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My favorite #Siblings 🧡👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰🧡 #FredAndGeorge #SpringIntoReading 🐇🌸📖

#BookNerd 📚💙🤓

ferskner I have the biggest crush on them in the fourth movie. 10mo
Texreader Yes!! 10mo
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So it's over.
I never imagined that I would be upset...
It is without doubt one of the most beautiful sagas I have read.
Expecto Patronum!!!!!

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Slajaunie Was this your first time? 10mo
Astroneman @Slajaunie yes, it was my first time.... 10mo
Slajaunie Oh wow! It was an amazing ride, was it not? There is nothing like your first time. 10mo
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BooknerdsLife @Astroneman awww that‘s some amazing feeling isn‘t it? Still remember the first time I read it! 😱😍😍 10mo
BookBumming It‘s one of the series that I revisit often because the characters legitimately feel like old friends. 10mo
Fridameetslucy These books are so special to me I Did all the audiobooks while recovering from a concussion. I‘m now doing a very close read of David copperfield and delighted to see how Dickens shaped Rowling. Plus just discovered that Daniel Radcliffe played the young copperfield when he was 8 years old. 10mo
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Day 23: Sunrise - orange books #augustlibrary17
I also do not have a lot of orange books either. It seems that black, white, and blue are most popular book colors. But I just had to include the twins because look at them! I hope everyone has a great day 😊

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The Weaslebees. My favorite bookish family.. okay next to the Herondales of course😜💛
💭Which is your favorite family from a book?
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picture_dany Ich bleib bei den Herondales 🙈😎💕 3y
ninoimwunderland Gute Wahl😏❤️ @picture_dany 3y
Lielan_Reads Aaaaw ich liebe dieses Foto 😍💖💖 wunderschön! 3y
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I‘m an only child, but the fictional brothers I wish I had are the Weasley twins. It would never be boring with them around!

#bookishmayflowers (Fictional Brothers You Wish Were Yours) - Fred and George Weasley

#bookstagram #bookblogger #bibliophile #fiction #weasley #fredandgeorge #harrypotter #wizardingworld #hogwarts #brothers #onlychild

Sydsavvy Oh my heavens I would love to Hate them! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂 3y
Texreader I ❤️ these boys and loved meeting them last year!! 3y
Jilljemmett @Sydsavvy it would never be a dull moment! 😂 3y
Jilljemmett @Texreader that's so cool! They're hilarious! 3y
EmeraldSorceress So true!! Also, @Texreader, I didn‘t know you met them too last year!!! 😜😋 2y
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Crack. Dead twins.

I saw a meme mentioning this before but reading it now is heart breaking. When Molly Weasley is battling the boggart at the headquarters, it turns into the people she loves dead. When she sees Fred and George dead, she sees them together because even in death she couldn't imagine them apart! ????


KimM I'm still doing my reread. This is such a sad scene when you know the end. A mother's worst fear 😕. Getting ready to start Deathly Hallows but I'm kinda putting it off because I don't want it to end 😭 3y
TheNextBook @KimM I know! This book is always the hardest for me. Between Harry being emotional (rightfully so, life at 15 is difficult without all the extra drama) and Umbridge. 3y
DragonSadhana 😭😭😭😭😭 My brother convinced me to read these books. When he died, my mother became a different person. When I read this scene, I bawled for an hour. (This was ten years ago, so I'm good as can be now, but what a freakin' heartbreaker.) 3y
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moranadatter The only reason I didn't talk about this scene when I read it is I don't know what to say except 😢. I hope Arthur's a true partner for her. 3y
BookNerdBritt 💔💔💔💔💔 3y
TheNextBook @DragonSadhana 😫 I could never imagine losing my son. It is one of my biggest fears. 3y
TheNextBook @kmdartist I know! I love how Molly tells the kids your father and I were meant for each other. I think they were. I sure hope so cause that woman is amazing. 3y
TheNextBook @BookNerdBritt every single bit of the feels. 3y
DragonSadhana @TheNextBook I think that's what works so well about these books. It addresses some very real fears, and some very real tragedies in life. 3y
KimM I love how she portrays all the normal teenage angst along with the story. 3y
TheNextBook @KimM it wouldn't feel real if he wasn't emotional. 3y
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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. #mapsinbooks #hogwartsmap #fredandgeorge #maraudersmap #septemberphotochallenge Mischief Managed. @RealLifeReading

Riveted_Reader_Melissa Best map ever!!! 3y
ValerieAndBooks Love it! 3y
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JPeterson Yessss! I'm so glad this was your choice!! 3y
TheNextBook @Riveted_Reader_Melissa @ValerieAndBooks @Bookworm-Bobbie who doesnt love the marauder's map?! @JPeterson I almost didnt do it but then I remembered the chapter art! Plus I had that shirt and yeah! Photo op! 3y
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