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East of Eden | John Steinbeck
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Hey #EoE buddy readers! As you read Part One I‘m throwing out an obvious thought/question... the significance of the book‘s title?! Are you familiar with the story of Adam & Eve/ Original Sin/ Cain & Abel from The Book of Genesis ??! Are you finding parallels??? Can‘t wait to discuss this and so much more on Friday, June 21

Anyone can still join in!!! Reading and discussing Part One on Friday 6/21

sisilia I haven‘t started but I saw a clip of the movie with James Dean in it. Gorgeous!!! I‘m guessing it‘s Cain Abel story, fighting over a girl? Lol. I‘m going in blindly 🙈 Excited about this now 7mo
Cinfhen James Dean??? That‘s flippin awesome @sisilia I NEED to watch the film after the book 😎and your copy of this book is gorgeous 🐧🧡 7mo
bookandbedandtea I haven't started! 😫 Hopefully tomorrow night. I am familiar with those stories from Genesis so I'll be intrested in comparisons to the book. 7mo
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DebinHawaii @Cinfhen @sisilia I looked the movie up & it is playing on cable on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) tomorrow morning here so I am going to DVR it & watch it again (it's been years & years) after reading the book. 7mo
Cinfhen Great @bookandbedandtea #FoodForThought 🍎and you are receiving more #signsfromabove @DebinHawaii 🙏🏻 7mo
mrp27 Movie is great, I've seeing several times and James Dean is deliciously handsome but already the book is so much more! I already finished part one. 7mo
sisilia @DebinHawaii @Cinfhen I‘ll save the movie for later. Can‘t wait to drool over JD 😍 On a slightly different note, a lady in my last year‘s meditation course has garden of eden tattoo all over her back. It‘s gorgeous!!! 7mo
batsy I've not watched the movie and like @sisilia I'll also save the swooning over JD till I finish the book 😆 I'm familiar with the stories Cindy but haven't actually read the Bible so I look forward to seeing comments on that when I'm done with Part 1. I just got introduced to Cathy... I'm so intrigued and also have a bone to pick with Steinbeck about his women so far... 7mo
Simona As @batsy I‘m familiar with the stories, but never read the Bible ... 7mo
Cinfhen I think a basic knowledge of the Bible stories will still help to make the connections @Simona @batsy it‘ll be interesting to see. I‘m SOOOOOO TEMPTED to read ahead @mrp27 7mo
Cinfhen And yes, his treatment of women is terrible 😫😫😫 7mo
erzascarletbookgasm I think my knowledge of the stories are limited to those ‘Stories From The Bible‘ that I read when I was young..short versions, no doubt. 🤔 And did someone say James Dean?? 7mo
Marina_h My knowledge of the stories is very limited so I might have to do some research. I've read the first 50 pages so almost halfway with part 1. So far I'm enjoying it but yes the women.. 7mo
Reviewsbylola Finished part 1 last night! Still as good as I remember. 7mo
UwannaPublishme I enjoyed Steinbeck‘s description of the lush grounds of Salinas since I visited there years ago. And he sure makes it sound like paradise: the Garden of Eden. And ooh-la-la: James Dean. 😍I‘m definitely watching the movie after I finish this book! 7mo
peaknit I‘ve just restarted and the descriptions are even richer then I remember. I‘m generally aware of the biblical stories, most specifically how this compared to Caine and Abel, but look forward to learning more. 7mo
rubyslippersreads I just finished Part 1 and probably won‘t be able to resist reading ahead. (Although I do have a YA book to finish for my IRL book club.) 7mo
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East of Eden | John Steinbeck
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Another something I picked up at the library, not shown in my last post is a copy of the tagged book. I have never read it (I saw the movie years ago) & was tempted when I saw @Cinfhen doing the #EoE #buddyread & tried to get an e-book from the library, but there was a waiting list. I decided that if the library had a print copy in today, it was fate saying I should join in & there in the classics section it was! 🤗I'm going to give it a shot.

lynneamch I don't often read books more than once, but have read this one 3 times. 💕💕💕 7mo
Cinfhen Yay!!! #signsfromabove 😇glad you‘re joining in!! First 50 pages were a little rough but then I just breezed through 7mo
DebinHawaii @lynneamch That's high praise indeed! 👍📚 7mo
DebinHawaii @Cinfhen I'm going to try to start it tonight although I have to finish On of my current books for a book tour review this week. 📚📚😉📚📚📚 7mo
Cinfhen You can jump in whenever...no pressure 💜 7mo
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