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Amber and Clay | Laura Amy Schlitz
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1️⃣ Reading, sewing, walking, hair appointment, library, grandkids
2️⃣ front yard: trees, shrubs, flag, porch
3️⃣ Central Texas near Austin, 75 F, overcast, breezy
4️⃣ 🏷️

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Cupcake12 Thanks for joining in. Have a great week x 2d
Deblovestoread Thanks for the tag. 💜🌸💜 2d
Eggs @Cupcake12 You as well ! 2d
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Eggs @Deblovestoread 🥰🤗🥳 2d
DebinHawaii Thank you for tagging me! 🤗 2d
iread2much 1. More unpacking! We got super sick and we are super behind on unpacking. 2. The hills 3. Northern California, near Napa and the Bay 1d
iread2much Thanks for the tag! 1d
Eggs @DebinHawaii You‘re welcome ☺️ 1d
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Strange the Dreamer | Laini Taylor
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Bailed on the last book I was reading, mostly because it was taking way too long for me to finish and it‘s due back at the library. It‘s a huge book with way too many slow parts, although I was intrigued by Elinor Glyn‘s life and work. Maybe I‘ll read it another time. But I was yearning to get lost in some fiction anyway, so here we are 😁

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Paladin's Hope | T Kingfisher
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When paladin Galen, litch doctor Piper, and gnole constable Earstrap investigate mangled bodies that are washing up out of the river, they discover a plot to activate the mythical wonder engines.
I adored the interactions between the three main characters and the chemistry between Galen and Piper was adorable.

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Thank you for the tag, @The_Pennyless_Author #Two4Tuesday @TheSpineView

1. Nope. There are no heroes in humankind. If you'd like a better worded answer, take a look at @The_Pennilesss_Author 's post!
2. Done. Can highly recommend this. It offers great illustrations and a slightly feminist look on the Ancient Greeks, which you don't find too often.

TheSpineView Thanks for playing! Happy Tuesday 1w
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I didn't have time to read yesterday so I took it today. I still need to finish the tagged book that I started in March (and also 2 others🙈). The tea is herbal called sweet dreams.

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TheBookHippie What a sweet little tree! 2w
Chrissyreadit 💛💛💛💛 2w
maich @TheBookHippie thank you🥰 2w
maich @Chrissyreadit 💛💛💛 2w
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My 8 year old & have been reading this at bedtime, she‘s obsessed. She has become obsessed with mythology & is always checking out books at the library about Greek mythology. This is my first time reading the series. As you can see this book is well loved (my husband read this series to our middle child at least twice). All of my kids have ADHD, so having a character that they can relate to & see their disability represented matters. #bookspin

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 3w
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Touch of Frost | Jennifer Estep
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Pretty typical YA fantasy. Gwen goes to a school for magical people descended from mythological warriors and doesn‘t understand why she belongs there, despite her own magic powers. She‘s kind of an idiot who can‘t put two and two together, but it doesn‘t help that people keep telling her she‘s there to learn things and then not even trying to teach her. I liked that her power is psychometry and the development of her friendship with Daphne.

RaeLovesToRead Hello fluffy ears!!! 🥰🥰 3w
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#NaturaLitsy #litsolace #springequinox

Spring is finally here and I can read outside. We finally have some sun. The beginning of March was colder than January, last week it rained and also we lost my father in law. Hope Spring brings us better days and more sun🌞☘️🌷

Dilara Sorry for your loss. 1mo
Susanita I‘m sorry 😢 1mo
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TheLudicReader My sincere condolences for your loss. 1mo
JessClark78 Sorry for your loss. 💔❤️ 1mo
Chrissyreadit I‘m so sorry for your loss. 1mo
LiseWorks How sad, sorry for your loss. 🫂 1mo
Sargar114 I‘m so sorry for your loss. Sending love as literally went through the same thing last summer. My best to you! 1mo
ElizaMarie I am sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts. Hopefully that sun shining down on you gives you some peace. 1mo
kspenmoll So sorry about your loss. Sending love. 1mo
AmyG I am so very sorry for your loss. 1mo
TheBookHippie So sorry for your loss. Sending love and light. 1mo
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I'm #currentlyreading 6 books.
🔥Station eleven is a buddy read with friend but I don't enjoy in it so is going slow
⚡️The Lightening Thief still have few chapters to the end
💀Kay's Anatomy reading together with my daughter
⛸️Icebreaker is for #LittensLoveRomance
🏡Emma of 83rd Street is for #PemberLittens #JaneAdjacent
👁Third Eye is an audiobook
#WeekendReads @rachelsbrittain
#BooksInBloom @Catsandbooks

lazydaizee Under the Ice --- written by Rachael Blok
Peregrine Quinn and the Cosmic Realm --- written by Ash Bond
These two books are very different.
maich @lazydaizee Never hearth of them. Thanks for sharing. Will look about them. 1mo
Catsandbooks Great stack! 🌸 1mo
maich @Catsandbooks Thank you💜 1mo
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Paladin's Hope | T Kingfisher
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