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Murder of Roger Ackroyd | Agatha Christie
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As always, Alan Bradley comes through with this Flavia de Luce novel. Flavia, whose precocious, hyper-intelligent voice is the shining star of the novel, becomes involved in a mystery that places her chemistry knowledge at its center. I listened to this one on @scribd, and the reader is *excellent*. And what a cliffhanger!!!

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The House Girl | Tara Conklin
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Weird....I didn‘t order this book (came from Harper Collins) and there is no note saying I won a copy or anything lol...and it‘s not an ARC because it was published in 2013 🤷‍♀️

Jee_HookedOnBookz Wowwww mysterious book appears on Halloween!!! Spooky or Splendid? 🎃💃 13mo
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Gone Girl | Gillian Flynn
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The Far Empty | J. Todd Scott
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The Far Empty. Loved his writing and loved this story about murder and corruption in a Texas town.

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Linsy Love that cover! ♥️ 1y
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HA! 😄 Well played worthy adversary 😉
#WellPlayed #MysteryBook

Beckys_Books 🤣🤣 2y
DeborahSmall 😂😂 fab!! 2y
AriThomas My coworker and i actually did this exact thing to our store for April fools 😝 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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So I work at Barnes and Noble, and I created a blind date with a book display. It's super popular, and I'm just wondering, for all of you with #tbr lists into the next century, would you buy one of these if you walked into a store?

#blinddatewithabook #mysterybook

Jadams1776 Yep I probably would. 2y
CoffeeNBooks Even though I have waaaay too many books on my TBR list, I would probably buy one because it seems like fun. And I can't say no to books. 😃 2y
Craftylikefox Yes! I love the idea! 2y
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Kaylamburson I‘m terrible, but I always cheat lol. I love the idea of it, but I hate not knowing what I‘m buying. So I try to guess what it is or decide if it sounds interesting. If it does, I look up the ISBN before buying. 🙊 2y
Itchyfeetreader I‘d browse for sure and once I browse I‘m going to buy! 2y
Ingerella I would do it. I went to a Book Swap last year at a friend's house and this is how it was set up. It was really fun! 2y
Chellebearss Yes! Awesome way to try something out of my comfort zone. 2y
speljamr I love this idea! 2y
LauraBeth I would and I have! 😀 2y
BiblioLitten Oh yes! 🙋 2y
Burghbookaddict Even with a giant TBR list I still pick them up because I like surprises and cant control myself. 2y
GloVerdino I would! Looks like so much fun! 2y
AmyG I might buy from a genre I don‘t usually read. I think these are wwonderl for people who can‘t think of what to read. @Kaylamburson I am always afraid of buying something I already own. (edited) 2y
jenmoody23 Oh I definitely would! 2y
ladym30 Definitely! 2y
RebelReader I'm always afraid of buying something I already own. I might do poetry because I don't own much. 2y
CouronneDhiver Yep. I‘ve purchased a “blind date book” a couple times at my local used book store. 👍🏽 For a few dollars, taking a chance is fun. 2y
TheFunkyBookworm I couldn‘t do it 🙈 I‘m too much of a control freak! 😬 2y
readordierachel Absolutely. I keep hoping to find one of these near me. Such a fun idea! 2y
jwashreads @Kaylamburson I catch people cheating sometimes! But hey, if it helps you find a new book, I'm fine with it! @TheFunkyBookworm even though I set it up, I don't think I would buy from one either. I already know what I like and I'm never out of books to read. But it's so fun to watch other people discover it! 2y
Puredragonstar For sure!!! I worked at a B&N for years I wish they had let me do one of these displays! What a cool idea! 😁 2y
lyradora Yep. 😊 I'm just sorry that I never got to create such a display at my store. 2y
Kaylamburson That is half of the reason I “cheat” lol @amyg 2y
Kaylamburson Lol exactly! I still have fun with it. @jwashreads 2y
sloanghost Almost nobody bought our blind date books! I wonder if the brown printing press paper had something to do with it--too drab? 2y
jwashreads @sloanghost I don't know--ours is in a main aisle, I think the basket helps with presentation, and I'm very specific about what I write on them--something funny or intriguing. We're also in an odd location where people come to browse; they're not necessarily looking for a certain book. 2y
Caroline2 I would if the price was right! I saw these in our local Waitrose store but they were Qf each! ? which is too expensive as it's a gamble as I may already have the book?! 2y
ravenlee I would, if it were a genre I don't usually buy. Mystery would be a good one for me, because they usually sound appealing but I don't often jump in. 2y
thelunarfox Sometimes I'm in the mood for something different than what I normally read, and if the price is right, I would definitely pick up one of these. There's so many books, I'm always game to try new ones. 2y
darklydreaming Love this idea! Saw one at Chapters a while ago but it hasn't stuck around :( I would definitely be interested. 2y
C.Perone I‘ve thought about it but with my luck I‘d end up with something I already own🙄 2y
jwashreads @ravenlee I do try to do a lot of different genres for that reason--so people can try somehing new. @C.Perone It's hard for people who read a ton, but my strategy is to put books in there that are similar to books lots of people have read, but that are underappreciated. So i can say, If you liked....then you'll like this. 2y
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The Child | Fiona Barton
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It's my Mom's birthday today. The woman who taught me to be a proper bookworm. I won't lie. I kinda want to keep her presents 😬😬😬 #thechild #fionabarton #mysterybook #fridayreads #bookworm