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Alexander Hamilton | Ron Chernow
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Got my Tee Rico hoodie today. I‘ve been experiencing conflicting feelings about #Ham4PR because while I do believe that LMM and the Flamboyan and Hispanic foundations he and his father have founded will do much to benefit the island, I see the critiques by people whose day to day lives are directly impacted by the presence of #Hamilton in PR, and it‘s not all good. Will continue to read and consider and hope. #RiseUp #MyShot #PuertoRicoStrong

abbielistenstobooks I also have troubles with LMM in PR. I love the show, but I've learned a lot about how problematic the show's presence in PR has been, and how he has not advocated well for the island. But... I love the show. 5mo
kgriffith @abbielistenstobooks Yep. Are you on Twitter? Prof Yarimar Bonilla is a resource I‘ve come to trust over more than a year of her reporting during visits to the island, conferences, etc. 5mo
abbielistenstobooks I... am, but I almost never go there unless there's some sort of event happening and I want to check in on first person reports. My FB friend Keila is from Puerto Rico, and she's got me following several people. I haven't heard of that person, but I'll go follow on Twitter! Thanks! 5mo
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#LaVieBoheme First thing that came to mind!

#MyShot can become a deadly obsession for a filmmaker sometimes as an actor learns in this book inspired by Cannibal Holocaust.

"And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting
On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door"
Also, Happy Birthday to Edgar Allan Poe!
@Cinfhen @vivastory

Cinfhen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5mo
vivastory I had mixed feelings for We Eat Our Own, it felt like two separate stories. I'm still interested in what the author has planned next 5mo
erzascarletbookgasm What a great catch up! 👏 5mo
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rohit-sawant @vivastory It's still on my TBR so that's good to know! Won't be rushing to pick it up anytime soon. I read the blurb over a year ago and was really intrigued by it. 5mo
rohit-sawant @erzascarletbookgasm Thanks a lot! 😊 5mo
vivastory Two books that are similar, but a lot better 5mo
Reggie Nice multitasking!!! Haha, @vivastory How funny because I liked We Eat Our Own, bailed on Experimental Film and loved Demon Theory. 5mo
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I flipped through the "Making It" section of the tagged book, looking for inspiration for #MyShot when I stumbled upon the side bar about Balzac. I quickly recalled his coffee addiction, he was definitely not throwing away his (espresso) shot! The Giamatti New Yorker skit is hilarious & definitely worth watching if you have Prime.

Tanisha_A 😶😮😶😮😶😮 5mo
Cinfhen Hahaha☕️☕️☕️☕️ 5mo
arlenefinnigan I don't envy whoever cleaned his toilet. 5mo
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Suet624 I just can‘t imagine e drinking that much, let alone that much coffee! 5mo
readordierachel That is hilarious, and alarming 5mo
readordierachel Oh wow, just watched the Giamatti sketch 😂😂😂 5mo
vivastory @readordierachel Isn't it great? 😂 5mo
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Rabia must have thought this book was #myshot at getting Adnan‘s full story out to the public (well, in addition to her blog, twitter feed, and podcast!). And she did a great job of communicating the many details of this case and the doubt that pervades Adnan‘a accusation. I found the post-serial information the most fascinating, as I have already listened to the podcast. And I gotta say, Rabia convinced me of Adnan‘s innocence!

emilyhaldi I just wish we had more answers 🙏🏻 and hope someday we will. But ultimately, there are too many things that don‘t add up here and too much reasonable doubt to convict Adnan. I hope his upcoming appeal trial gets to the bottom of some of the judicial injustice. #musicalnewyear 5mo
Cinfhen I‘m not 100% convinced he׳s innocent but he definitely needs a new trial and I feel like all the time spent behind bars, 20 years should be considered time served (edited) 5mo
emilyhaldi Whoops! Forgot to tag #booked2019 #relatedtoapodcast 5mo
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Reviewsbylola As I said before, I didn‘t listen to Serial, but I am def convinced there is enough reasonable doubt. 5mo
4thhouseontheleft I listened to Serial but haven‘t read this yet. I‘m in agreement with everyone else that he needs a new trial. 5mo
L_auren Kind of think he‘s guilty and even so, he should NEVER have been convicted. We can‘t put people behind bars on so little 😭 5mo
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Shot in the Heart | Mikal Gilmore
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Written by the brother of infamous killer Gary Gilmore (the focus of Norman Mailer‘s book The Executioner‘s Song, currently on my TBR), I read this over twelve years ago when a college professor recommended it to me.

