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Harry Potter: fun book | J.K. Rowling
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@Redjewel_7734 tagged me for #topfivefaves

Series: Harry Potter your never to old
Movie: Sweet Home Alabama
Color: Green
Desert: Cheesecake
Flower: Easter Lily

Your turn @Eryn2513 @Bostonmomx2 @eanderson

Redjewel_7734 HP is the best!!!! 🙌🏻 2y
Avanders And I see you have done this. 💁🏽☺️ 2y
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The Book of Three | Lloyd Alexander
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Thanks, @jdtchicago I think I was tagged for #topfivefaves before, so I'll do new answers this time. It was hard picking favorites anyway.
1. Series: Chronicles of Prydain
2. Movie: Rear Window
3. Color: Blue
4. Dessert: Tiramisu
5. Flower: Amaryllis

pppooraikul This chronicles! 😍 2y
RealBooks4ever Always wanted to read this series! 😻 2y
LeeRHarry I'm slowly collecting this series for my nephew - I think he'd like them, particularly as he's a little Welshie 😊 2y
DivineDiana Rear Window is a favorite! Grace Kelly's wardrobe is divine! 2y
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books_from_my_shelves Pride and Prejudice !!!❤❤❤ 2y
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Hydrangeas: A Gardener's Guide | Toni Lawson-Hall, Brian Rothera
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I was taggeg by @myreadingcorner for the #TopFiveFaves.. It was more difficult than I thought it would be, to choose just one series and just one movie!!

📚 Harry Potter
🎬 Forrest Gump
💚 Green
🎂 Ice Cream
🌸 Hydrangea (that's a photo of my garden, last spring 💖)

whoever sees this post and hasn't already tagged, feel free to join!! 😊

books_from_my_shelves Oh, I love all of them, too.❤ 2y
La_Cori @myreadingcorner ❤❤ when I saw your post, I was craving for some tiramisù 😋 2y
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New Late Night Top 10 Lists | David Letterman
Eggs 1. Anne of Green Gables 2. Good Will Hunting 3.peach 4. French silk pie 5. Pink peonies 2y
books_from_my_shelves I ❤ Winnie the Pooh! 2y
Wbabdullah Thanks for the tag @jdtchicago ! I did do #topfivefaves but did not do the dinner party one so I'll get back to you on that!! Wbabdullah's #topfivefaves post on Litsy
Shemac77 Series: Gilmore Girls, Movie: Bull Durham, Color: green, Dessert: cheesecake, flower: lilacs! 2y
Angeles 1. The Lord of the rings, 2 Casablanca,3 Red 4 Anything with chocolate 4. Hyacinth or Tulips, I can't make up my mind 2y
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The Favorites | Mary Yukari Waters
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I was tagged by the lovely @Redjewel_7734 for #topfivefaves!

🌵Series : OMG this is so hard to say! Probably Harry Potter... I have loved the Cinder Chronicles!
🌵Movie: everything Marvel does or the Fall
🌵Color: Rainbow because it's all the colors!
🌵Dessert: Almost anything!! But something with cookies in it...
🌵Flower: Daffodils

I tag: @CandycaneBelle @Avanders @Onlaughterandliteracy @Jess7

GypsyKat Both of those series are fantastic! ❤️ 2y
Avanders ❤️ HP.. haven't yet read the Cinder books.. but the first is on the shelves! Fully agree re rainbows 🌈... it's the same I said on mine! 🤗🤗 2y
litmuggle My youngest always answers 🌈 too its a smart choice 2y
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The Favorites | Mary Yukari Waters
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I was tagged by @kylienoele for #topfivefaves. So here it goes...I'll name some other faves from ones I've listed before...
Series: The Keltiad
Movie: Beaches
Color: Green
Dessert: s'mores
Flower: Wildflowers

I tag @faelinwolf @WordyForever @litmuggle @myreadingcorner @Alicia Can't wait to see your posts 😊😍

books_from_my_shelves Oh,thank you.My very first tag.😃 2y
tpixie Lovely flowers 🌺 2y
cpreja I love wild flowers! 2y
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Redjewel_7734 @myreadingcorner 😊Yay!!! Can't wait to see your favorites! 2y
Redjewel_7734 @tpixie @cpreja they are flowers up & down the side of my road...I like to stop & take pics during walks. 😊 2y
books_from_my_shelves @Redjewel_7734 thank you.😃 I' ve posted them already.😃 2y
tpixie @Redjewel_7734 how wonderful!! Thank you Lady Bird Johnson for her love of wildflowers and for founding the National highway beautification act and the national wildflower research center 2y
Redjewel_7734 @tpixie 🙌🏻I definitely second that. 2y
tpixie 🎉🌺🎉 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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1. Harry Potter
2. Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
3. Yellow
4. Tiramisu
5. Daisy


Untitled | Unknown
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I was tagged by @kylienoele for #TopFiveFaves (thanks, friend 😘) and as you all can see, I suck at picking favorites. I have such a hard time choosing! So I kinda cheated. 😜

I'm tagging @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @ForeverNerdy @LeahBergen @That-Bookish-Hiker @hes7 @raelaschoenherr if you want to play along. I'm also making this an open tag, so if you want to play along please do so! And feel free to tag me so I can see you post. 😊

LeahBergen I already did a post for this but ... I could probably do a completely new one now (a few days later). 😂 Thanks for the tag! 😘 2y
GypsyKat @LeahBergen I must have miss it! But I know what you mean! 😊❤️ 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 Oh I love your picks! And HP! 💕💜💕💜 2y
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