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Alice likes the taste of this one 😂
#catsitting #catsoflitsy #WinterStormReadathon

CareBear Great picture! 🤣🤣 10mo
JoScho 😂😂😂 10mo
mabell So cute!! 10mo
Purrfectpages Love this! 😆 10mo
Puredragonstar And a #kal if I ever saw one! 😹😹😹 9mo
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Underdogs | Markus Zusak
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I had a hard time working my way through this book for several reasons but mainly I struggled with the style he chose to write these 3 stories in. Lots of repetiive things, random thoughts, etc. However, one thing I will say about Markus Zusak is that he sure knows how to make you feel for his characters. He writes real human stories and and real human emotions. Things we can all relate to. Things we all feel.
#MonthOfZusak #AuthorAMonth @EadieB

MinDea #Shadow and #Burley passed out on me 😆😆😆 #Shippy #CatsOfLitsy #DogsOfLitsy #PetsOfLitsy #CatSitting #DogSitting #GeezThatIsALotOfHashtags 😆😆😆 @Zelma Look!!!! They tolerate each other so well now! 💙 10mo
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#CatSitting with #Shadow tonight while I think about reading but also sleep sounds nice. 😆😆😆 (It's only 8:51 pm here. 🙄😆) What are you reading tonight?
#Shippy @Zelma

Chasing_Pages I read past my bedtime and I‘m slightly regretting it! Only slightly though! 😂 12mo
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Always Forever Maybe | Anica Mrose Rissi
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Current situation.

MinDea #CatSitting! 😻 12mo
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Spinning Silver | Naomi Novik
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I finally carved out some time today to sit and finish this book. #Shadow enjoyed the time for snuggles and also #Caterruptions and #Catsitting.

I struggled through this book. For some reason I couldn't even finish a chapter at a time. I felt like it was a tad "wordy" ?? However, that ending is pretty amazing. Overall, great story. So much symbolism, meaning and power behind it. Would recommend! 4.5/5 Stars!

Robothugs Ha! Catteruption. I‘m using that. 😆 I‘m glad you finished it, but sorry you struggled through it. Time to read your favorite genre! 1y
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Lcsmcat 😻 1y
MinDea @Robothugs I am either going to start The Outsiders by Stephen King or I'll be Gone in the Dark. 🤔🤔🤔 1y
Robothugs That is a tough choice. 🤔 Read 1-2 pages and see which makes you want to keep going more! 1y
mcipher By caterrupting do you mean helping?! 😂 1y
MinDea @mcipher Tomato​/TomAto 😆😆😆😆 1y
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Spinning Silver | Naomi Novik
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Trying to read but #Shadow say "looks like a great place to fall asleep". ???
#CatsOfLitsy #Caterruptions #CatSitting #Chloe @mcipher @Zelma

Slajaunie 😹 1y
kspenmoll 😂😂 1y
wanderinglynn 😂❤️🐱❤️🐱 1y
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Soubhiville 🤣😂 great capture! 1y
tammysue 😂 1y
mcipher He‘s such a lion!! 😍 Love when you get both of them together. 👍 1y
MinDea @mcipher it is rare to get them together but since getting Burley they have been together with me a little more than normal. 😆 1y
mcipher Awww, that‘s so cute! How is Burley? Settling in well? He‘s SO CUTE! ❤️ 1y
MinDea @mcipher Burley is doing really well! He just went to his first puppy class today! He is passed out from all the excitement right now. He is really a sweet puppy and has integrated into our family really well. Shadow doesn't mind him but Chloe is being a diva and not warming up to him much at all. I hope she does eventually. 1y
mcipher Cats are tough. It took Edie weeks to get used to Chloe and she‘s mellowed out a lot - a few years ago she‘d have hidden for at least a month or two! Glad he‘s settling in well. I get puppy class is so fun! 💚 1y
MinDea @mcipher yes! Chloe is the queen bee of the house so she is not liking a new person in her space. His crate is in our bedroom and that is usually her domain. So she is being very grumpy and territorial. Seems better with him when we are in other places of the house so I think it is territorial-ness. She hid for a couple weeks too when we first got him. I am so glad Edie and Chloe get along now.💙 1y
mcipher That makes sense! Hopefully she finds a new Chloe-spot and gets over it. My girls change favorite places periodically - a new open window is a big draw for Chloe especially. 1y
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Started this one last night and I can't put it down! I can't wait to find out what happened! #ARC
#Shadow is ready for some #CatSitting while I dive back in! 😸😸 #CatsOfLitsy @Zelma #Shippy

ladym30 Pretty kitty! 1y
MinDea Thank you @ladym30 ! 1y
Eggs This sounds so good 1y
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MinDea @Eggs so far it is! I have about 100 pages left and hope to finish it tonight! 1y
MelissaSue81 Have this on my kindle app from when it was on sale last week. Think I‘ll get to it soon. 1y
Zelma Nice timing on the photo. 😻 1y
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How to Walk Away | Katherine Center
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My reading life tonight.
#Edith #Chloe #catsoflitsy #catsitting #tuxedokittiesoflitsy @MinDea (I used your newest kitty hashtag!)

MinDea Love it! This is absolutely #CatSitting! 😆😆😆 When Shadow and Chloe do that to me (which is rare cause Chloe hates Shadow) I call it a #CatDoubleDecker! 😆😆😆 1y
MinDea They seem like such sweet kitties. 💙💙💙 1y
mcipher @MinDea Cat double decker!! 😂😂 Love it!! 1y
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CareBear 😻😻😻 1y
mcipher @MinDea They are really sweet snuggly girls. And Chloe is SO jealous that if Edie comes cuddle, Chloe has to be part of it. It‘s cute and Edie is pretty patient with her! 1y
mcipher @CareBear I know! They‘re awfully cute if I do say so myself. ☺️ 1y
Tanzy13 🐱🐱 1y
MinDea Do they snuggle with your son and husband or do they just love their mommy? 1y
kspenmoll Cutie! 😻 1y
rubyslippersreads 😻😻😻 1y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Omg, so cozy. That‘s like a shared cat/human heaven! 1y
Laura317 Awwwwe! That‘s so sweet. 1y
mcipher @MinDea They do snuggle with them but more with me as a pair. It‘s the books! They draw cats in. 😹 1y
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My writing buddy for the next couple of days, Captain Calvin Marshmallow. #catsitting #catsoflitsy

Zelma Fantastic name! 😆 1y
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