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Top Tips for Toddler Tantrums
Top Tips for Toddler Tantrums | Gina Ford
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Toddlers tantrums can be both embarrassing and stressful for parents. Gina Ford's Top Tips for Coping with Toddler Tantrums offers parents concise and effective advice on how to deal with this seemingly uncontrollable behaviour. Gina's no-nonsense quick and easy parenting tips will help you to: - understand why children have tantrums - learn ways to prevent a tantrum when you see it coming - calm a toddler in the middle of his tantrum - learn how to stay calm yourself This handy guide is full of practical, sensible advice to help parents, and toddlers, cope with tantrums.
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My #9to5 - also evenings and an overnight shift 😁


@Cinfhen @batsy

saresmoore With no breaks or vacations...hardest job in the world! 💪🙌 2y
CarolynM Good luck!😀🌼💕 2y
batsy What @saresmoore said 🙌💕 (that title! :) 2y
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Cinfhen I agree!!! Hardest job in the world but most rewarding!!!!! 2y
Serotonin Omgosh. Let me know how that book goes. I might need it for 3.5 year old boy 2y
lucylovestoread @Serotonin I found it really useful! The author is a bit of an old school Australian doctor but comes across as knowledgeable and funny. If nothing else it's a good reminder to be as patient as you can, even when you really can't. It's not the listed book as couldn't find it in the database, I hope you can find it! 2y
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lol...this is my life. I've been flipping through this tiny little book for about a month now. Finished it tonight. There are actually some good tips here without all of the added fluff in most books. Gina Ford is British, so I appreciate a slightly different perspective. Also, tantrums 😭😱💔

Amanda.T Oh man. Maybe I should read that. We just hit the tantrum stage. 👎🏻😱😫 2y
Chelsea.Poole @Amanda.T doesn't it make you wonder how your sweet baby could be so difficult at times?! My guy is 2.5 and he goes through rough weeks. So far he's had several pretty good days in a row! Best of luck to you!! 2y
Mommamanzi I have a 3nager and a 1 year old. Add the preteen in the mix and I'm one tantrum away from selling all of them and moving into the funnyfarm. 2y
Amanda.T @Chelsea.Poole All the time! Why do they have to grow up so fast?! Good luck to you and your little guy! 2y
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