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I‘m really enjoying this book and have found a documentary on #netflix #thelastczars its much like back in school after reading and doing an essay on a book of literature you got to watch a movie depicting said book 🤗🤗🤗🤗

#Poser | Cambria M Hebert
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Ah, Pose.

Have any fellow Littens been as obsessed with this #Netflix show as I have been? I‘m crazy about it! I‘m done with season one but I want to read, watch, listen to ANYTHING with a similar vibe- 80s, Ball Culture, LGBT, etc. Any recommendations? 💗 #LGBT #Pose #Queer #QueerLit #LGBTQ

bookishkris Season 2 is airing now on FX. I adore the show, especially Billy Porter as Pray Tell. Watch “Paris Is Burning”, which is THE documentary on ball culture, and there‘s a more recent follow-up whose title is escaping me at the moment. As for books, recent ones would be Like A Love Story, King Queens and Inbetweens, and House of Impossible Beauties. If you‘re looking for more general queer book recs, let me know, I have about a million. 2w
bookishkris And it‘s not specifically about drag/ball culture, but does discuss the politics of class issues and gender identity, and is one of the most powerful books I‘ve read in my life: 2w
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BlameJennyJane @collegecatlady thanks tons! I picked this up on Kindle. Yay! 2w
BlameJennyJane @bookishkris thank you thank you! I saw Paris is Burning in college and have it on my watchlist cuz that was half a life ago! I also preordered Like a Love Story but haven‘t opened it yet so that and House of Impossible Beauties are up next! I‘ll check out the other two as well. Don‘t be surprised when I come to you for more queer recommendations! Most of what I read and watch is pretty mainstream/popular... so I need the recs! 😊😊 2w
bookishkris You‘re very welcome. If you don‘t mind, I‘ll tag a bunch of books in this comment thread, and then you can just come back to it when you want. YA is ripe with queer rep these days, much more than adult fiction. I‘ll rec what I consider “essential” queer reading, which is a mix of fiction and non, with a pretty equal rep of gay men and lesbians. Trans rep, and non binary, is still a work in progress. 2w
bookishkris Absolutely stunning books and essays by Paul Monette: Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir, Last Watch of The Night, and 2w
BlameJennyJane That would be fantastic @bookishkris ! I appreciate your thoughtfulness and willingness to tag some additional reads. And I follow you so as you discover new reads I‘ll keep up on it. And if you think of anything else, esp non-binary reads... Is love to hear about it- Fiction, non-Fiction, you name it! 🤗 2w
bookishkris YA about girls: Annie On My Mind, All of Us With Wings, Ivy Aberdeen‘s Letter to the World, 2w
bookishkris @BlameJennyJane, it‘s no trouble at all. I love love love talking queer books with people who are interested! 2w
bookishkris YA about boys: Pretty much everything David Levithan has written, but especially Wide Awake, Two Boys Kissing, and Boy Meets Boy. We Contain Multitudes. Locke & West. Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda. There Goes Sunday School. 2w
bookishkris Trans and non-binary (all genres): I Wish You All the Best. Zenobia July. Becoming Emily, Just Girls, and Nico and Tucker by Rachel Gold. Confessions of the Fox. Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl. 2w
bookishkris Read these, and then watch the PBS miniseries (there are two) before watching the Netflix one.
bookishkris The Kate Martinelli books by Laurie R King 2w
EKonrad Saw the cast of Pose at a TV event in Hollywood. They‘re all just as amazing and inspiring in person as they are onscreen! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2w
BlameJennyJane @bookishkris these recommendations are fantastic! I‘m already digging in and so very much appreciate the time it took for you to include all of these! I edited my originL post to include some hashtags so others might find as well. And I have space for more # if you have ideas! 💗 2w
bookishkris Hahaha, @BlameJennyJane I was thinking this afternoon that I have SO much more to add! Tomorrow when I go back to my library/craft room and look at my other bookshelves, I‘ll put some more in the comments. 2w
BlameJennyJane @EKonrad that is so exciting!!! I would have LOVED to experience something like that! 😻 2w
BlameJennyJane @bookishkris well, you add away!! Lol. I welcome it. 😁 2w
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I really want to start watching The Last Czars on Netflix, but I also really want to finish reading this first! Agonizing decisions! 😉 #currentlyreading #netflix #thelastczars

