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Cooties | Roman Dirge
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Thank you to all you wonderful Littens who have been tagging me since last week in fun posts and games... I‘m not ignoring you my friends... I‘ve been fighting bronchitis and not winning. Hoping to be upright soon.

PSA: Antibiotics aren‘t as fun as cookies. Following doctor orders though 😷

robinb Feel better soon! 💕 2w
Megabooks Get well soon! 2w
walkwithabook Feel better soon 2w
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kezzlou85 Aww feel better soon ❤ 2w
JaneyWaneyB Feel better soon 💕 2w
erzascarletbookgasm Wish you speedy recovery! 2w
Librarybelle Fell better soon! 2w
CarolynM Hope you feel better soon 💐 2w
Stacypatrice Thank you to all you lovable Littens 💕 2w
maich Hope you feel better soon. ❤💕🐞 2w
Deifio Get well soon! Hope you're not too sick to read a book! 💐 2w
TheAromaofBooks Noooo bronchitis sucks! And LINGERS! Get loads of rest - hope you feel better soon!! 2w
Chrissyreadit Hope you are feeling better soon! 2w
Meaw_catlady Feel better soon!! Sending healing vibes ! ❤️ 2w
TheSpineView Get lots of rest and feel better soon! 2w
marleed Feel better soon! 2w
SaturnDoo Hope you feel better soon. ❤❤❤ Take it easy and rest!!! Looks like me and you are starting the new year on the wrong foot 😢 2w
DaveGreen7777 Oh, no! 😢 Hope you feel much better soon! 2w
TorieStorieS Oh no!! I hope you feel better soon!!!🥰🥰🥰 2w
Stacypatrice @SaturnDoo - I feel like I‘m starting the new year on my a**, not either foot!! Good thing it‘s big enough to cushion the fall!!! 2w
Stacypatrice Thanks for all the well wishes Friends!!!! 2w
tracey38 Aww, feel better soon!!! 2w
Gissy I hope you feel better soon! ❤️❤️❤️ 2w
Texreader Feel better soon!!! 😘 2w
sudi Hope you feel better soon 💕💕💕 2w
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New in - bought with my national book token!

#nostress from me today - sent my #readinthenewyearswap package today @Chrissyreadit @MeganAnn @mabell I did it tracked and signed for.

#readnosedreindeer #wintergames #festivephotochallenge @Clwojick @StayCurious

Chrissyreadit 🥳 😀!!! What is a national token? 1mo
jenniferw88 @Chrissyreadit basically a gift card but works in any book shop. 1mo
Chrissyreadit Nice!! That‘s very cool! 1mo
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mabell You‘re so on top of it!! Looking forward to receiving it! 👏👏 1mo
jenniferw88 @mabell 😂😂😂 I forgot to declare two of the things in it! 1mo
mabell Ha! That is so easy to do! I won‘t tell 😉😂 1mo
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The Gashlycrumb Tinies | Edward Gorey
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🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟5 🌟
This simple alphabet book is truly gruesome, and while I may read it to my nephews, I have a feeling it would get complaints at a normal storytime.
+16 #TBRread

@easytiger - thank you for this copy, I loved it.

marleed It‘s always a good time when an alphabet book goes astray! 1mo
LeahBergen I love this book so much. 😂 1mo
Kelican17 @Wife i might need this 1mo
Easytiger ❤️ 1mo
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The Gashlycrumb Tinies | Edward Gorey
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This is what a good day at the thrift store looks like. 😻

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This book of stories is really a collection of poems about unfortunate children in Tim Burton's signature creepy style. A super quick read with cute illustrations to go along with the stories.

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#Movember #GhostTown I'm sure ghost pirates come from ghost towns, right? 😂

Cinfhen I would think so!!! 👻👻👻👻 3mo
Velvetfur For sure! Ghost pirates sail their ghost ships out of ghost towns 😂👻 3mo
Bookwomble Hodgson is one of my favourite authors 😊 If you like The Ghost Pirates, you might like to give The Boats of the Glenn Carrig a go, too. 3mo
Nute Girl, please! There is no more definite conclusion than that!👻👍🏽😂 3mo
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#gratefulreads Day 6 my newest #bookgifts were these two....hadn't heard of them and can't wait to read them
@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @OriginalCyn620

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💗💗💗 3mo
OriginalCyn620 🖤🖤🖤 3mo
IndoorDame 🖤 Edward Gorey!!! 3mo
Lynnsoprano Those look fascinating! 3mo
readordierachel 😍😍 3mo
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It‘s a windy, rainy, miserable Halloween, but my neighborhood decided not to postpone Trick-or-treating, so Olive and I are here ready to pass out candy. I‘m not expecting a crowd, so I brought my book. 💀 🎃 👻 Happy Halloween, all!

Buechersuechtling Love your picture. Olive looks a bit like there are VIPs to come. Love that‼️ 3mo
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I Feel Sick #2 | Jhonen Vasquez
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True Jhonen Vasquez style especially in the artwork and coloring. The story is simple but good, with appearances by Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and of course, insertions of Filler Bunny shorts. Great little reads.

6pts for #TeamStoker

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My #libraryhaul from the morning. The tagged book is @LeahBergen ‘s fault. 😆 Then I happened upon the other two.

MicheleinPhilly That‘s a fantastic title! 😂 3mo
LeahBergen Glad to be of assistance 😆😆 3mo
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