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Greengates: A Novel | Robert Cedric Sherriff
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#9to5 #fiercefeb
Im going to reboot a photo i posted last year and my first persephone which told the story of a couple who come to terms the husbands retirement from his 9to5 job in London - interesting as i noticed that there is film out of journeys end.

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One of the many books I have on my shelves that I‘ve never read. I think I skimmed it when I first bought it a few years ago? Maybe? There might be some good advice, by I suspect the ladies from #9to5 would have some more entertaining things to say. 😉

@Cinfhen @batsy

Cinfhen I like the book's tag line 😂😜 2y
batsy Nice! Fits the spirit of the song :) 2y
megt @Cinfhen it definitely spoke to my mid-20s self who was sick of sitting in a cube for hours on end everyday 😂 2y
megt @batsy 😊 2y
rather_be_reading stacking this! 1y
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#BookMail makes coming home from working #9to5 even sweeter. #FierceFeb

Cinfhen I agree #BookMail is the BEST 2y
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#FierceFeb #9to5 Going to non-fiction for this prompt with the latest business/self-help book I loaded on my Kindle but have not read yet. Freelance consulting is never 9 to 5 but part of my workdays often has to be generating new clients & business, something the introvert in me doesn't love. (Networking, selling myself...ugh, ugh, ugh!) 😱Even though I am told I come across as confident, inside it's not so much so I'm hoping for useable tips.

batsy I do freelance copywriting and as an introvert, you're right, the networking is the worst part 😓 I might have to check this out! 2y
Reggie Hey, sometimes you have to fake it. One time I was dating a guy who was a bit above me. And when we were out I really had to steel myself against my insecurities. Nobody roots for the person who doesn‘t root for themselves. So good job fake extroverting the hell out of yourself!!! 2y
Zelma Looking forward to seeing what you think of this one. I need major help in this area. 2y
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Cinfhen You come across as very confident and in control, Deb!!! And super personable ?but I get it's scary putting yourself "out there" 2y
DebinHawaii @batsy @Zelma I will let you know what I think. I'm going to try to fit it in this month. 📚👍 @Reggie I have gotten good at the faking it! 😆👍 @Cinfhen Thank you! 💜 I can do it all pretty comfortably except when it comes to the hard selling of myself--just not my favorite thing at all.😬 2y
LitsyOwl Yep. Me too. Yep. 😶 2y
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#fiercefeb #9to5. My new favourite contemporary #romantsy book is perfect for the prompt. Lucy and Joshua are professional rivals working in a newly merged publishing company. They “hate” each other: nudge-nudge 😉 wink 😉

batsy This seems to be a popular one on Litsy :) Looks like a nice feel-good read! 2y
Dragon That‘s true @batsy a very fun palette cleanser 🐉 2y
Cinfhen I've been seeing this book so much lately!!! I really want to read it!!! I feel like I've stacked it 10 times already yet....here I go again #stacked 2y
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Dragon Thanks @Cinfhen it‘s a fun light romance 💙🐉 2y
Cinfhen I loved it!!!! I'm thinking this book may be similar in feels 2y
Dragon No @Cinfhen but I‘m going to be stacking it!😀🐉 2y
Cinfhen Also, cool photo 2y
Dragon Thanks @Cinfhen , I like the new features for photos on Litsy. 2y
Dragon Thanks @Cinfhen The Hopefuls is on sale at the iBook store so just downloaded, thanks for the recommendation 😀🐉 2y
Cinfhen Oh, good!! Hope you love it 😊 I thought it was a good combo of fluff & heft 2y
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The Bookseller: A Novel | Cynthia Swanson
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Turns out I have very few novels that are well suited for today‘s #FierceFeb prompt 🤷🏻‍♀️ Although I seem to have several that promote the opposite. However, depending on the store, being a bookseller can be a #9to5 job.

