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Magical Gifts
Magical Gifts: The Experience of Professional Retraining for Social Work of Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union in Israel | Maxim Khvorostyanov
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Jill, everything is perfect! I love all of it 😍 the books are so great, I‘m trying to focus on female-written books this year. I love the socks and stickers too. Of course, Linus (shamelessly) felt the need to help open my goodies... he doesn‘t even look sorry about it. Don‘t worry, I read the note before he decided to “help” 🙄 @Jilly6183 thank you for everything 💜 #bbsredacted

Jilly6183 Yay! So glad you like everything. And there's a little more to come (I might be in line at a famous place as we speak). I was away the last few days but will open yours as soon as I get home! 4mo
Jilly6183 Also I love Linus, card eating notwithstanding 😂 4mo
PerksOfBeingABookworm @Jilly6183 hmm, I‘m intrigued. I can‘t think of any famous places where you might be. Linus (and Julep, our other dog) is pretty easy to love, even when he‘s being ornery. It‘s his cute face. 4mo
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Jilly6183 @PerksOfBeingABookworm Well, I don't know how famous it is to the rest of the country - you can only get it at their tap room in MA. They don't sell it out to bars or liquor stores. I'll tell you more about it with your next shipment! 4mo
mcipher @Jilly6183 Trillium? Treehouse? Am i close?! 😆 4mo
Jilly6183 @mcipher Yes! I won't say which one yet but I will say I got there less than 10 minutes after it opened and I waited in line for an hour and a half 4mo
mcipher @Jilly6183 Are you in the Boston area? I would be so into a beer and book meetup someday - and I‘m less than 2 hours from Boston.... 4mo
Jilly6183 @mcipher Yes! I live in Abington, which is about 20 minutes south of Boston. I was in CT for work the last few days so I took a detour to stop at the brewery on my way home. A book and beer meet up at some point would be great! 4mo
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Yay they're here!!! @britt_brooke and @Mommamanzi

Mommamanzi Artwork by @MommyOfTwo (totally recycled the box!) 4mo
britt_brooke Yay!! 4mo
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Thank you @Linsy !!! Fantastic timing to have arrived on Christmas Eve! 😊 So unexpected but so very appreciated. They are perfect and lovely! I will use the smaller one as a bookmark holder and the bigger one will certainly be kept occupied with all the seasonal flowers from my flower beds! You‘ve certainly made my #Christmas merrier! Your #challenge was a first for me, a bonus to have received these for participating! Merry Christmas!

Linsy I‘m so glad they arrived!! Thank you again for participating, and for being so gracious with my slowness! 7mo
Linsy I just thought those were so pretty! 7mo
CoverToCoverGirl They are lovely and as the old saying says.. Good, really good things come to those who wait! 😊 @Linsy (edited) 7mo
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I love the generosity of the Litsy community💜💜
@DuckOfDoom Thanks for these books and the surprise bookmarks☺️ I can‘t wait to read them!!

DuckOfDoom Brandon Sanderson never disappoints!! The books are fantastic - so good that I bought them in Hardcover so they will survive all the rereading 7mo
JLaurenceCohen Great books, though a bit long 7mo
LittleBug @JLaurenceCohen To me there‘s no such thing as a book that‘s too long😊☺️ 7mo
JLaurenceCohen @LittleBug lol, maybe I should say that Sanderson is overly fond of describing things like cornices 7mo
LittleBug @JLaurenceCohen I‘ve only read the Wheel of Time books he wrote... That series is not particularly short either😉 I‘m curious to see if I‘ll recognise a style...maybe in his descriptions🥴 7mo
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Yay! The NY package from Canada is here! @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Yours are on the way - all three of them. Things did not go as planned... All of them won‘t make it this year. We can open them once you get the last one, if you like. The first book I ordered got lost on the way, then they sent the wrong one, so had to switch over to plan B. 🤯

Soubhiville Creative use of citrus! I wondered if you had citrus in your swap box- we always got oranges in our stockings, so I found that nostalgic 😆 7mo
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Look 👀 what was in my mailbox this morning! 🎁. Thank you @Mitch and Mel! I‘m going to wait until your package arrives there (mailed yesterday) and we can decide then when to open them ❤️

Mitch Glad it got there safe! 🎄 7mo
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#JbUK Thankyou Caroline ❤️. This is such a beautiful card & the bookmarks are gorg 👍🏻. Thanks, this is all very magical 💫

TrishB Lovely 💕 12mo
laurenbescoby The card is lovely! 😍 12mo
RachelO So pretty! 12mo
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Reggie Wow, gorgeous indeed. 12mo
Sophoclessweetheart How beautiful x 12mo
Caroline2 I‘m glad you like it! 😉 12mo
youneverarrived Lovely card! 💕 12mo
rohit-sawant That's wonderful! 12mo
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