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Best Wishes, Sister B
Best Wishes, Sister B: A Gentle Feel Good Comedy | Fran Smith
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Can the unworldly sisters in a small English convent take on corporate and institutional England and win? A warm, gentle adventure in which kindness and community spirit confront the harsh climate of modern life - and refuse to be flattened.
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#NunLitQuarterly 🗳 QUARTER 3 VOTING 🗳

Okay Sisters, which of these has your vote for July 2024?

KathyWheeler Best Wishes, Sister B — but they both look like fun. 7mo
Librarybelle Best Wishes, Sister B 7mo
Deblovestoread Small Miracles 7mo
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marleed Best wishes, Sr B 7mo
JamieArc Hmmmm both of these sound lovely. I‘ll go with Small Miracles. 7mo
Aimeesue Best Wishes, Sister B. They both sound fun, but Sister B is available in ebook form and the other isn‘t, in the US at least. 7mo
quietjenn I love the sound of both of these, but since Sister B is more easily available, I'll vote for it 7mo
BookishShelly They both sound really good though Best Wishes, Sister B sounds a little better. 7mo
rubyslippersreads Both sound good, but I‘ll pick Sister B since it‘s available for Kindle. 7mo
jlhammar @Singout You can vote here for your July preference. 7mo
Singout I‘ll pick Sister B too. 7mo
Caroline2 Small mercies 7mo
batsy My vote is for Sister B. 7mo
kspenmoll Sister B 7mo
jlhammar Voting is now closed - Sister B is our winner! 7mo
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