The books related the adventures of the children of the upper-middle-class Bobbsey family, which included two sets of fraternal twins: Nan and Bert, who were 12 years old, and Flossie and Freddie, who were six. (edited) 6mo
EadieB @Eggs The first of 72 books was published in 1904, the last in 1979, with a separate series of 30 books published from 1987 through 1992. 6mo
EadieB @Eggs The longest-running series of American children's novels, penned under the pseudonym Laura Lee Hope. (edited) 6mo
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Pippi Longstocking | Astrid Lindgren
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This is what the cover of my first Pippi book looked like in the late 1950s. Mum ordered it for me from the book order pamphlet (before Book Fairs existed).

#flashbackfun #jazzyjune

Cathythoughts ♥️♥️♥️ 6mo
Blaire Aww!! 6mo
Leftcoastzen So cute! 6mo
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Curiouser_and_curiouser Ooooohhhh, I just adored these books when I was a kid, although I couldn't for the life of me work out how on earth a child could live on their own and look after a horse and her other animal friends 6mo
Eggs @Curiouser_and_curiouser I suppose that‘s why it‘s so enchanting❤️ 6mo
Curiouser_and_curiouser @Eggs lol, I was probably taking it too literally, although I totally fell for stories like The Magic Faraway Tree and the BFG etc... but I always was baffled by Pippi's independant life. 6mo
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