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The Tent | Margaret Atwood
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BetterWorldBooks.com is having a sale. I may have just geeked out on Margaret Atwood titles. #sorrynotsorry #BetterWorldBooks

TheBookHippie Ooooo📚📚📚📚 2d
Lcsmcat @TheBookHippie I love what they stand for, too. I can splurge, save $ and feel virtuous. 2d
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Needing a break from my other book. I was already halfway in this one, so...
I'm sending this one on to a #bookcrossing friend when I'm finished with it. Bought it last December at #betterworldbooks.

chaoticgoodhufflepuff Welcome to Litsy! ❤️📚❤️ 4mo
Tineke @chaoticgoodhufflepuff thank you. Every bookish website or app I find is another way to indulge in books with other people. 4mo
RaimeyGallant Welcome! 4mo
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LitsyWelcomeWagon Welcome to Litsy! Here are links to #Litsytips: http://bit.ly/litsytips and #LitsyHowTo videos: goo.gl/UrCpoU. There‘s lots of fun things to do: book exchanges, buddy reads, photo challenges and more!
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I mailed your card and left out a page!!!! It said “tell Me about where you live and all about you! I would love to visit the Netherlands someday! It‘s so cool having friends all over the world! I hope to hear from you soon!” Love, Misty!!! 4mo
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First book mail at the new house! #betterworldbooks

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If you haven't checked out Better World Books, you're missing out on some cheap books! they have a great sale on already inexpensive books. And you're helping kids learn to read around the world! I just ordered 3 books for $16 total... #addictedtobooks #read #usedbooks #betterworldbooks

TheRomantiCate BWB is awesome!! It‘s great to buy tons of books, for a good cause ☺️☺️ 7mo
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Ghosted: A Novel | Rosie Walsh
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I love it when i get the mail and there's books!!! Books that I forgot I ordered from #betterworldbooks #makemytuesday #bookmail I'm still waiting on one but the 4 I ordered only cost me $16 👍

Before I Let You Go | Kelly Rimmer
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Nothing better than #bookmail on a cold Iowa morning! Tomorrow is supposed to be around -35 to -50 wind chill.... I'm hoping we close the office and I can just spend the day reading.... #couchpotatowannabe #booksandwine #closedforweather #toodamncold #betterworldbooks #iowaisclosed

gradcat Keeping my fingers crossed for you—there‘s nothing better than getting a free day to read, added to weather keeping you indoors! 🤞🏼 🌨 📖 9mo
Djspens @gradcat I agree!! I hate winter but I like a good snow day indoors ❄️⛄️🌬 9mo
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Time for the bookish discussion question of the day 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻! Here it is: How does your book-buying break down in terms of category? What I mean is, how much of your buying is online, in independent bookstores, from a book chain/franchise, at libraries‘ book sales, things like that. #BookTalk

Reagan-reads I only buy from chains once or twice a year now. Mostly I hit up used bookstores and library book sales. I do try to make sure I buy something when I go to the independent bookstores, maybe 10-15% ebooks even though I read 95% print 😬 10mo
rwmg Mainly online with binges in chain bookshops a couple of times a year and an annual discount book sale 10mo
Djspens I love to browse independent book stores when I can. My favorite store, #prairielights in Iowa City, often has author signed copies which are fun to have. Amazon is my go-to for inexpensive, quick and easy. I've recently discovered #betterworldbooks, which I love! Takes a week or more to get the books but they're so inexpensive it's worth the wait! 10mo
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StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego At least 90% used book stores or thrift stores. Then our national chain book store. I don't shop at independent book stores as much as I should. And I rarely shop online. I just don't have the patience to wait for my order to come in. 10mo
WorldsOkayestStepMom About 95% of our books come from library book sales. I will buy from Amazon if I need an ebook for book club that isn't available at the library or with the Libby app. My husband and I occasionally have a date night where we will visit either a used book store or a chain store a couple times a year. 10mo
mreads Either directly from small (mostly not for profit) publishers or from library sales or thrift stores. 10mo
tournevis I buy most books online and mostly ebooks. I'd say, for ebooks, 20% Amazon, 40% Kobo and 40% independant publishers directly. I buy physical books anywhere. 10mo
PagesByTheWater Currently: online 10%, chains: 88%, indie book store 2%. But with the discovery of a new book store and the indie book store closing it‘ll most likely become: online 5%, chains 5%, indie store 90% 10mo
Cailey_Mac 90% online and 10% in stores, either Indie, Walmart, or Barnes and Noble. There really isn‘t anything close by to me besides Walmart, so online usually wins🤷🏻‍♀️ there used to be two book stores close by but they‘re long gone (edited) 10mo
DHill I‘m about 50% ebooks and 50% print, mostly from chains, though there is a local indie I always buy from when I visit. @Djspens #prairielights is fantastic. Check out #nextpagebooks if you‘re in Cedar Rapids. 10mo
Peddler410 I don‘t order physical books online. 50/50 independent/B&N — I would like that first number to be higher , working on it. Audio books are 100% Audible. I also have options for getting free books online. 10mo
bookishbitch I'm fortunate to have an amazing indie bookstore locally. I try to order and buy there aside from kindle purchases. And the o y reason I have a kindle is that.my husband bought it thinking I could just buy all my books that way. Nice try that didn't work. 😊 10mo
cwarnier I love scholastic for kids books otherwise usually amazon. Once in a whole BN. 10mo
LibrarianRyan 60/40 BN/Bookoutlet. I don‘t buy books from Amazon unless I‘m desperate. 10mo
Gissy I have only two bookstores so I try to support them, but time I have to buy on line because they don't the book or the edition I'm looking for. 10mo
CouronneDhiver 95% Book Outlet, 3% Indigo, 2% Amazon... I just can‘t justify the high prices for the same backlist books (I don‘t really gravitate to new releases) 10mo
DGRachel I try to share the love amongst all the platforms, but I‘m also trying to spend less with Amazon and do more preorders through my local indie. I also utilize book depository, Goldsboro online, or Waterstones online for those Must Have UK covers. 10mo
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Educated: A Memoir | Tara Westover
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I think #betterworldbooks is the way to go!! 11 gently used books for $37 and I helped literacy programs around the world, or 3 new books for $54. #nobrainer #tbr #booksbooksbooks (note- my bank account was not affected by the B & N purchase, I used gift cards from Christmas.) 😃

