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Sacre Bleu: A Comedy d'Art | Christopher Moore
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#LibrarySale #bookhaul.
On top is a 1959 Peanuts. My sister will ♥ it. The bottom 3 hardcovesr are in new condition.
There's also a few books on here that will be mailed out to some #Littens on Monday. And only 1 duplicate Christie.😁

jb72 I bet the Nigella cookbook is cool 😎 3mo
NeedsMoreBooks Have the Grandmother in my TBR and the Christie is awesome 3mo
Avanders Wow. Your library sale has the best books!! 3mo
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11 books for $5.50!

#LibrarySale #BookHaul

Crazeedi I love your choices!!! 4mo
SilversReviews Great titles. 4mo
megnews @sblbooks any of these interest you for next month? I‘ll do one more post. If you don‘t see anything, throw some other choices out. I‘m looking forward to another month. I enjoy the discussions. 4mo
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The Lagoon | Lilli Carre
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Read this last night for the #summersendreadathon @Clwojick is having.
This was a weird book and the art was okay but I didn‘t know what was going on for most of it and then it ended.l out of nowhere.
#thelagoon #lillicarre #graphicnovel #librarysale

Clwojick 😂I find this is a common thing with graphic novels. I‘ll often pick them up for the artwork, and end up being totally let down by the story. The artwork often makes up for it though. 6mo
allureofbeauty @Clwojick it was an impulse pick at a library sale anyway but I did have somewhat higher hopes lol 6mo
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I accidentally walked into a library sale! We had to go to a different library than usual and apparently every Friday in the summer they have a different genre book sale! And it just so happened to be the sci-fi, fantasy, Mystery, romance and YA day!

$5 to fill a paper bag! Of course none of these books were on my TBR!

It wasn‘t the best library sale that I‘ve been to, but I‘m pretty happy with my haul.

#bookhaul #usedbooksale #librarysale

TheSpineView Love library sales! Looks like you scored! 7mo
DivineDiana It‘s always a good thing to support the Library! 👍🏻 7mo
tammysue What a nice surprise! 7mo
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Bloomsburg Public Library | Bloomsburg, PA (Library)
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I was so bad at the library sale, but how can you say no to MORE books! I spent $11.75 for all of these and some CD‘s that aren‘t pictured. #BookHaul #BookishProblems #LibrarySale

BookwormAHN I understand 😸 8mo
SW-T Nice haul 🙂 8mo
TheSpineView I know! They needed a home! 8mo
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mreads 👍 two Portuguese books? Planning a trip? 8mo
readordierachel That Danez Smith collection is really excellent. Great haul! 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @mreads There‘s a possibility.... and I at that price it seemed silly not to pick them up just in case. 8mo
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Me and the Pumpkin Queen | Marlane Kennedy
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My purchases today....23 books for $11.50 at the library sale. I‘m super excited to find Juliet Blackwell books as I love her mystery series. #ihavenoselfcontrol #librarysale

TheSpineView Nice! 9mo
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The Willoughbys | Lois Lowry
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So many good finds today. And all for $10 😍
#librarysale #booksale #bookhaul

Rachel.Rencher You got a Colleen Hoover 😍😍 Have you read Slammed yet? 10mo
Clwojick @Rachel.Rencher No! but i've read 3-4 others. 10mo
Vivlio_Gnosi Few sales are more satisfying. 10mo
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SaturnDoo Nice haul 😍 BTW Slammed is my favorite series by Hoover 😊 10mo
SumisBooks OMG girl, "Where the Red Fern Grows" ??? 10mo
Clwojick @TheReadingMermaid I‘ve never read it 🙈 10mo
SumisBooks Read it with several boxes of tissues. I cried so hard I couldn't breathe 10mo
SumisBooks Don't get me wrong though it is so good! Such a good sweet little story and I would never take back reading it for all the world. But once you read it you never forget it. 10mo
lesliemarie You guys I still cannot read animal stories because of Where the Red Fern Grows. It wrecked me when I was a kid. I'll be interested to see what you think of it reading it as an adult. 10mo
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Sale Day | Stephen L. Sturlaugson
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I guess I know what my plans are for tomorrow... 🙈
#BookSale #LibrarySale #UsedBooks

Suet624 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 10mo
CoverToCoverGirl I can‘t wait to see what you find! 10mo
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Burn Baby Burn | Meg Medina
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Some I picked up from a different little library sale. Not a library I normally go to but they seem to have some permanent sale shelves and I went in to check out their upcoming book club. Paid 2.50 for all.
#librarysale #sale #libraryhaul #haul #bookhaul #ruthware #mystery #thriller #memoir #ya #youngadult #dvd

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