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I have to be honest and say my #WeeklyForecast in reading will probably be as accurate as a weather report but here goes:
🍁Lilli de Jong for #LilliRead
🍁As Bright as Heaven for #LMPBC
🍁White Fragility for #NFNov
🍁Seven Days of Us for #IRLBookClub
🍁City of Girls for #BBRC & #20booksby2020 -Really need to finish this ebook before the library steals it away!

Cinfhen I like your lineup!!! What does your weather forecast look like??? 3mo
BookNAround Tip of the hat for that amazing simile. 😉 3mo
Crazeedi I enjoyed city of girls! 3mo
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megnews @Cinfhen 40s and 50s til Thursday and Friday when we‘re supposed to go down to the thirties. Ick. 3mo
megnews @BookNAround why, thank you! 3mo
megnews @Crazeedi I‘m about halfway through and loving it! 3mo
rsteve388 1 pt and White Fragility was intense important but intense. Be ready to be held to account. 3mo
Cinfhen Oh no!! 30‘s means #WinterIsComing 🌬⛄️ 3mo
megnews @Cinfhen this week two days in the 20s and snow called for Tuesday! (edited) 2mo
Cinfhen Yikes!!!!!! Snow! Today‘s temperature for me was a pleasant 88 degrees😜 2mo
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Managed to get a Halloween read in before having to leave the house. We have a weather advisory for the next few days and it's pretty cold and blustery out right now. Looks like #Winteriscoming. 🤷🏼‍♂️

This was pretry good. It's the same creative team that did Batman Long Halloween, and while that story was better, this one was still lots of fun too! 👍

#TeamStoker +6pts

TheReadingMermaid Yeah buddy! Love those Halloween Batman comics!!! 🧟‍♀️ 3mo
IamIamIam Ooooh, I don't know if we have this one!!!! 3mo
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Freak April snow storm = impromptu read-a-thon. That and counting the hour until Game of Thrones premiere. #winteriscoming in multiple ways...

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Revival: A Novel | Stephen King
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Working on GOT throw pillows for my Etsy shop. The back will have the house words like this one will say Winter is Coming. Getting me in the mood for the last season 😭💙❤️ #audiocrocheting #gameofthrones #winteriscoming

Coffee with Mozart | Julian Rushton, John Tavener
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📸 :: Death Wish Coffee Co.

The Immortalists | Chloe Benjamin
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Winter storm warning here in New England. ❄️ They‘re predicting 2+ feet starting this afternoon and going straight through until early Monday morning. Bring on the snowpocalypse, I‘ve got a new book (recommended by @Mem_ugh ), hot beverages, and an adorable puppy to keep me company.
#newyearwhodis #winteriscoming

Mem_ugh You are doing awesomely on the list I gave you, I‘m big time slacking! I do have holds on a few of your titles though. Hope you like this one 12mo
BookNerd9906 @Mem_ugh I‘ll keep you posted, but it seems as though we have similar tastes in books so I think I will. 🥰 12mo
TheReadingMermaid 💖💕 12mo
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Clash of Kings | George R R Martin
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Enjoying a cup of tea, George R.R. Martin's incredible writing style, and wishing the holiday season wasn't over. ❤️❤️
#booklover #winteriscoming #wherediddecembergo

Marriage Vacation | Pauline Brooks
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This should be a fun read. I love the show Younger.
My GoT mug! ❤️❤️

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“It‘s the kind of climate, my grandma says, in which it‘s difficult to maintain your character.”

This comment is made in reference to extreme heat... but I live in New England & thus live in dread of the opposite. 😩❄️


Jen_Reads I need winter. It‘s tiring to have 70 degree days and the next in the 50s. 1y
Bookishthoughts Extreme heat can make best friends quick mortal enemies😄 1y
BookNerd9906 I live in NE too, but I‘ve been in California for the last week, it‘s been sunny and 75 everyday. I‘m dreading coming home 😬 1y
monalyisha @BookNerd9906 I was in AZ for 10 days & got back last week. I can‘t say I‘m pleased about the weather. 😣 1y
BookNerd9906 Nooo 😫❄️👎 1y
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Volume 20, pomegranate lip balm, and a purrrrrrfect early birthday gift from the husband: a magnifying glass necklace, with cat and mouse cover! #crazycatlady #cats #Persephone #WinterisComing #love

Nebklvr I loved Trixie! 1y
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