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The Ruin of Kings | Jenn Lyons
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Both of these gorgeous fantasy books are over 500 pages each! 😍

#gratefulreads #over500pages @OriginalCyn620 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

cleoh I've been wanting to read this series! Have you started it yet? 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️📚🎉 2w
Branwen @cleoh Not yet! I was originally going to wait for the second book to come out, and now that I have them both I'm wondering if I should wait for the third and last book! 🤣😂 It looks sooooo incredible though! 2w
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OriginalCyn620 👍🏻📚😊 2w
cleoh @Branwen that‘s always my concern too 😂😂 does the next book have a release date? 2w
Branwen @cleoh Right?! I think that is totally valid! 😁 According to goodreads, the last book will be out 8/25/2020 which is not that bad at all! 2w
cleoh @Branwen ooh that's not bad! you're probably safe to start them, then! I'd want to read at least the first book to see if I actually liked the series/story and to see if I'd need to reread the first two before the third! 2w
Branwen @cleoh That's a great idea actually! 😀 2w
cleoh @Branwen if only because they‘re so chunky! 2w
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The Yips: A Novel | Nicola Barker
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Books #Over500pages, hopefully I‘ll get some of these read next year.


OriginalCyn620 🙌🏼📚❤️ 2w
Buechersuechtling “Girl on a mission”, I‘d say. 😁 I noticed with myself that I sometimes think: “Oh no, too many pages.” and put a book away to chose a different one. That‘s quite new to me. And weird. Because I remember to always have chosen the thicker one of two books until some years ago. 2w
AnneCecilie @Buechersuechtling I understand what you mean. I‘ve always preferred the chunkster too. But to be honest I‘ve more thinner books unread than chunksters. For me there‘s just too many books I want to read and not enough time to do it. 2w
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The Lore of Scotland: A guide to Scottish legends | Sophia Kingshill, The Estate of Jennifer Westwood
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“Scottish brownies and English hobgoblins like Shakespeare‘s Puck were said to be helpful creatures, but would immediately stop work if anyone gave them clothes to wear.”

Sounds like my two-year-old! 😂

#gratefulreads #over500pages
#nfnov #til

ravenlee Dobby is free! 2w
Linsy @ravenlee 😂😂😂 That‘s perfect! 2w
OriginalCyn620 🤣🤣🤣 2w
rsteve388 1 pt... 2w
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Emily Dickinsons Poems: As She Preserved Them | Emily Dickinson, Cristanne Miller
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#over500pages #GratefulReads a little late but the prompt was too good to pass up!page counts left to right,845,1152,&998.

MrBook I run a book club in which we read books only 500 pages or longer. 😁 2w
OriginalCyn620 🙌🏻📚❤️ 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Wow!!!! 😳😳😳 2w
Leftcoastzen @MrBook wow, do you meet monthly? I would be a failure at your book club , I read too many at once , though I read long books it usually takes me a while.😃 2w
MrBook @Leftcoastzen Lol, once every 2 months. 😁 2w
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The Given Day | Dennis Lehane
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I haven‘t read this chunkster yet. It‘s waiting for me on my workplace tbr. 📚#over500pages #GratefulReads

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 📚🙌🏻👍🏻 2w
OriginalCyn620 👍🏻📚❤️ 2w
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I‘m behind due to working the weekend!! 🖤🖤

veritysalter I love your crow 🖤🖤🖤 2w
OriginalCyn620 👍🏻📚🖤 2w
tracey38 I enjoyed this book. 2w
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The Shining | Stephen King
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 😱😱😱 2w
sudi 👯 2w
OriginalCyn620 🙌🏻📚😱 2w
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Sleeping Beauties | Stephen King, Owen King
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One of these days I‘ll get to this book. I have plenty more that are #Over500pages but this one was the closest.

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🖤🖤🖤 2w
InBooksILive I bought this one awhile ago and haven't read it yet either. It is definitely a thick one! 2w
CoffeeCatsBooks This one is just sitting on my shelf too and it sounds so interesting. 2w
OriginalCyn620 🙌🏻📚🖤 2w
MommyOfTwo @CoffeeCatsBooks @InBooksILive I think I‘m going to tackle it in January 2w
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The Historian | Elizabeth Kostova
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#gratefulreads #over500pages

I generally don‘t look at page count or length, but I must say some of my favorite books have been long involved stories that I wished would never end.

The Historian
The Name of the Rose
Jane Eyre
The Book Thief

Kaila-ann Loved The Historian ❤️ 2w
OriginalCyn620 🙌🏻📚❤️ 2w
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Loved this one!!!!! 2w
OriginalCyn620 🙌🏻📚❤️ 2w
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