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Next #halloween type pick...

"By finding the #horror that exist in everyday life - always the most fertile source for #fear - Oates has crafted a #suspenseful and satisfying collection. Some of the #stories her more closely to mystery than to the #macabre, but they are all a #ghoulish delight" - The Washington Post

This #review has me sold!

Pug & Pig Trick-or-Treat | Sue Lowell Gallion
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For #halloweengoespostal, #fallbookexchange, #allhallowsbookexchange, and any other #ghoulish, #bookish events. @tea.n.books just reminded me that I also ❤️ bats. 🦇I'm not a huge comics fan, but I do ❤️ Groot. And finally, I don't mind being scared or thrilled, but I hate being grossed out, so light on the gore. 🎃 #litsythisorthat

LauraBeth @rubyslippersreads I ❤️ bats too - did you see that recent video of the bat that flew into someone's kitchen? 😂https://youtu.be/6VEif-3VWKk 2y
rubyslippersreads @LauraBeth 😂😂😂 Both the bats and I prefer that they stay outside. 🦇 2y
GypsyKat I love that you specified Groot! ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
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This Or That?: Quiz Book | Emma MacLaren Henke
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"In the spirit of #HalloweenGoesPostal #FallBookExchange and #AllHallowsReadBookExchange I'm starting up a #ThisorThat game for our #SecretSantas and #Ghoulish #LitsyStalkers. Please feel free free to #repost for your #litsymatch. @BookishMarginalia @MaleficentBookDragon "
Tea ☕️ Cats ?binge read ? salty! Marvel if I had to choose but it that interested in either. Wine ? Listen ?Hot. Treat!

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Woah! Another Halloween book exchange! For full details about this #AllHallowsReadBookExchange see @MaleficentBookDragon 🎃👻📖📦

hermyknee Check out #LitsyThisOrThat once you get your match for some #ghoulish fun! Find out what your match likes and what he or she doesn't... #AllHallowsReadBookExchange #LitsyPartyOfFUN @ambrosnazzy can you make that a thing?! #litsypartyofone is one of my favorite activities! (edited) 2y
GypsyKat @hermyknee I don't think I'm signing up for this one. I'm already signed up for the #HalloweenGoesPostal
#FallBookExchange that @BookishMarginalia is hosting, and I just don't think I can commit to two of them. 😕 But I'm happy to share the post to help spread the word! And of course I'll love seeing everyone's posts about it! 🙂👻🎃
hermyknee Thanks, @gypsykat! I'm hoping my game helps all the #halloweensantastalkers ! I signed up for both exchanges 😱, so did my friend @AndreaReads ! We have a book exchange addiction. 2y
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GypsyKat @hermyknee Fun! I'm tempted, I just know myself and I think one is enough for me. But I'm loving all the Halloween spirit I'm seeing on here already! 🎃 2y
LazyOwl I'm strapped for cash at the moment, so can't sign up this time. Have fun though. 2y
GypsyKat @LazyOwl I'm not doing this one, but I'm doing the one that BookishMarginalia is hosting. I couldn't commit to two. 2y
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In anticipation of #HalloweenGoesPostal #FallBookExchange and #AllHallowsReadBookExchange, I'm posting a This or That for our #HalloweenSantaStalkers! Have fun and feel free to add your own #ghoulish questions!

Jack-O-Lantern! (Think Skeleton Jack, the Pumpkin King)!
Marvel (I love the XMEN!)

TheKidUpstairs Yes X-Men!!! Is it weird that I had a crush on Gambit as a kid? 2y
hermyknee @TheKidUpstairs NO! I spent three years of my relationship with my ex-boyfriend trying to get him to dress up as Gambit for Halloween so I could be Rogue. He never did it. Thus, the EX. 2y
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