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The White Queen | Philippa Gregory
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#StartedFromTheBottom #Drake #TimbitTunes Day 1: @Cinfhen @TheKidUpstairs
🎵 Started from the bottom now we‘re here! started from the bottom, now MY WHOLE TEAM F#%#ing here!!! 🎵
Elizabeth Woodville put her whole fam of minor Lancastrian/Red rose nobles on the map when she married the victorious York/white rose king. She went from widow w/2 kids whose lands were taken from her, to queen of England. Started from the bottom for REAL!! 😎

TheKidUpstairs 👏👏👏 13mo
Elma Loved this book and the tv show! 13mo
Cinfhen I‘m loving these posts today 🥰 13mo
HOTPock3tt @TheKidUpstairs @Cinfhen Thanks for hosting such a fun challenge!! @Elma I‘m currently listening to, and loving♥️ the audiobook... but the show didn‘t grab me 🤔 maybe I‘ll give it another chance once I finish the book... 13mo
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Career of Evil | Robert Galbraith
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I am almost finished reading/listening to this one, and let me tell you, I f*@#ing hate Robin's fiance, Matthew. Ugh. People like that... Ugh. I thank the gods I'm single most of the time, but somethings make me even more so! Grrrr.
(Any clue what pervasive trait my ex maybe had? 😆)

What characters get under your skin?

Kayla.Adriena He is so condescending toward her and he doesn't want her to work and he's just the bloody worst. Ugh 1y
Liatrek I totally hate him! 1y
madamereadsalot1 @Kayla.Adriena @Liatrek I didn't figure I was alone. But I'm glad to see that I'm in good company! I literally had to stop reading it because he just took her phone into the bathroom and blocked Cormoran. 😤 An dit doesn't help that I may or may not have a crush on Cormoran. So HOW DARE HE!!! 1y
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vivastory Have you watched the series? 1y
madamereadsalot1 @vivastory I haven't. I don't have anyway to see it. :( I want to see it so bad. 1y
vivastory I only watched the first four episodes. I thought they did a good job adapting Cuckoo's Calling, but was pretty disappointed with the way The Silkworm was handled. They weren't able to convey how much of an ass Matthew is from what I saw. 1y
madamereadsalot1 @vivastory I usually find I hate adaptations! They always ruin them by omitting or changing something that literally would have affected no budget or actor in keeping true to the story. 🙄 1y
vivastory I'm the same way. I was impressed by how similar the actor & actress played Cormoran & Robin look to how I imagined them. That almost never happens. 1y
madamereadsalot1 @vivastory I'll give you that! I think I see Cormoran as a little more rugged though. But I haven't seen the show, so I can't speak for how his acting fleshes it out. 1y
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Saga 1 | Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples
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I finally located and finished Saga Vol. 1 and I f*@#ing loved it! As a (former) breastfeeding mammy, any book with a woman feeding her baby, on the very cover no less(!) is a huge winner for me. As it is, I loved the story too, and will definitely be investing in the rest of the series.

Yey Saga! ❤️❤️

(How do we feel about swearing here, btw? I‘m partial myself but don‘t want to offend! 😬)

xicanti I say fuck it, swear all you want. I do. 2y
laurenbescoby Fuck yes! Swear words are just words, and great for self expression! 2y
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I was entertained enough, and the whole concept of a mystery unfolding on a small luxury cruise was appealing. Unfortunately, more than a little unbelievable and omg Lo is annoying. Are there any recent thrillers with female protagonists that aren‘t whiny, alcoholic, or unstable?

Might have been a pick if not for passages like ‘There were only two ways I was getting out of here - one was alive and the other was dead.‘ Ya think, Lo? 😜


KnjiskiZmaj So eager to read this book, but lately I see only not so encouraging reviews 😫 2y
Dolly I didn't care for this one either. 😕 2y
sprainedbrain @LordAntonio90 don‘t let me discourage you! It‘s not terrible... I didn‘t bail! 2y
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DeleteAcct This sounds weird, but she was always vomiting and I thought it a little ridiculous. 🤢 2y
sprainedbrain The vomiting and the f%*#ing counting. 🙄 2y
sammisho @sprainedbrain Yes! I am over these kind of books and their unlikeable MC. 2y
NovelGirl82 The Lying Game was much better than this one! 2y
sprainedbrain @NovelGirl82 I have that one on my tbr. I‘ve heard that In a Dark, Dark Wood is better as well. 2y
NovelGirl82 Yes, In a Dark, Dark Wood was also much better. This was definitely my least favorite of hers. 2y
melbeautyandbooks I agree with you. This was not my favorite book of hers. Lo was annoying. 2y
TNbookworm I agree with y'all. Lo is very annoying and made me crazy! In a Dark,Dark Wood is so much better! 2y
TheDaysGoBy I didn't mind this book so much. I have heard In a Dark, Dark Wood is better so I may have to add that to my TBR 2y
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