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#4newfavsin4days #Day4
So worth reading each and every word.
Tagging @MinDea @Suet624 @ValerieAndBooks @Tiffy_Reads - Hoping to keep this going 😘

SledgeReader Get to hear author speak in September!! 13mo
kspenmoll @SledgeReader So lucky! Enjoy! 13mo
Cinfhen Yay!!! Hope the others join in 🙏🏻thanks for sharing your new faves💋 I was wowed by this book! 13mo
ValerieAndBooks I thought I had stacked this already; it looks really good and informative! 13mo
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This book got to my heart. For. Sure.

sprainedbrain That looks interesting. Stacked! 13mo
Cinfhen Echoing @sprainedbrain looks good! #stacked 13mo
Suet624 Shoot. I was supposed to find this at the library. You mentioned earlier how much you liked this. 13mo
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sprainedbrain Excellent book! 13mo
Cinfhen Still haven‘t gotten to this one 13mo
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The Hate U Give | Angie Thomas
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sprainedbrain Ooooh this is a great one!! 13mo
BookaholicNatty Loved this book!! ❤️😍 13mo
Cinfhen Yes, lots of love for this book!!!! 13mo
JaclynW Such a great one! 13mo
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This book totally surprised me. I wasn‘t expecting the force and complexity of the female protagonist that Anne Brontë so deftly depicted in this delicately woven story. This is an underrated classic that manifests beauty, subversion, wisdom, & some serious staying power.

#4newfavsin4days #4newfavesin4days

TrishB And a lovely review 😘 13mo
saresmoore @TrishB Thanks, friend! ♥️ 13mo
LeahBergen A beautiful review (AND photo). 😘 13mo
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JaclynW Great review! 13mo
saresmoore @LeahBergen @JaclynW Thank you, both! It‘s a beautiful book, inside and out. ♥️ 13mo
rubyslippersreads Lovely! 😍📚 13mo
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Crime and Punishment | Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky
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Crime and Punishment may be one of my #4newfavesin4days but Pyotr Petrovich Luzhin definitely isn't. He's that guy the #littleraskols love to hate!

LeahBergen Yep. 😖 13mo
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The Owl Service | Alan Garner
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Alan Garner's coming-of-age story brilliantly interweaves with Celtic mythology to create a tense, atmospheric modern fairy tale
#4newfavsin4days #4newfavesin4days @cinfen

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The Line of Beauty: A Novel | Alan Hollinghurst
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This recent read has become a new favorite. There are some sociopolitical elements in the story, but the character study is what brings the force to this beautiful novel. What we get from Hollinghurst‘s micro-observations is a broad picture of human life through a very specific lens. When I was reading it all in one sitting, I noted: There‘s something intensely humanizing about being trapped behind the veil of a protagonist‘s insecurities.

saresmoore I think that‘s what makes a lot of books work. Keeping the reader cut off from objectivity forces empathy, but also reveals something nuanced and powerful about the human experience that otherwise couldn‘t be articulated. Anyway, I loved this and read it in one sitting for a readathon. #4newfavesin4days #4newfavsin4days 13mo
Cinfhen Brilliant review 13mo
Bianca What a fantastic review. Are you planning on reading Hollinghurst's latest? 13mo
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saresmoore @Cinfhen Thank you! 😘 13mo
saresmoore @Bianca Thanks! I plan on at least trying all of his books. Have you read 13mo
BarbaraBB Great review of one of my favourite books as well 😘 13mo
saresmoore @BarbaraBB Thank you! ♥️ Have you read any others of Hollinghurst‘s? 13mo
BarbaraBB I have two others by him on my shelves but are postponing reading them because I like him so much ☺️ 13mo
Bianca @saresmoore No, I haven't, but it's on my tbr now. The Librarian Is In raved about it. 13mo
saresmoore @BarbaraBB I certainly understand that logic! 13mo
saresmoore @Bianca Well, let me know when you get around to it. I‘m always up for a buddy read! 13mo
Moray_Reads For some reason I always get Alan Hollinghurst mixed up with Julian Barnes. Which is strange because I've never read anything by Hollinghurst! 13mo
saresmoore @Moray_Reads And I‘ve never read anything by Barnes! Have you read/liked anything by him? They‘re both older English white male authors, so I can understand the blurring. The Line of Beauty is a really impressive book. 13mo
andrew61 I recall really enjoying it and the thatcher dance is a memorable scene. 13mo
saresmoore @andrew61 Yes, memorable indeed! 13mo
Vikkiha Great review. I loved this book. It‘s one that sticks with you. The characters are all so well developed. I would definitely read more of his books, have only read one other so far 13mo
saresmoore @Vikkiha That one sounds great! 13mo
Bianca @saresmoore Sounds good! I think I'm ten on the holds list at the library. Perhaps I'll treat myself to a copy for my birthday. 13mo
saresmoore @Bianca That sounds like a great idea! 13mo
batsy Beautiful review, Sara. Great points about objectivity vs seeing through a character's extremely flawed view (reminds me of Dostoevsky... do all roads in fiction lead me back to the big D?) A friend recommend this to me a long time ago and you've reminded me to read it. I'm also curious about 13mo
saresmoore @batsy Thank you, friend! I am seeing the connections you see, too. Especially when I compare it with what I‘ve read of early/ancient storytelling up until the 19th century, it seems like Dostoevsky‘s claustrophobic subjectivity might represent a shift in literature and global cultural mythos. It makes me want to read more of Big D! Ha! 13mo
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The Book of Negroes | Lawrence Hill
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#4NewFavesIn4Days 📚4/4 (#4NewFavsIn4Days)

Thanks for following up #7favesin7days with this great game @Cinfhen 😊So much fun seeing all the faves. Really hard picking only four though. There are so many more!

Cinfhen It was fun to see all the posts!!! 13mo
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The Trick to Time | Kit de Waal
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Day 4. I loved My Name is Leon too, this is even better I think - the writing is wonderful and the story is sad and bitter sweet and so not what I was expecting!
She‘s coming to my Uni‘s literary festival later this year and I can‘t wait 😁

Cinfhen I‘m excited for this book....especially since I ❤️Leon 13mo
Cinfhen Thanks for sharing your picks 💕💕💕 13mo
TrishB @Cinfhen it looks lovely too 💕 13mo
Cathythoughts Stacking this one 👍🏻 13mo
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