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Black Christmas | Thomas Altman
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Saw this with my hubby today :)

Go #TeamNutcracker !!! ❄️ #WinterGames

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You | Caroline Kepnes
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#Marchintothe70s #jealousguy
 @Lizpixie @Cinfhen
Joe Goldberg fits the jealous guy prompt😄😄

squirrelbrain That‘s who I immediately thought of, but I‘d already used him earlier in the month for #psychokiller! I‘ve had a peruse of my shelves and can‘t (yet) come up with anyone else... 11mo
GripLitGrl @squirrelbrain he definitely works for psycho killer too😄😄👍 11mo
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#MarchIntoThe70s #PsychoKiller

A thriller of cases trying to determine the killer!

catebutler This was so good! One of my absolute favorites. 12mo
Cinfhen Here‘s some positive reviews for you @erzascarletbookgasm ❤️ 12mo
GatheringBooks oooh! i have seen the netflix series but have not read the book yet! next year! 12mo
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NOS4A2 | Joe Hill
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Day 5: #psychokiller #marchintothe70s

I have a sneaking suspicion that this book fits. It's at the top of my tbr pile so I'll be finding out soon!

@Lizpixie @Cinfhen

Lizpixie Nice choice👍 12mo
Cinfhen If it‘s a King book, I‘m guessing you‘re probably right 😉 12mo
Rissreads I loved this book! Sooooo good! 12mo
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LiterRohde You need to read this book! Christmasland and the Gingerbread Man. It‘s so festive. Ok. I jest, but it is so good. 12mo
diovival @Lizpixie Thanks! It's been awhile since I joined a photo challenge. Fingers crossed I can keep this up. 12mo
diovival @Rissreads @LiterRohde Well if you insist! Started today, haha. 12mo
GatheringBooks i have only read his the fireman - but quite keen to know more of his works 12mo
diovival @GatheringBooks I've read a few of his other books and really enjoyed them. Adding The Fireman to my list! 12mo
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Pick your favorite #psychokiller as we #marchintothe70‘s

lynneamch Oh yeah. I should've thought of that one. Really liked that book! 12mo
Lizpixie That was my first choice, then I remembered Katherine Knight😬 12mo
Cinfhen What‘s wrong with people?!?!!! So many #psychoKiller(s) 12mo
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Chrissyreadit I wonder if there are cultures that do not have Serial killers? And if that has been studied @Cinfhen @Lizpixie your woman from Australia was so different from examples I know of women killers. 12mo
Lizpixie @Chrissyreadit she‘s a super special snowflake alright❄️ 12mo
Chrissyreadit @Lizpixie @Cinfhen @EadieB (I thought of you too)- I had to look- this is pretty disturbing in its own way- https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/countries-that-have-produced-the-most-serial... 12mo
Lizpixie @Chrissyreadit that‘s a pretty big number! 12mo
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I bought this one for my Kobo recently, and I‘m pretty sure it was the fault of @LeahBergen 😂

#PsychoKiller #Marchintothe70s

LeahBergen Probably! 😆 12mo
Lizpixie Sounds intriguing!🤔 12mo
Cinfhen Yeah, definitely @LeahBergen 😂😂#PsychoKiller 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 12mo
LeahBergen @Cinfhen 😆😆 12mo
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It | Stephen King
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“‘Want your boat, Georgie?' Pennywise asked.

George reached.

[S]uddenly there was a ripping noise and a flaring sheet of agony, and George Denbrough knew no more.

Blood flowed into the stormdrain from the tattered hole where his left arm had been. A knob of bone, horribly bright, peeked through the torn cloth.

The boy‘s eyes stared up into the white sky [and] they began to fill with rain.”

#MarchIntoThe70s | 5: #PsychoKiller

📷: iPhone

hermyknee I don‘t know why I just read all that, but I now stand doubly firm in my decision never to read Stephen King. 🤢😭😭 12mo
LiterRohde @hermyknee I am so sorry. I got carried away. I escape reality with this stuff. But the last thing I want is to alienate Littens. I probably should erase the post. As far as Stephen King though, he is not all horror. There are some stories that are more supernatural and even some that are uplifting like his newest, Elevation. Sorry for the pun and the scare. 12mo
hermyknee Oh no don‘t delete it! I knew it would be scary but I kept going 🤪 I‘m a wimp! 12mo
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esurient Dang, I need to read this. I loved his Dark Tower series and 12mo
Lizpixie One of my favourite King stories, just behind Salem‘s Lot🤡 12mo
LiterRohde @esurient I‘m right in the middle of the Dark Tower series. And I have managed to avoid all spoilers. Hoping my luck holds out. 12mo
riversong153 😱😱😱 12mo
Cinfhen King is always good for a #psychokiller prompt‼️‼️‼️😁 12mo
Cathythoughts 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 12mo
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Jack The Ripper | Otto Penzler
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BiblioLitten Fascinating😃 12mo
Susannah Yikes (But it‘s perfect for the tag!) 12mo
ephemeralwaltz Beautiful edition! 12mo
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Lizpixie I‘ve always been fascinated by Jack The Ripper. I used to sit & watch documentaries with my dad when I was little & saw one about him when I was about 7 or 8? Not appropriate at all for that age, but it gave me a lifelong curiosity about serial killers/true crime/crime&mystery.🕵🏻‍♀️ 12mo
rohit-sawant Stunning edition! 12mo
Cinfhen What everyone else said, well not @Lizpixie 😂😂😜😘 12mo
Reviewsbylola I‘m currently reading a pretty good Ripper book in preparation for our tour tomorrow night. 12mo
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