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Such a warm and beautiful person!!

Thrilled. Inspired. Happy

She may even participate in our #ChristmasBookSwap

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Thank you so much, @Maria514626 for all the goodies you packed in my #Christmasbookswap package! I can‘t wait to read The Bookshop on the Corner! And the bookmarks and socks are adorable! I see a night filled with tea, chocolate, and a good book in my future! (Also, sorry it took me approximately 85 million years to post this picture.)

Crazeedi Bookshop was a good read! 5mo
BridgetteM @Crazeedi It looks so good. I can‘t wait! 🤗 5mo
Maria514626 Glad you enjoyed everything! 😊 5mo
BridgetteM @Maria514626 I love everything! 😊 5mo
Maria514626 Yay! 🎉 5mo
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Give Me the Child | Mel McGrath
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Cassandra I seriously have no words. This blanket is so beautiful and big and I know how much work went into making it. It is beyond thoughtful and I got a little teary when I opened the box. I also love all the extra treats-already ate a handful of Starburst! The books sounds great and yay mini bottles! There is no way to express my gratitude but please know I adore it and I am so touched by your kindness! 🖤🖤🖤#christmasbookswap part 2

BookBridget This is such a great gift!! 5mo
cassiopia I am so thrilled that you love the blanket 💜💜 5mo
AmyG How lovely! ❤️ 5mo
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AlaMich @cassiopia That blanket is amazing!! 5mo
tracey38 That blanket 😍😍😍 5mo
JoScho @cassiopia I adore it! The colors are fantastic! What stitch is that? 5mo
JoScho @BookBridget @amyg @AlaMich @tracey38 it is amazing! 😍😍😍 5mo
cassiopia It's your basic double crochet. I call this my chunky ombre because I work with 3 skeins at the same time. When you want to switch colors you just drop one skein of the old color and bring on a skein of the new color. 5mo
JoScho @cassiopia very cool! 5mo
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Portrait of Houston | Kathy Adams Clark, Gary Jr Clark
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And the countdown begins.

The past few days have been something. I FINALLY told my grandparents that I'm leaving Wisconsin for Texas. I called another Barnes & Noble in Houston about a management position they have open. This morning I sent out the second part of @JoScho #christmasbookswap package. And this weekend I'll start going through everything I want to take, throw, or donate. Of course my books I'm taking with. That's a non-negotiable.

AmyG Good luck! 5mo
WellReadCatLady I live in Houston! It‘s a great city! 5mo
Sharpeipup I did a similar move last year (MN to TX) so I can relate. You‘re making good progress...keep at it! 5mo
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JoScho All of that is very exciting! My package will arrive next week when I will certainly need a pick me up-already dreading going back to work. Thanks so much! 5mo
Ashley85 I live in Houston too! Welcome! 5mo
riversong153 Good luck with the move and job hunt! How exciting!! 5mo
Amiable My brother lives in Houston and loves it there--good luck! What an exciting time. 🙂 5mo
Lcsmcat Good luck with the move! I hope it goes smoothly and you find a good book club once you get there. 5mo
cassiopia @Ashley85 @WellReadCatLady that's awesome! Do others Littens in the area ever get together? I think that would be a fun way to meet new people while getting more acquainted with the city. 5mo
cassiopia @JoScho Thank you & you're so welcome. I threw in a couple goodies that I think you'll enjoy 😄 5mo
Ashley85 Not to my knowledge. I think it would be a great idea too! 5mo
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Her Idea | Rilla Alexander
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Happy Friday everyone! I've been running #BookSwapClub over three years now, and this year I am thinking to launch a #BookSwapDay. What do you think? Will you support? Any fun ideas to celebrate?
Please do share your thoughts/ideas/comments/or even Yes or No? Feel free to #share the post and tag me 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Soubhiville What if you choose a day for it and everyone tries to host local swaps for their friends/ Litsy local meetup swap, to celebrate? 5mo
Melismatic I love this! 5mo
tracey38 I'm a little off swaps right now since my partner on my last one didn't seem to send hers out to me. 5mo
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MyBookSwapClub @tracey38 oh no Tracey I'm sorry to hear that. It was my experience during #ChristmasBookSwap, my match didn't send me mine too...I just think - it's ok, I donated and made someone's day 🙏🏼 5mo
MaGoose Yes to a book swap day, just later in the year like for Memorial Day weekend. Something book lovers can take to the beach or on vacation. Also, Friday, March 1 is Read Across America Day. March 2 is Dr. Seuss's birthday. Or celebrate the return of Daylight Saving Time on March 10 (can't wait!). 5mo
MyBookSwapClub @Melismatic we both are in NYC, let's meet up to discuss this initiative forward, and swap books of course :) 5mo
MyBookSwapClub @MaGoose great day recommendations, I'll look into it. Just finalising the content and objective of hosting a BookSwap day :) 5mo
Melismatic @MyBookSwapClub sounds good! 5mo
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Wow!!! | Terry E. Lyle
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Thank you so much @LiteraryLona - I can‘t believe how many books fit into just one box!!! This picture hardly does it all justice!!! Thank you so very much!!! What a merry Christmas!! I don‘t even know which book to begin with!!! Thank you!!!!! So thankful to be paired with you!!! #ChristmasBookSwap

LiteraryLona I tried to get everything on your wish list! 😂 Merry Christmas!! 6mo
TrishB Wow 😮 that‘s awesome! 6mo
TorieStorieS @LiteraryLona You sure did!!! You are sooo generous!!! Thank you so very much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 6mo
TorieStorieS @TrishB I know- Lona is the best!!!! 👏👏👏 6mo
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Firstly Allissa I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and sorry Australia post is so slow at this time of year😬Thank you so much for my first Litsy swap the #ChristmasBookSwap. It is fantastic. I have not read Once we were Sisters, The Girl Before or The House of Unexpected Sisters. I will love rereading Mansfield Park whilst I sip that gorgeous tea!! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness😘

LapReader Yay! Fantastic news. 6mo
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Thanks Santa @AppuNthebooks for this nice christmas gift. Thanks @MyBookSwapClub for #ChristmasBookSwap.. I loved it

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Thank you, @shobhitgupta for this wonderful book! @MyBookSwapClub #christmasbookswap Murphy‘s narration gives me excitement and anxiety in equal parts. #Unputdownable

The Dark Half | Stephen King
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Christmas was so hectic that I just now got a chance to open my #christmasbookswap and thank @KrystleTheBookSlayer for such a thoughtful box! Thank you so much!