And once again the books pictured are part of my TBR mountain. Someone viewing my posts for only the monthly photo challenge would think that I don‘t actually have any books I‘ve read on my shelves 🤣

LeahBergen Oh, I‘m the same! I get rid of most paperbacks once I‘ve read them. 2y
Melissa_J @LeahBergen oh I keep most of mine, but they never seem to work for these challenges 🤣 2y
SilversReviews LOVE the photo. Enjoyed THE BOOKSHOP ON THE CORNER. THANKS for sharing. 2y
batsy 😍 Lovely array of books! I'm keen to read the Colgan, too. 2y
Cinfhen I agree, great photo and all three would also work for #pop18 challenge #setinabookstore😊 2y
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In and out of Vogue | Grace Mirabella, Judith Warner
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Grace Mirabella worked her way up from retail sales at Macy‘s and Saks to the top at Vogue. After working 38 years at Vogue magazine (17 as Editor-In-Chief), she was very publicly fired. She then created a new magazine, Mirabella. #9to5 #FierceFeb

Cinfhen Interesting!!! 2y
Christine11 Sounds really interesting 😊 2y
DivineDiana @Cinfhen @Christine11 It is! Particularly if you are interested in the fashion industry. 2y
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Velvetfur That sounds like a really good book, and I've never heard of Mirabella, maybe it didn't come to the UK 🙁 2y
DivineDiana @Velvetfur Not sure about that. It was published from 1989-2000. 2y
batsy That sounds like it would have some great insider info about fashion magazine publishing. I'm quite intrigued by how it works behind the scenes! 2y
DivineDiana @batsy It certainly does! 2y
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Ali Smith can take the ordinary #9to5 and turn it into to something almost magical. Her words and her characters swept me up into these strangely intertwined stories and left me with a smirking appreciation of life‘s devastatingly quirky mundanity.


Cinfhen Great photo and lovely book description 2y
emilyhaldi Agreed 👆🏻 can't wait to read this one! 2y
merelybookish That cover is so pretty. My copy has a bright yellow dust jacket and title in black. 2y
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saresmoore @emilyhaldi I really liked this one. Although, I‘ve really liked everything of hers that I‘ve read! 2y
saresmoore @Cinfhen Thank you! ♥️ 2y
saresmoore @merelybookish I had to scour AbeBooks to find this cover in good shape—worth it—and I think it only cost me about $5! 2y
emilyhaldi I was on a roll with Ali Smith too until I read this one, and unfortunately wasn't a fan. Have you read it? I will continue to read everything else of hers though 🙂 2y
saresmoore @emilyhaldi I haven‘t read that one yet. I‘ve actually been hesitant to try it for some reason. Thank you for the heads up—I won‘t rush to read it! 2y
batsy You've intrigued me with that description. And agreed, that cover is lovely! This is where I shamefully admit I've never read Ali Smith. Do you recommend a particular book to start with? 2y
saresmoore @batsy Autumn is such a beautiful book. I don‘t think you could go wrong starting with that one. 2y
batsy Excellent, thanks! I keep glancing longingly at the cover in the store... Time to get it :) 2y
Moray_Reads @batsy oh, I love Ali so much. She's a joy and a delight and a marvel 2y
vivastory @batsy I wholeheartedly second @Moray_Reads 2y
saresmoore @Moray_Reads Well said. 2y
ValerieAndBooks I‘ll have to look for this — cool title, too! 2y
saresmoore @ValerieAndBooks Oh, I think you‘ll love it! Lots of clever wordplay with even more heart. 2y
batsy @Moray_Reads @vivastory ❤️ I really don't know why I havent read her yet! I definitely will 2y
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My #9to5 - also evenings and an overnight shift 😁


@Cinfhen @batsy

saresmoore With no breaks or vacations...hardest job in the world! 💪🙌 2y
CarolynM Good luck!😀🌼💕 2y
batsy What @saresmoore said 🙌💕 (that title! :) 2y
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Cinfhen I agree!!! Hardest job in the world but most rewarding!!!!! 2y
Serotonin Omgosh. Let me know how that book goes. I might need it for 3.5 year old boy 2y
lucylovestoread @Serotonin I found it really useful! The author is a bit of an old school Australian doctor but comes across as knowledgeable and funny. If nothing else it's a good reminder to be as patient as you can, even when you really can't. It's not the listed book as couldn't find it in the database, I hope you can find it! 2y
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