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Many Rivers to Cross
Many Rivers to Cross | Peter Robinson
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Peter Robinson, the acclaimed author of the bestselling series Stephen King calls "the best now on the market," returns with a gripping, emotionally charged mystery in which the revered detective Alan Banks must find the truth about a murder with possible racial overtones--and save a friend from ruin. In Eastvale, a young Middle Eastern boy is found dead, his body stuffed in a wheelbarrow on the East Side Estate. Detective Superintendent Banks and his team know they must tread carefully to solve this sensitive case. But tensions rise when they learn that the victim was stabbed somewhere else and dumped. Who is the boy, and where did he come from? Then, in a decayed area of Eastvale scheduled for redevelopment, a heroin addict is found dead. Was this just another tragic overdose or something darker? To prevent tensions from reaching a boiling point, Banks must find answers quickly. Yet just when he needs to be his sharpest, the seasoned detective finds himself distracted by a close friend's increasingly precarious situation. He needs a break--and gets one when he finds a connection to a real estate developer that could be key to finding the truth. With so many loose ends dangling, there is one thing Banks is sure of--solving the case may come at a terrible cost.
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Many Rivers to Cross | Peter Robinson
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Today‘s theme in #AyUpAugust made me think of Inspector Banks, who is always putting music on!
The new one is published next month, 😊
A great detective series if anyone has not read them.


squirrelbrain I haven‘t read any Peter Robinson.... where do I start? 1mo
Andrew65 @squirrelbrain Plenty to look forward to. I actually started with book 10 to see whether I would like them then started from book 1. I think the series gets better as it progresses but book 1 gives key information about his personal life and important to read these in order to see the character development. (edited) 1mo
Andrew65 @squirrelbrain That said they do read well as standalones. This is one of my favourite detective series. Along with the Roy Grace Series by Peter James and the Rebus Series by Ian Rankin. (edited) 1mo
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Cinfhen #seriesSquad @EadieB @gradcat @TrishB what say you??? Yeah or Meh??? 1mo
EadieB @Cinfhen A big Yeah from me! 1mo
Andrew65 @EadieB Knew That would be the case. 👍😊 @Cinfhen @TrishB @gradcat Now let‘s see what the others think. (edited) 1mo
KarenUK Thanks for this! It‘s my Dad‘s favorite series, so I just pre-ordered him a copy to deliver on publishing day! 😊💕 1mo
KarenUK @Cinfhen See above, my Dad‘s all time favorite series! But I‘ve not read it! Seen the TV show though and it‘s great.... 1mo
Andrew65 @KarenUK That‘s a great daughter! 😍 1mo
Cinfhen Agreeing with @Andrew65 lovely idea @KarenUK xx 1mo
Cinfhen And glad to hear it‘s a BIG Yeah from @EadieB ❤️ 1mo
TrishB @Cinfhen I have number one ready but not started this series yet! 1mo
Andrew65 @TrishB Just bear in mind I feel it takes a few books to really establish the series.It is one series I am fully up to date on, until next month. (edited) 1mo
TrishB I‘m trying to get up to date with some others before starting new ones at the moment. But it‘s always good to know there‘s others ready! 1mo
Andrew65 @TrishB I‘m in a similar position, far too many series on the go! (edited) 1mo
gradcat @EadieB @TrishB @Andrew65 @Cinfhen I love this series, #seriessquad ... and I love the BBC adaptations as well! Having trouble with the internet this weekend, so while I have the chance...Hi y‘all + @squirrelbrain & @Crazeedi ! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! ♥️♥️♥️ 1mo
Crazeedi @Andrew65 love DCI Banks, I started at the beginning. Not quite sure where I left off. @gradcat I actually did watch some of the series 1mo
EadieB @gradcat Hi Hope you are doing well this weekend too! 8/22 is Murder at Belleview by Cara Black 1mo
gradcat @EadieB @Andrew65 I‘m ready—just purchased the ebook today. & @Crazeedi That‘s funny about DCI Banks—I can‘t remember where I am in the series either! 🙄 1mo
Crazeedi @gradcat I'll have it on my goodreads list 1mo
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