mrsmarch Hi yes hello ALSO if you use eBates on top of betterworldbooks you get a small % cash back. YAY. 10mo
Djspens @mrsmarch what?! I love using Ebates! I can't believe I didn't try it for BWB!! Thanks! 10mo
mrsmarch @Djspens I have the browser plugin so it yells at me to activate a shopping trip. Very convenient. And doesn‘t BWB do carbon offset shipping? ❤️ 10mo
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Djspens @mrsmarch yeah I think they do. 👍 10mo
TiredLibrarian Nice! I'll have to check out BWB. 📚❤ 10mo
Elma Those are great stacks! 10mo
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It was a banner #bookmail day! On the top are this month‘s #botm books. On the bottom left is my #LMPBC book for the month. And the last two are #ToB books from #betterworldbooks.

Whew! Now I just have to read them. 😉
(P.S. How is there not a book mail sticker?!)

erinreads Love the cover of The Italian Teacher! 😍 10mo
echalpan I skipped January BOTM because I have too many books at home that I haven‘t read yet! You picked the 2 I would‘ve picked. Looking forward to your reviews! 10mo
Reviewsbylola Maid is great and The Italian Teacher is so pretty! 10mo
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thebluestocking @erinreads Me too! It‘ll be interesting to see how/if it relates to the book. 10mo
thebluestocking @echalpan I definitely get that. I probably should have skipped as well with all the books I “need” to read. But I‘m excited for these two! 10mo
thebluestocking @Reviewsbylola Yay! I‘m excited to get to Maid. And to The Italian Teacher. Hopefully it is as good as it is pretty. 10mo
Ingerella I miss BOTM but I have an unread stack on my bookshelf right now. My plan is to read those and then maybe rejoin. P.S. you take the best photos! I was on the floor in my closet last night trying to get a photo that was maybe passable! 10mo
thebluestocking @Ingerella BOTM books stack up fast! Thank you for the photo compliment. It‘s a hard thing to get a photo of books to look right. Two things I do that help are to buy fancy poster board at Hobby Lobby for backgrounds and to use PicTapGo for editing. ❤️ 10mo
Ingerella Ooh! Good tips! Any tips on lighting? 10mo
thebluestocking @Ingerella Lighting is hard for me, especially in winter. But I usually take my photos in the same spot, near a window with good but not direct outside light and no inside lights. Then, if it still needs some light, I use the “Lights On” filter in PicTapGo. I‘m always trying to improve, so if you have any tips, I‘d love to hear them! 10mo
Ingerella I wish I did! I try to take them with natural light but I'm limited to just morning light. I get home after dark every day. I've tried using spotlights but have a tough time with shadows. I have never really edited my pics though. I'm going to try the PicTapGo you are using. 10mo
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Today's mail. Coming to the end of my orders. Then I'm on a procurement hiatus until my TBR pile is no longer as tall as I am! #betterworldbooks #mfm #readingglasses