I have it three stars and I‘m wondering why. I fully intend an audio reread in the near future. #musicalnewyear #myshot

emilyhaldi Sounds fascinating! 5mo
Cinfhen Sounds like a heavy read!! I‘ll be curious to hear your thoughts. 5mo
vivastory Sounds really interesting 5mo
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Love this version of My Shot. 😂 A creative and quick thinking genius in Lin-Manuel Miranda. 🙌👏👍


#MyShot #MusicalNewYear

MelissaSue81 Love it! And kinda hate it. 5mo
GingerAntics Oh my god I love him!!! 5mo
MicheleinPhilly Good for him! Everyone‘s obsession with recording everything so they can share it on social media is maddening. And I‘ve definitely filmed bits of concerts and posted them but this whole phenomenon of watching what‘s going on right in front of you THROUGH your phone is just 🙄. 5mo
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kspenmoll @MicheleinPhilly For me it takes away from the real sensory experience! 5mo
Cinfhen So true @MicheleinPhilly you miss so much when your focus is on trying to capture something instead of just enjoying the something 🙄 5mo
vivastory I 💯 agree with you @MicheleinPhilly 5mo
GlassAsDiamonds Drives me crazy - I‘ve called out people in cinemas doing this. Used to work in IP & it‘s theft of a luxury product, there‘s no justification (clearly the 15second SM bites aren‘t the same ball park, I primarily mean pure piracy of the whole content). Love LMM!!! ♥️ (edited) 5mo
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I have been taking #myshot at eating vegan since the start of the year. I've been making things from this cookbook for the past couple of weeks. (Nothing with "cashew cream" though, cuz that sounds way too involved for where I am in life right now ?.) So far, I would recommend. The recipes have been pretty easy, no wildly obscure or expensive ingredients, and everything has tasted good!

@Cinfhen @vivastory

saresmoore Soak the cashews, drain the cashews, blend the cashews, then clean the damn blender?! Geez, Louise. 5mo
readordierachel @saresmoore Right?? Who has time for that! Although it does taste good 😂 5mo
saresmoore It really does. I break down and do it about three times per year. Easier now that I can get a shower almost every day! 🙃 5mo
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mcipher I love her recipes - the raw rainbow pad Thai salad is ah-may-zing. 5mo
readordierachel @mcipher Yum. I will have to try that! 5mo
Cinfhen My daughter went plant based in November and she insists cashew milk is easy to prepare ~ @saresmoore @readordierachel but then again she isn‘t a mom with little ones😂😂 I‘m shocked how my daughter has embraced her inner chef 👩‍🍳 nothing fazes her in terms of ingredients or prep time where I nix almost EVERY recipe for those reasons. 5mo
vivastory I've been contemplating going vegetarian for a couple of years now. 5mo
Weaponxgirl I‘ve had my eye on this book for ages 5mo
readordierachel @Cinfhen Good for her! Maybe I'll get to that point someday 😆 #goals 5mo
readordierachel @vivastory It was a pretty gradual process for me, with the influence of vegetarian/vegan friends and roommates. In the beginning I was just having meatless days and not really stressing about it. 5mo
readordierachel @Weaponxgirl It's a good one! Worth picking up 5mo
vivastory I think that will be the best approach, rather than immediate all or nothing. I love pasta & cheese, so lot of days I don't eat meat 5mo
readordierachel @vivastory I read somewhere that if everyone skipped meat/dairy just one day a week it would make a huge impact. People have different lives, tastes, and access to food, so I feel like if we all just do a little bit, we're good! I actually have time to cook since I started telecommuting, so I thought I'd experiment :) 5mo
Lauram The African Peanut Stew is SO GOOD. I‘ve made it a few times and wish I had the ingredients to make this today. 5mo
readordierachel @Lauram Oooh, I haven't tried that yet! That'll be next on my list. 5mo
OleAnder I'm wanting to go vegan or vegetarian. I don't even like meat! But I am not sure how I can eat a balanced diet without it and keep my weight in check. I should start reading some books to check out recipes! Or just learn about nutrition. Lol 5mo
readordierachel @OleAnder Haha. Yeah, finding that balance is important. Im still figuring it out. So far, it feels like more meal planning, but the end result is good! Good luck! 5mo
Chrissyreadit Did you ever try making the cashew cream? It‘s not to difficult. The soup is so good. 4d
readordierachel @Chrissyreadit I still haven't, but I want to. Maybe I will do it this week :) Do you mean the African peanut stew? Do you have any other cookbooks you like in this vein? 4d
Chrissyreadit @readordierachel I will tag a few books for you in a post tonight. I made it for the 10 spice soup- it‘s a favorite in my house. 4d
readordierachel @Chrissyreadit Awesome! Thanks! 4d
readordierachel @Lauram I made the African Peanut stew for the first time last night. It was AMAZING. I just ate some for breakfast too, lol 3d
Lauram I‘m so glad you liked it! Have you found any other good recipes in that book? I think I‘ve only made 3 so far. 3d
readordierachel @Lauram So good. I really liked the Indian Lentil-Cauliflower soup. That's the only thing I've repeated. And I liked the creamy avocado pasta (I think that's from this cookbook?). I had to return it to the library, but I'll probably check it out again and try more in the future. They're a tad time-consuming. 3d
Lauram They‘re very time consuming. The snack bars are yummy (and relatively easy) and the Protein Power Goddess Bowl is one of the few recipes I‘ve made more than once. 1d
readordierachel @Lauram I will try those! 1d
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Hamilton: The Revolution | Lin-Manuel Miranda
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Hamilton is a musical that has been an inspiration to me ever since I first heard Lin perform it at the White House many years ago. I listen to the music when I need inspiration or when I'm frustrated. I even named my cat Hamilton. I highly recommend the tagged book about the creation of the musical. #catsoflitsy #MusicalNewYear #MyShot @Cinfhen @vivastory

