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The Poisonwood Bible | Barbara Kingsolver
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This probably shouldn‘t be my Swiss Army pick because I know from experience that Kingsolver is not for everyone...but I love her, and I‘ve recommended this one so often over the years, and still do. #24in48 #hour42challenge

AmyG I loved this book. I recommend it too and I always say...get through the first 75 pages and enjoy! 5mo
brandybear22 Excellent pick. Maybe time for me to reread 🤔 5mo
Readerann LOVE this book. 5mo
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Freespirit Love it too💕 5mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage I‘ve read two of her more recent books, and loved them. This is my next one! 5mo
Christine @AmyG Haha, are the first 75 pages slow? I don‘t even remember! 5mo
Christine @brandybear22 I think I might do a reread of it this year! 5mo
Christine @Readerann @Freespirit So good! These comments are really making me want to reread it! 5mo
Christine @BarbaraTheBibliophage Oh good! I hope you love this one just as much. (I think I saw you really enjoyed Unsheltered? Me too!) 5mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Christine Me too. Yes, I loved Flight Behavior and enjoyed Unsheltered. Anxious for the back list! 5mo
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Napier's Bones | Derryl Murphy
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#hour42challenge #24in48 @24in48

Couldn‘t get access to my main shelves for pics (it‘s a long story—first book is The Secret of the Old Clock, last is a stack of Asimov‘s sf magazines), so you‘ll have to settle for pics from my tbr shelf. The pocket James Joyce is last because it‘s a book I barely want to read. Napier‘s Bones is first cuz it‘s shortest.

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It's hard to do the #hour42challenge because at the present moment, I have about 7 different bookcases organized differently. Some shelves hold beloved children's books/series (see 3/6 copies of HP1, T), old/vintage books, classics, favorite adult books, series, comics/graphic novels, religious books and people who are friends of CS Lewis (Tolkein), nonfiction, YA, romance/women's fiction, kids/YA, BSC, school books (B), adult fiction, etc #24in48

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#hour42challenge #24in48 a view of my “bookshelves on wheels” that I keep a lot of my professional books on

Crooked Kingdom | Leigh Bardugo
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Crooked Kingdom has, hands down, the best cover and packaging of any book I own.

The other one—ugh. I mean, I know it‘s a text book, but they could have at least TRIED to make it look interesting, right?
#24in48 #hour42challenge #lifeuniverseeverything

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Cover Me | Mariko Tamaki
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I forgot to check at #Hour42Challenge so a little late with #CoverMe #24in48 #24in48readathon

I have quite a few lovely and not so lovely covers, so tried to pull two that were less likely to be used by others. Although, I did buy The Scent of Death because of the cover.

DGRachel I can see why. It‘s gorgeous! 1y
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