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Becoming | Michelle Obama
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I was so excited to get my own copy of this book today! I‘ve already skipped ahead to the pictures — now on to the reading! 💕 #MichelleObama #WomanCrushWed #OprahBookClub

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Night Owl Loonette | Gavin Jackson
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#WomanCrushWed Still thinking of my first crush love for Loonette. 🎈 Voice actress Alyson Court was also Claire in the Resident Evil video games. 😄 On that note, there was a great Loonette reappearance on the show 22 Minutes. @Jess7 #ReadingResolutions 📺🤡 Loonette on Creepy Clowns https://youtu.be/nG6KKnc1lKs

JacqMac Interesting. One of my sons also loved Loonette, 2y
Meeko93 Love love love this show 2y
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A Dangerous Crossing | Ausma Zehanat Khan
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My #authorcrush for #womancrushwed is the incomparable Ausma Zehanat Khan. Not only does she write intelligent, socially conscious mysteries and intriguing fantasies based heavily around Muslim and Arabian-inspired history and folklore, she is a kind, thoughtful, and engaging personality on Twitter. I just adore her. #readingresolutions. The tagged book releases next Tuesday and I can‘t wait!

MatchlessMarie Love your bookshelf buddy! 🦒 2y
DGRachel @MatchlessMarie Thanks! I‘ve collected giraffes for as long as I can remember. I think I‘ve had this one for at least a decade, probably longer. 😊 2y
cathysaid Yes! I agree with this author pick! 2y
GypsyKat Ahh! I love giraffes!!! 😍🦒🦒🦒 2y
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🤓 #ThisRemindsMeOf Hermione Granger, who uses her intelligence and study skills to be awesome in every Harry Potter book. #WomanCrushWed #ReadingResolutions

Jess7 Nice #wcw choice! 2y
DivaDiane She‘s the best nerdy heroine! 2y
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#readingresolutions day7 #WomanCrushWed is Sylvia Plath! I love everything she ever wrote, she was such an incredible person! @Jess7

TrishB Agreed 👍🏻❤️ 2y
MatchlessMarie She is definitely a kindred spirit 🐝💛 2y
Bklover @ju.ca.no @TrishB @MatchlessMarie Okay- I‘ve been wanting to try Sylvia Plath. What would you recommend reading first? 2y
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TrishB @Bklover prose would be The Bell Jar and poetry - always Ariel for me 😁 2y
Bklover @TrishB Thank you!! 2y
Elsje The Bell Jar is almost on top of my MTBR :-) 2y
ju.ca.no @Bklover @TrishB I second the Bell Jar for a first read! And Ariel is also my favourite poemcollection by her😊 2y
ju.ca.no @Elsje it‘s such a great book, enjoy!! 2y
Elsje The book just climbed a few spaces up the mountain ;-) 2y
Bklover @ju.ca.no Thank you!! 🧡 2y
ju.ca.no @Elsje good decision 😊 it‘s worth it💪🏼 2y
Elsje 😊 2y
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
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Elizabeth Bennet is such a fantastic character! She‘s the first woman I thought of for #WomanCrushWed ♥️📖 #ReadingResolutions @Jess7

Vinjii This is my favourite adaptation 😍 2y
GypsyKat @Vinjii Mine too!!!! 2y
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The Virginia Woolf Reader | Virginia Woolf
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State of Wonder | Ann Patchett
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Ann Patchett‘s ability to construct perfect sentences always amazes me. I love her books.

@Jess7 #ReadingResolutions #womancrushwed #favoritefemaleauthors

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Sounds a bit like a description of my #cat Nicky, doesn't it? 😻And fellow ailurophile and favorite author L. M. Montgomery is my #womancrushwed #readingresolutions #quotsyfeb18

batsy 😍 2y
2BR02B Nicky (and her adorable dicky) is gorgeous! 2y
rubyslippersreads @2BR02B He's actually a feline gentleman, but Nicky says 😽! 2y
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rubyslippersreads @batsy 😽😽😽 2y
LeahBergen Handsome devil! 😘 2y
Librariana So dapper! And so distinguished looking! Very handsome kitty indeed. The description DOES sound just like him! 2y
rubyslippersreads @Librariana Nicky says thank you! 😽 2y
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