Leftcoastzen Cute Hamilton!😻 5mo
litenthusiast @Leftcoastzen Thanks! 💗 5mo
Cinfhen So sweet and what a great name 😻I agree, the music is inspiring!!! 5mo
vivastory Great post. Perfect cat name! 5mo
Crazeedi Hamilton is a sweet fur baby!❤️❤️ 5mo
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The Pirate Bride | Shannon Drake
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#MusicalNewYear #MyShot

A woman pirate who can defend herself; she won‘t waste her one shot pistol!

Reggie I like that you‘re true to your brand with this post. Lol 5mo
vivastory What @Reggie said 🙌 5mo
CrowCAH @Reggie your comment got me all giddy inside; it means so much to this aspiring writer that my nautical/pirate 🏴‍☠️ brand is being recognized! 🥰 5mo
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Hunger Games | Suzanne Collins
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Back before I (mostly) gave up on YA, I read the Hunger Games trilogy. I enjoyed the first two books a lot. Book 3, not so much.
Still Katniss Everdeen with her ace archery skills is a fun heroine.
Fan art from Tumblr by randomgirl3000
#myshot #musicalnewyear @cinfhen @vivastory

Cinfhen Lots of non YA readers liked this series 5mo
readordierachel A new audio version of the first book was just released, narrated by Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black. It makes me want to revisit! 5mo
LauraJ @readordierachel 🖤 Tatiana Maslany. I only read the first book, but I really liked it. 5mo
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merelybookish @Cinfhen Did you? 🙂 5mo
merelybookish @readordierachel I think I listened to the series the first time. 🤔 But I bet she is a good narrator! 5mo
Cinfhen I haven‘t read it or seen the films 🙈#SoManyBooksSoLittleTime 5mo
vivastory I haven't read these, I remember Pamela Paul in "My Life With Bob" talking about reading these when she was pregnant & as soon as she had her baby she couldn't wait to get back to reading them. 5mo
merelybookish @vivastory I was very pregnant while I listened to the last one. I think I had to travel when I was 8 months pg and I listened to it on the plane. I was pretty crabby, so it may have contributed to my dislike of Book 3. 😛 5mo
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