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#ReadingEquipment #ReadJanuary

My reading equipment is fairly simple. All I need is a book with a bookmark, or my kindle, and a blanket to snuggle in. ☺

Hobbinol Nice bookmarks! 6y
LeahBergen I love your London bookmark! 😍 6y
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The only #ReadingEquipment I need is a book, a blanket, and something to drink (preferably Dr. Pepper). #ReadJanuary

Pelican71 Yes! 6y
DeeLew @JacintaMCarter I am a Dr Pepper addict! I'm in heaven with a book, a snack, and an ice cold DP! 6y
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Untitled | Anonymous
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My #readingequipment was fortunately not yet trapped in a box (yes, more boxes, but this time we're moving!), so here it is: my billions of bookmarks, a booklight my husband bought me so I'd stop waking him up with my anxiety reading at night, a notebook which may or may not be used for making lists for challenges and such, and my Paperwhite (a pregnancy gift to myself) and Fire (past Christmas gift from family). #ReadJanuary @RealLifeReading

Heavy Equipment | Erik A. Bruun, Buzzy Keith
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Belated day 9: #readingequipment. Kindle disguised as composition book, knee pillow because I'm old AF, trusty companion Soto because I'm also a child, bendy booklight, and the bullet journal I started on a whim over the weekend that is dedicated solely to books. 📚💕 @RealLifeReading #readjanuary

BookBabe 😍 6y
[DELETED] 1409720085 "Because I'm old AF" ??? 6y
BookNerdBritt @emilydecato Hahah I'm 29 but I have chronic back pain that makes me feel 92 😫 (edited) 6y
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Princess Diarist | Carrie Fisher
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#readJanuary #readingequipment Tasty gluten free dairy free food and audiobooks on my phone

kspenmoll Delish! Avocadoes💙 6y
Gezemice Nice! I am gluten free and lactose free, too. 6y
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The Invention of Wings | Sue Monk Kidd
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Off work today up here in the swamp that has become the Northern California Sierra Foothills. Pretty sure I saw Noah floating by at lunchtime. Curled up on the couch with #readingequipment: blankets, dog, and fresh cup of Earl Grey tea. The remote control is handling the classical music streaming through the tv. Perfect day! #currentlyreading #readJanuary

Suzze Stay dry! It raining here in Michigan (but not lie you're getting!) and high winds are coming. Thinking of looking for a kite. Oh, wait, it's dark and cold. Maybe not. 😁 6y
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The Nest: A Novel | Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
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#Readingequipment This is what I have going on right now. Usually I'm either reading a book or something on my Kindle, but with the #hpchapteraday I'm using both. And this is on my desk at work today. My Kindle(Harry Potter), The Nest, my headphones because I'm also listening to an audiobook(in the car to and from work),my reading journal where I write my review and my book book where I write my blog posts & books to add to my TBR!

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I am a pretty simple reader: no notes or notebooks, no pens, no sticky tabs or post-it notes. I don't keep a written log, just digital. I don't writes goals or lists or quotes. I don't highlight or underline.

I have my current non-fiction read in hardcover, current fiction on my nook (with protective sleeve), something to drink (either coffee or water usually), and my glasses. Furry friend optional. #readingequipment

[DELETED] 3517561138 I'm the same! Just a book or the kindle for me. And oftentimes a mug of tea. 6y
AprilMae Depends on what I am reading and why. Book club reading I'll write notes occasionally. If just for fun I don't unless I want to look something up or love a quote. PostIts=bookmarks half the time. Furry friend does not allow himself to be optional 😻 6y
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Jackaby | William Ritter
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#readingequipment is all about comfort, this time of year:
⛄️Squishy pillow on the couch
📖Planner now that I'm trying to keep track of reading challenges and for quotes
📱Phone for emergency books, audiobooks, and Litsy
👐Fingerless gloves (I'm borderline paranoid about my hands being cold)
☕️Warm drink (usually coffee but my fav tea infuser shown here) and a snack
Change the seasons, and I'm all about reading outside, tho!

Larkken Forgot to mention: lovely bookmarks, given as gifts (thanks, @LibrarianRyan!) tho usually I use whatever is handy, like business cards or receipts. You'll also note I got antsy and finished the tea, started my snack, and removed the headphones for this shot 😅back to the kitchen! (edited) 6y
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#readJanuary #readingequipment Mug of tea/coffee, #starrynight #bujo and pens for #audiocoloring (or #audiojournaling , rather), glasses, iPad for Overdrive, bluetooth headphones and corded headphones for when they die. Not pictured: waterproof bluetooth speaker for #audioshowering 😄, and recumbent bike at the gym (where I do most of my reading)

BookBabe Love the bit about the bike! I try that while reading with my eyes, and it's hard while bouncing. But reading with my ears would work great! 🙌🏻 6y
saresmoore I totally audiojournal with my Staedtler pens, too! #twinning 👯 6y
Larkken Nice mug!! 6y
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obviateit @BookBabe , yes! My eyes get tired quickly on the bike, so I alternate between audiobooks and Hamilton. 😁🙌🏼 6y
obviateit @saresmoore , I REALLY shouldn't be surprised anymore! 😄❤️❤️❤️ 6y
obviateit @Larkken , thank you! It was a Mother's Day gift from my guys. 😊 6y
MrBook You and @BookBabe are #KindredSpirits 😊👍🏻. 6y
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