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Once Upon a River | Diane Setterfield
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I'm about halfway through this book and loving it! It's been awhile since I've read anything that has me as hooked as this book does! Who is the little girl who came back from the dead? Why has she lost the ability to speak? So many questions I can't wait to find out the answers! #unputdownable

LitsyWelcomeWagon Welcome to Litsy! Hope these #Litsytips by @RaimeyGallant http://bit.ly/litsytips and #LitsyHowTo videos: goo.gl/UrCpoU are helpful. There‘s so many fun things to do: book exchanges, buddy reads, photo challenges and more! #LitsyWelcomeWagon 2mo
RaimeyGallant Welcome! 2mo
Reading_in_the_meadow @LitsyWelcomeWagon Fabulous! Thank you!! 2mo
Nute Welcome to Litsy! It‘s a warm and friendly community. I know that you will enjoy yourself here. I‘m looking forward to getting to know you!🙂 5d
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I really enjoyed this one! The writing was fantastic and I really liked the main character. This book was fast-paced and very hard to put down (definitely stayed up too late reading it 🤓). Although it had the potential to be very dark and scary, it was not overly so. I learned after reading the book that it will soon be a movie starring Amy Adams! 🤩#thewomaninthewindow #ajfinn #danielmallory #unputdownable #booktomovie

JohannaRose I loved this book and I had no idea it was going to be made into a movie! That‘s awesome! 4mo
rethier1 @JohannaRose I didn‘t either! It apparently comes out in October! 😻 4mo
JohannaRose @rethier1 Oh wow that soon! I‘ll be looking for it! Thanks 😊 4mo
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cathipink Did you read the articles about Daniel Mallory that came out a few months ago? 4mo
rethier1 @cathipink Yes indeed. He seems to be quite unfamiliar with telling the truth. Sounds like an...interesting...guy. 😬 4mo
Ericalambbrown Loved this one! 4mo
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Recursion | Blake Crouch
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Wow, believe the hype, people! This will probably be one of the best books of the year. It was thought-provoking and fascinating. Can‘t wait to see what #Netflix (#shondarhimes #mattreeves) does with this one. #botm #recursion #blakecrouch #unputdownable #mindblown

allthingskayla Wait, it is going to be put on Netflix?! 😱 4mo
rethier1 @allthingskayla Yes, ma‘am! Netflix picked it up before it was even published 🤩 4mo
allthingskayla @rethier1 😱😱😱 you just made my day. I loved the book, so I‘m excited to see it on screen now. 4mo
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Macnjen Is it important to read “Dark Matter” first? 4mo
rethier1 @Macnjen I have not read Dark Matter, so I do not think so. 4mo
Kboltz @Macnjen no need to read Dark Matter to read this... bit you should anyway because it‘s good too!:) 4mo
DaNae.Gr Thanks for the review. Currently reading now and so far, loving it. 4mo
rethier1 @DaNae.Gr Awesome, glad to hear it! Enjoy! 📚🥳 4mo
Kammbia1 I finished reading it over the weekend. Excellent thriller and worth the hype. 2mo
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Weekend, wine, and Stella Fortuna --> perfection! My husband is in the kitchen with my cousin cooking up some dinner, the boys are playing, and I'm with my book. Lovin' the way this evening is turning out! 🥰 📖 🍷
Ps-- I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! (About 2/3 the way through)

Tamra You a lucky gal! (edited) 5mo
SilversReviews It is GOOD. ENJOY!! 5mo
ravenlee Sounds pretty fantastic! 5mo
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Chelsea.Poole @Tamra so true! 5mo
Chelsea.Poole @SilversReviews oh my goodness, it's #unputdownable at this point! Racing to the end, but also trying to savor it. 5mo
Chelsea.Poole @ravenlee it was a good night 😊 5mo
SilversReviews @Chelsea.Poole It is a book to savor. 😊 5mo
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Secrets She Left Behind | Diane Chamberlain
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Well, I think this sequel to Before The Storm is even stronger!! All of the same characters are back- though a year has passed since the events of the first book. This one focuses more on the Westons but the Lockwoods are still main characters too as the book covers multiple perspectives. I both listened and read it- #unputdownable for sure, as this ended up taking up my whole evening- in the most pleasant way!! 😄

Read Me: University of Sydney Anthology 2011 | University of Sydney students
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So, after my last (very addictive) read, I'm ready for something similar. I want a super fast plot, something that keeps you turning pages. I'm in the mood for one of those books that makes you drop everything else for it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm if so, tag them in this post or make your own with the hashtag #unputdownable 😊 🌸 📖

LapReader Jane Harper‘s books. A fellow Aussie. 5mo
Ericalambbrown I burned through this one (edited) 5mo
Reggie I just finished it and it‘s on a list that recommends books if you liked You so you might like it. 5mo
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Chelsea.Poole @LapReader love Jane Harper! I've read The Dry and Force of Nature and waiting for The Lost Man to come in for me from the library! Thanks 😊 5mo
Chelsea.Poole @Reggie I've got that one on hold too, but I wasn't sure about it. I'm going to give it a go if it's similar 😊 5mo
Chelsea.Poole @Ericalambbrown I've never heard of that one, thanks! Stacked 👍🏻 5mo
Chelsea.Poole @mhillis thank you! I've seen the cover a few places but didn't put much thought into it. It's on my list now! 😊 5mo
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Watching You | Lisa Jewell
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“Her eyes narrowed and locked completely on to him, her finger pointing at him and her mouth clearly forming the word you.”

#CurrentlyReading #unputdownable #suspense #LibraryGoodie

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Pet Sematary | Stephen King
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Reading while working at the Reference Desk today. Hopefully we have a quieter-than-usual Sunday, but with tax and registration-renewal season in high gear we‘ll see.

This is one of those #unputdownable books for me. Haven‘t read it since I was a kid and loving it all over again, even more so after learning what King relates in the intro.

Already had one nightmare reading this again! 😆

Anyone seeing the upcoming movie?


JazzFeathers Always been one of my favourite King. Haven't read it in ages. 8mo
KatieanneF This book has given me nightmares too (Zelda!!). I‘m excited for the movie! It appears a major plot point has been changed but I‘m still stoked lol 8mo
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#Unputdownable The victim is alive nearing the half-way mark, and that ups the dynamics of the characters. Aside: The narrator of my 2nd book of 2019, Nurse Leatheran, is a far cry from the daring & chutzpah of Dervla Murphy. It takes place in a country the latter cycled through. But the impressions formed by the fictional Nurse is poles apart. I guess it‘s proof of the times - one published in 1936, and an adventure undertaken in 1963. #Christie

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No Exit: A Novel | Taylor Adams
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I stayed up waaaaay past my bedtime last night to finish this. Once I got to the halfway mark I could not put it down!

Scary and gory and gripping, this thriller will make you really glad to be warm indoors. 🥶

#botm #thriller #scarybook #unputdownable

KristenDuck Sounds like a good one! 8mo
readtheworld @KristenDuck It is! Though it was definitely past my level of comfort for gore and scariness (I‘m a bit of a wimp!) 8mo
annkuch13 Such a good book! I love this photo! 8mo
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readtheworld @annkuch13 thanks! 🙃 8mo
allthingskayla This book is so amazing. 8mo
ShereeCook Waiting for this to arrive in the mail. So excited to get stuck into it 8mo
RadicalReader @readtheworld absolutely awesome to have books so gripping you can‘t put down especially when you want to stop at the end of the chapter but then you‘re hooked because of the plot or the sentence of the chapter. 8mo
readtheworld @RadicalReader Yes, exactly! This book‘s pages basically turned themselves. 8mo
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