Julsmarshall I‘m watching #thelastczars It is so good! 1w
Andrea313 @Julsmarshall I broke down and watched it before I finished reading. Loved every bit of it! 7d
Lauraandherbooks I‘m watching the first episode right now!! 4d
Andrea313 @Lauraandherbooks I hope you love it! I sure did. 4d
Lauraandherbooks @andrra313 I look forward to reading it !! 3d
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Recursion | Blake Crouch
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Wow, believe the hype, people! This will probably be one of the best books of the year. It was thought-provoking and fascinating. Can‘t wait to see what #Netflix (#shondarhimes #mattreeves) does with this one. #botm #recursion #blakecrouch #unputdownable #mindblown

allthingskayla Wait, it is going to be put on Netflix?! 😱 1mo
rethier1 @allthingskayla Yes, ma‘am! Netflix picked it up before it was even published 🤩 1mo
allthingskayla @rethier1 😱😱😱 you just made my day. I loved the book, so I‘m excited to see it on screen now. 1mo
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Macnjen Is it important to read “Dark Matter” first? 1mo
rethier1 @Macnjen I have not read Dark Matter, so I do not think so. 1mo
Kboltz @Macnjen no need to read Dark Matter to read this... bit you should anyway because it‘s good too!:) 1mo
DaNae.Gr Thanks for the review. Currently reading now and so far, loving it. 1mo
rethier1 @DaNae.Gr Awesome, glad to hear it! Enjoy! 📚🥳 1mo
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I've never ventured into the graphic novel / Comic section of my library before! So I was pleasantly shocked to see that my library has these two sitting there, waiting for me😆 Read them both in one sitting and really liked them. Still prefer the Netflix series more 😁🙈 Can't wait for season 2!
Who else love this? #Netflix series or the original #Comics / #GraphicNovel ?
#Library #LibraryBooks #booknerd

KirstieE I looooved the show !! Still deciding if I‘m gonna read the comics or not yet 1mo
GypsyKat Love that show!!! 1mo
BooknerdsLife @KirstieE @GypsyKat Same! Really love the show! It‘s such a great adaptation 🤗 This comic is not bad either, very interesting & different, the only reason I didn‘t rate it “Pick” is I‘m not a big comic fan. & I only read it cause of the show plus it‘s free from library 🤗 1mo
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You | Caroline Kepnes
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5-29-19: My 43rd finished book of 2019! #you #carolinekepnes #netflix

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I fell in love with Lara Jean and Peter K‘s story after watching the #Netflix adaption of TATB. And just when I thought there couldn‘t be a better pairing than LJ and Peter K, along comes John Ambrose McLaren 😝. A must if you‘re a fan of TATB!

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Look at my tiny baby Concord grapes! 🍇 I'm so into this book and would love to do nothing but read. Family life with my two young boys is always what comes first. If you're a #truecrime reader like me I think you'll enjoy this one. There's a series on #Netflix called Mindhunter based on the book with the same title by these authors.

Clare-Dragonfly I thought I had already stacked this. I love his books. 2mo
LauraJ Season 2 is coming in August!!! 2mo
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Quicksand | Malin Persson Giolito
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A Swedish teenager is on trial for mass murder of her classmates. However, this book is much more than this explanation. An examination of wealth and privilege, "outsiders", love and obsession, and so much more about the human condition. Some of the text was a bit clunky, in the way that translated works sometimes are. Altogether, this was an excellent crime novel, from a different perspective. Also, a #Netflix series I plan to watch soon.

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The Haunting of Hill House | Shirley Jackson
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I like this book very much. Also, I finished watching the Netflix series yesterday. They are quite a bit different, keeping just the central idea same but yes, I loved both. The book and the series both have so much deeper aspects to dive into. They keep you hooked till the end too.
I'd suggest you to try both💕
First the book, definitely.
#netflix #horror #sunday #bookreview